Why Your Keyboard Is Designed to Slow You Down


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    1. Thoughty2

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      1. EZME excuzemoi

        Love the way the ads are integrated in the vid

      2. Soviet K.G.B.

        U think u could make a video on the different 'Accents' ppl have all over the world based on where they're from/grew up....like I'm a 34 yr old Russian, but I dont have an accent cuz I moved to New York with my family in 1991, however the rest of my family does when speakin...and yet my Favorite accent of all is British..espsh the females who make me melt when they speak it...I'm sorry, I'm just a gentleman tryin to understand it all...*behavioral psychology major here*...plz help a respected fan of urs, Dr. Thoughty2. Much Respect.

      3. heimdall1973

        @DeAnne Hilton Just get a Dvořak keyboard and start using it. It may be difficult at first but... practice makes perfect. If it's a desktop or laptop computer, just buy another (external) keyboard, one with Dvořak layout and plug it in. If it's a touchscreen, just check if your keyboard's settings allow changing to Dvořak, otherwise download another keyboard...

      4. Paul Challenor

        You know when you've been tango'd 😜💯

      5. Daniel Szulc

        please don't say dOVrak when you show its dVOrak

    2. Its me JJS

      18:56 thank me later

    3. John Simun

      What about the MacBook Wheel? Apple believes it will simplify using computers.

    4. Juice Vendor

      Thoughty is a pretty mid to right sided word

    5. gibbeldon

      t² likes to exaggerate. I like his critical and somewhat cynical mind, but in this case I think he is mistaken to assume another reason than separating common sequential letter combinations. Maybe I succumbed to my own internet bubble on this one. Man, I would love to have a conversation with this one over a beer in a pub. That would be jolly good fun. I expect a lot of disagreement and arguing, just my type of conversation.

    6. gibbeldon

      'Slowing a typer down' is not what I would've called it. Everybody who slammed down a bunch of keys on a typewriter knows that they will jam. So, I assume that seperating some letters commonly appearing next to each other makes sense in that regard. At least to some extend.

    7. LittleYorgee

      I was always taught that the order sped people up, rather than slowed them down. Your hands don't have to move as much as with a keyboard in alphabetical order.

    8. run

      hello typing with just your index fingers gang

    9. XYSoldat

      Since when did Blu Ray replaced DVD? I'm pretty sure that DVD is still much more used then Blu ray.

    10. Gaming With Jay

      i'm really good at using qwerty- teehee

    11. Different 1

      emoji is just modern day hieroglyphics

    12. Safet Koldžo

      Not dovrak, it is Dvorak 12:49 sorry mate it buggs me out.

    13. Ali G

      ??? Cursive is called "joined up" writing in Europe???? I knew some stuff about the qwerty layout, but I didn't know that. Also um Wisconsin is the wrong shape in that map.... Southern border is a political border, not natural, so it's just a straight line east-west.

    14. A Cute Kittersteinen

      That typing wristband... now I know how my parents feel using new technology. Just looking at that thing in use makes me defensive!

    15. Dillinger

      According to Technology Connections porn was recorded on betamax tapes. It's just a rumor that Sony didn't allow it. In reality, they had no control over the contents recorded on the format.

    16. Timothy Hunt

      im left handed but i use mice right handed and i prefer the left sided keys

    17. uatch

      What’s even. Keyboard layout XD

    18. uatch

      What’s ur typing speed? I’m at a fast 130WPM

    19. Jack Durden

      I’d predict that no keyboard will be changed before voice activated typing is far more successful. I occasionally use it, and it’s pretty good already. But why sink so very much money into a “Man I hope this takes off!” Than into a “We got it right, finally.” Just my opinion.

    20. Jack Durden

      Referring to the VHS vs. BETA war, I heard,(in a movie, but still viable), that the reason BluRay won over HD dvds was due to Gamers(as the PlayStation could play Blu-ray) and Porn. Those two enormous groups made the choice easy.

    21. pardner

      imagine thinking keyboards will get replaced how tf we sposed to play video games like league

    22. ParallaxDawn

      Two new theories by me: type the alphabet on your keyboard, it seems a little too organized in order just with some mess 2nd search up qwert uiop

    23. Max Z

      his name isn't Dovrak, it's Dvorak

    24. Florthy

      In primary school i literally refused to do cursive now I’m in year 10 and no one does it. What was the actual point of cursive

    25. That One Guy That Wouldn't Watch Fate

      Return the piano keyboard layout!

    26. Ty Saylor

      As a PC gamer, I prefer the left side of the keyboard.

    27. Ruben Saldana

      I can listen to him speak for hours

    28. Gage

      (this is talking about the sponsership) all the boys watching this: This is kinda useful all the girls watching this: bruh

    29. hristaki99

      the VHS\Beta part is completely wrong. Both were marketed for time shifting, but people chose VHS because it had a longer record time and the quality looked exactly the same on a tube television. Video rental sprung up way after Beta had lost the format war.

    30. A random cat with WiFi

      “It uses new technology” As he shows a bottle of LIQUID

    31. Johnathan Maguire

      I don't remember if he mentioned it or not but the first six letters on the keyboard spells qwerty.

    32. Can't handle an Opinion?

      Dvorak not dovrak lol

    33. Shiboline M'Ress

      I'd like to see a video on non-latin keyboards like Chinese, Arabic and Japanese. As a side note, I've been living in Germany (qwertz, not qwerty) for decades, and now I find US keyboards very difficult to use, even though qwerty was what I learned in high school typing class in the 1970's. (We still used non-electric machines with return bars that could have sunk the Titanic. So much for schools getting cutting edge technology.😁)

    34. Stiofán Ó Firghil

      I bought a beetamax in the late 80's when it was well & truly a thing of the past!!😆 £20 for it & a carrier bag of 30 original movies like Basket Case, a poor horror movie!! It was absolutely huge & had massive keys as like a piano on the front.. Still have VHS tapes kicking around too!! 😳🤣

    35. VersesGoliath

      18:56 The struggle of first contact with your crush lmao

    36. Ayama

      qwerty is everywhere - i only saw qwertz :D

    37. Black panther epic

      My typing state is too fast lol

    38. Black panther epic


    39. Black panther epic


    40. Nurso Weilja

      the keyboard layout comes from the typing machine its desinged that the arms dont get stuck in one another

    41. ssiso8

      Wait what 😂 balls 😂

    42. thulomanchay

      Can they invent a cover for the touch-pad of the laptop. I use a mouse at home, and the touchpad on the move. I don't want to disable and enable it. Covering the touchpad with thick paper or even a piece of plastic is not enough. Its interfering as my palm moves the curser inadvertently.

    43. Stephen Chirila

      I think my Keyboard is just fine,i can write about 200 words a minute .

    44. Ágoston Szabó

      What about QWERTZ? It is the brother of QWERTY afrer all...

    45. DonutMan34

      Yeah they went to the hub for "research" totally

    46. tomas bachiller

      i actually write 100% in cursive when I'm not typing, it is way faster and convenient. Or course i do mostly type though

    47. Internet Troll

      You want to do battle? Bring it nerd boy!

    48. Roger Skagerström

      Dovrak? It's spelled Dvorak? :P

    49. Matúš Guga

      4:30 that grin on his face is priceless

    50. Klein V

      No. Qwerty has more vowels on the right side than on the left one. so I think that's also why there are more words with the right side letters

    51. Hunter Ross

      Moustache man: Qwerty isn't the only thing to stick around past its sell by date! NLname: *cuts to audible ad* Me, who is listening to this while shaving: *breathes in really hard to not laugh and get shaving foam in my mouth but instead inhales shaving foam*. Seriously, it burns. Why did that timing have to line up perfectly?

    52. kefkamadman

      My theory: Qwerty was designed by a time traveller who travelled back just for the sole purpose of a typing system that pisses me off.

    53. Chantel Trumbley

      And there are the left handed devil worshipers that find all those "easy to type words" a pain in the butt.

    54. Amer Hamad

      Betamax could only have a run time I think of 2 hours or less. So anything over that couldn't be recorded.

    55. son of embry

      My name is emerson so i have to go all over the place when i type my name

    56. Koko

      Cursive wasn’t really removed in 2010 or at least my teachers didn’t care about the curriculum

    57. Dibbie Knight

      A totally different input... That going to be fun for software developers to add to the list of supported devices

    58. Elliot Melloy

      I heard that beta lost to VHS because of licencing costs where VHS was a more open standard. Also this thing people say about beta being better quality was only true for high end studio tapes and equipment, at the original play speed. Regular home recording tapes and equipment were tha same as VHS, because beta had to decrease the tape speed to match the recording time of VHS so they both ended up being 240 lines, the same quality video basically. The past is always debated so who knows what the truth really is.

    59. Pyroteq

      If you're not using the DVORAK key layout on a mechanical keyboard why even live? BTW, Colemak isn't supposed to be "more ergonomical" than Dvorak, nor is it a successor or related to Dvorak, it's simply an alternate design that keeps ZXCV in the same position because they're commonly used shortcuts for undo, cut, copy and paste. IMO kinda pointless since you can simply memorise the new shortcuts or use macros with software to keep the shortcuts in the same position when holding down the CTRL key (Besides, there's plenty of other shortcuts that won't translate to the same positions anyway). If you're going to learn a new layout you might as well go for the one that makes the most sense ergonomically. Workman layout is another alternative, similar to Colemak it keeps ZXCV the same and it's designed for coders. PS: Dvorak was used to set the world record for the fastest typist according to Guinness World Records.

    60. Steel Soldier75

      If you know how to type properly there is nothing wrong with the QWERTY layout, it works great.

    61. nexovec

      word: dworhaak Thoughty2: D0vEr#%@Hack

    62. BearMaster YT

      i live in wisconsin :0

    63. tune4media

      Interesting, I actually think that QWERTY is pretty good. If you will try to type from the top 100 most used words in the English language (Zipf frequency distribution), You will encounter very few position shifts (like in the word 'was'). Most of the words will be typed with two hands in a fixed position. That's pretty good :) With that claim, a musical keyboard is probably even worse.

    64. Otis Mcfeely

      Dvorak user here, I refused to learn how to type in qwerty in school because it is scrambled and bothered my autism.

    65. Adam N

      I only use my right hand for typing, cause my left hand is completly useless... (I use QWERTZ)

    66. happynightmare

      Ahaha I loved that introduction to the sponsor there

    67. heretic124

      Person's name: Dvorak Thoughty2: Dovrak. Several times while reading it from screen.

    68. NebulaXPlayz

      𝐎𝐡 𝐠𝐨𝐝

    69. MacCraker

      short answer that I came up with before watching vid: typewriter jams

    70. Sprungler

      Pls put the ad at the end ❤️

    71. skaruts

      No matter the layout, there's so many different languages with different common pairs, that no layout will be fully adequate. Many layouts would have to be invented for each of them. And then there's also many new words coming up every decade.

    72. skaruts

      If we change the layout, we lose WASD!! Unless we change to that one at 14:56, which gives us WARS. Which is only fitting, because WARS never change.

    73. Kylee Conrad

      If I have learned anything from your highly entertaining/educational channel it is that we as humans are doing all the things in the worst ways possible for us.

    74. Avro Arrow

      VHS won the battle against Betamax for the same reason that Android defeated iOS and the DOS-based PC defeated the Mac. Sony refused to licence Betamax technology to other companies. If you wanted a Betamax, you HAD to buy a Sony VCR. On the other hand, JVC allowed other companies to licence VHS technology so when consumers were in electronic stores, they saw a plethora of VHS machines made by companies like JVC, RCA, Sharp, Panasonic, Zenith, Toshiba, Samsung and Hitachi while the Sony Betamax was over in a corner by itself. The same thing happened to iOS because only Apple makes phones that use iOS (iPhones) while Android is used by companies like ZTE, HTC, Smasung, LG, Huawei, Blackberry and Motorola. The same thing happened again to MacOS because while only the Apple Macintosh used MacOS, computers running MS-DOS included Gateway 2000, Dell, HP, Compaq, Epson, Amstrad, Acer, Everex and of course, IBM almighty. It's the difference between an open standard and a closed ecosystem. The closed ecosystem always costs more and always loses to the open standards. TAP will never really gain traction because if people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome from typing just one key (that has give to it), just imagine how quickly amd severely the same condition would come about from having to tap MULTIPLE times on a solid, non-ergonomic surface with no give at all. It's a orthopedic nightmare in the making. As for name popularity, the name "Sara" (100% left), "Sera" (100% left) or "Sarah" (80% left) was the most common girl's name in the Western World for quite awhile. As for movie titles... well, let's look at some blockbusters that are primarily typed with the left hand like Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar, Atlantis, The Fast and the Furious, The Predator, The Terminator, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr. Strange, Captain America and Shazam. I'm not saying that it's total bollocks, I'm just saying that a lot of the most beloved movies ever made are not primarily typed with the right hand. Star Wars and Avatar are 100% left-handed.

    75. The veloper

      lol, i use qwertz

    76. Bmbdtoronto Duciaume

      check out bat guano inhalation symptoms and different applications for germ warfare \ cloud seeding etc...

    77. David Loy

      And the keys themselves! Truncated pyramids! Forcing you to slow down or you'll hit the wrong one. Story is that was because people could actually type faster than buffers can accept input.

    78. djsherz

      Hate to be that comment section smartarse, but the VHS/Beta wars bit wasn't accurate. Both formats were aimed at timeshifting TV transmissions, but Sony's format wasn't very good at this. Beta initially had a superior picture quality, but the tapes weren't long enough to record an entire football game. The answer was to drop the tape speed, giving more recording time (although still lagging behind VHS), at the cost of losing some picture quality. So now we had two formats of roughly the same quality, execpt one still had a much shorter running time than the other. Oh and Sony never had any control over what the market used the format for - it's untrue that they "banned" porn - it was just a matter of supply and demand. Anyway, that's enough from me and my nerdy ramblings, I really should get out more. :)

    79. Doctor_Ks

      thoughty2 uses mostly right side letters

    80. TheGhostKillz

      12:47 Thoughty2: August Dovrak Me a central European: It's actually August Dvořák

    81. Mr Nobody

      Right side words probably have more to do with the prevalence of right-handedness than letter count at the split. Though it does occur to me how the statistics on this as well as general efficiency stack with non-english languages. I would expect it is similar across all Latin bases, but what about Germanic or Cyrillic (when using a latin character set)? Another category in Path Dependence is where the keyboard is used as a controller rather than for writing. Video Editing, CAD, Musical scoring, and even PC gaming would all break from a format change. Basically, applications for which you can buy keyboards with an application's icons on the keys rather than letters... Finally, if you want to go meta. Programming computers, programs computer programmers with different capitalization, punctuation, and spacing rules. If you know someone that ends sentences with semi-colons, capitalizes the first letter of every word except the first in a sentence (common convention), generates lists backwards, and counts from 0 instead of 1, they are likely to write code.

    82. Marcos.


    83. Marcos.

      Yeah ok

    84. v c

      Yeah the fact that the letters preferences happens to be more on the right side has little to do with why it's popular. 😂 😆 😂. Lol is used to make laugh out load a shorter word. Haha is already short. Just like fml, asl, dm, omg, brb, d&d, bdsm, ttyl, smh, and so on. Poop 💩 is the furthest to the right even more then lol and poop is more of a negative word not a positive word.

    85. Царь Димитрий

      And 100% VeGAn!!?!?!?!?!!

    86. TinCanTap

      i can type pretty fast (80 wpm) and i argue that you just get used to the keyboard, it doesn't really slow you down

    87. xionix84

      I smell biased content. Thoughty2... 4 letters from the left hand, 5 letters from the right. I like 42 because it's easier to type ;-)

    88. Travis Hein

      I thought the QWERTY keyboard arrangement evolved from the first mechanical typewriters with the mechanical feet that flew forward to strike the ribbon onto the paper, where the way people type, the letter patterns and pairings to key positions this way led to less chance of "collisions", where you would type two keys fast enough in succession to cause the second key to jam into the previous key. As every key moved the letter foot to strike in the same space, but there was a very small amount of time needed to have the keys retract with their own spring mechanism.

    89. marsupius

      That was an impressive pivot to talking about the sponsor.

    90. EliasBloxyPlayz


    91. Anton Chebotaev


    92. Majik Messiah

      So the qwerty keyboard is all us lefties have, so obviously people want to change that

    93. DutchDread

      Just realized that "youtube" is incredibly right dominant.

    94. Zugzug Zugzugson

      i was there when society transferred from VHS tapes (and tapes for walkmen) to DVD's and then to the current digital era. hell, i used to have floppy disks with games on them, like Bomberman. i am not even 30 years old, but i feel like i'm an ancient already.

    95. Farsha 17

      Without learning proper hand writing how can you properly pursue an academic goals. How will you take any notes? You won't be able to type up notes while your lecturer talks through material

    96. nExoR LU

      why you spell Dvorak a 'dovrak' ?

    97. Chris Gamer

      This man can make an advertisement actually funny and worth while to watch.

    98. Yeeto Burrito

      "Slow you down" isn't accurate, and neither is the criticism that commonly used letter combinations aren't together and this makes it slower. Alternate finger typing is actually better in keyboards because it allows one finger to reach for a necessary key while the other is typing the one before it, and this was even more important in typewriters as keys near to each other could jam the machine if used in quick enough succession. The valid criticism of QWERTY is that it favors the left hand, but this ironically has an advantage in the computer age as mice use the right hand. QWERTY probably isn't the scientifically best layout, but it's certainly among the better ones for these reasons, and it certainly wasn't created specifically to slow people down. Please don't clickbait and misinform people.

    99. Kjhfer der II.

      The wert order in the german layout is because the word "Werte bla bla" way used like "dear bla bla"

    100. Rosella A Alm-Ahearn

      I'd enjoy seeing a Chinese typewriter being used!