Why Your Best Memories Might Not Have Actually Happened


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    Writing: Michelle Butterworth
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    1. Lars Knapp

      Can dreams create false memories?

    2. Timo Berlin

      I’m curious about those mesmerising brows

    3. humbuckerpickups

      If my childhood memories are the rose colored glasses version, then my childhood was even worse than I remember it to have been.

    4. Isaac

      i had a dream about me being chased by a mannequin while im in a car with my family as mannequins are one of my biggest fears back then, suddenly the car broke and for some reason my mother had a hammer that she used to hit the moving mannequin before it "died" it said to me this "watch out you-are in danger" i didnt knew what it meant however in the next year i had the same dream again but it said something else "You cant take it y" now im curious what it was trying to say.........

    5. Franklin Bacon

      What happened then? I always draw blanks. Empty spaces, not filled in.

    6. SMH

      Hey 42 Here

    7. アルフィー

      People with ocd be like:

    8. Iz

      Isnt false memory just De ja vu?

    9. brianchan8

      Joke’s on you I have no happy memories

    10. CeeCee Black

      This is absolutely crazy, to see this right now, when I’ve recently had a slew of repressed memories from childhood all come flooding back at once. I’ve been researching the subject like crazy, trying to figure out what really happened, because all of them are extreme situations of grooming and torture. Sons of these memories I’ve held on to pieces of throughout my life and I would remember up until a certain trigger point and then everything goes blank. Some of them the gaps are just kind of filling in, and others still remain where they had stopped. One particular memory, I know I’ve held on to since I was very little, because I remember explaining it to my Mom when I was still little, and it was still fresh. But both of my parents are gone now. So, I don’t really want to be made to remember the violent and disgusting details of this one that I know I’ve always carried, but I feel like I really need to know the truth, and I want to tell my story, and try to bring this person/people to justice. If anyone knows anything about this subject, or how I may be able to possibly accurately exercise my mind to attempt to fill in the ugly blanks..... I really don’t want to. I know it’s bad. I know what that man did to me was awful. But if he’s still alive, I want to try and keep potential future victims from the same awful fate. But I don’t want to remember something that didn’t happen. I’m sooo torn up about this! Sighhhh..... how terrifying!! Our brains are so complex and amazing, but also just perplexing! Some things I do know they happened, and certain things where my siblings were there, NONE of us can recall what happened at all. But most of these things happened when I was alone. This is such a haunting situation. I wonder how or if I can ever find an accurate way to recall what really happened. I’ve been sooo traumatized the last few weeks from some of these memories. This actually makes me feel worse. But it’s so intriguing! Thank you Hottie2, I mean Thoughty2 😝🤷🏼‍♀️ I love your content! Really makes you think, but mostly makes me not want to think anymore.... 😕😕😕

    11. Jason Aus

      Outside of the thought experiment, we cannot know

    12. Hendrick Swart

      But don't let facts spoil a good story.

    13. Sonya World

      Keeping a journal is good to keep special memories

    14. Corpse Parade

      George franklin needs to get a new daughter

    15. Walter Fechter

      (717) Pink Floyd - Remember a day LYRICS HD 2015 - NLname

    16. Internet Troll

      Oh shit my identity formed while I was becoming a huge drug dealer.

    17. Theresa Blakemore

      As someone that has been on one side of a recalled, repressed memory i can tell you it does happen but its very true that some of the detail gets a little huddled.

    18. Banefury

      man, you just made me realize I dont have any "best" memories.. even if they were false memories.

    19. coffinmyface

      What a sad story with George Franklin

    20. Jesse Wooten

      Sounds to me She might be a Pathological liar

    21. Wondabyne 07

      That poor guy, going to jail for a crime you didn’t do because your daughter was a basket case. It’s scary that someone can create fake memories like that. Is there an association with mentally ill and false memories, as in are they more prone to having them? To start believing you have a suppressed memory in the first place just seems like something someone in a bad mental place would do. I know there was a “repressed memory” craze after the term had been brought up in mainstream media, heeeeaps of women suddenly began to believe they were sexually abused as children and they only now remembered. I’m going to guess nearly all of them were fake.

    22. SHAVEWIZARD 420

      It's just like in the movie "Dark City" where alien pale beings from under earth change people's memories while they sleep, complete with snap-shots of their life they "believe" they experienced. Its a really good movie and makes one think about memories a bit deeper. Its weird finding this video today since i was thinking about memories earlier today. How do we REALLY know we experienced them since most people just remember snap shots of the past almost like memory implants..... Plus it is interesting how people remember different things about the same experience.

    23. Jason Bassett

      I remember playing Sonic collection on Sega Saturn in 96. Turns out the game didn't come out till 97. I'm either miss remembering playing it on a Mega Drive or it didn't even happen.

    24. Chris Becker

      So i didnt give that russian pilot the bird while inverted.

    25. plague

      This adds fuel to my flame of not believing existence and reality

    26. Linn Kvelland

      Aaaaaand I’m paranoid

    27. SurrealJC

      I've noticed a lot of people have terrible memories. But I remember a lot of significant events in my life pretty clearly, almost exactly what I said or thought. Of course you have more significant memories as a teen and young adult. Adulthood is boring. Same thing day in day out. Go to work come home watch tv, play video games, jog around the block, work on a drawing, read a book. There's usually less impact from later memories because they aren't as new or significant.

    28. Mack G.

      Dude... I won’t confess to something I DID. Those test subjects are a bunch of snitches. 😂

    29. Sarah M.

      Have book, will travel ( have towel ) 👍.

    30. andreas schaetze

      What a mindf**k Can’t trust anybody and now can’t trust even yourself

    31. Northern Ninety7

      He probably cursed his own daughter not Frued.

    32. Colin Hart

      Rosey retrospection... how do I get some of that? I'd like to forget many embarrassing moments 👍 When people say, if you could go back would you change anything? God yes but Rosey retrospection would be so much quicker

    33. F.C Chicken

      is this why I mistake some of my daydreams for reality?

    34. JonathanH

      Is our memory of you without the mustache a false memory?

    35. Furan Duron

      Oooo! I member!

    36. A Galah

      I remember when Ted Theadore Logan said "Like the sands of time through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives." Then some stupid TV sitcom stole his words for their intro. At least I think that's what happened. I'm goin with it.

    37. warjunky

      They must be real I was there on Blackpool beach eating chips I got shit on by a seagull before it tried to Rob me my dad punched it

    38. Wildcard

      Let me guess... Last Thursdayism?

    39. Max Powers

      Eye witness testimony isn't accepted in the scientific community, and shouldn't be accepted in a court room. We should be using physical evidence, and not on eye witness testimony.

    40. dan pascal

      Then does it matter? 🤔 Really? Or bad(good) programming? 😉

    41. Snow Mutt

      I C what your doing.. I don't like it.. but hey.. gotta pay the bills.. people need 2 use their brains.. I hope they doo / false memories?.. the conscious awaking is happening.. U would help them diagnose with disorders.. I could go on but honestly.. someone with such A large platform.. as smart as U.. sold out or still 2 blind.. U and ! R different types of psyop.. its always money..


      Not surprising considering the fact I’ve almost died on multiple occasions, it could just be trying to soothe that

    43. zyme

      Thoughty2... Did you by any chance watch the Syfy series KillJoys recently before making this video? Your likely to recall it eventually, if you try hard enough...

    44. DevRemake

      RIP Hyperthymesia people.

    45. Everybody's Lawyer Susan BetzJitomir

      So basically you are gaslighting us?

    46. harold jay mahusay

      Was this events called "Mandela Effect"?

    47. Pompey Monkey

      Who am I?

    48. David Stavros Onassis

      Pacient books appointment and never arrives. Pacient couldn't remember he made the appointment 😂

    49. Milk Carton

      It's interesting that the video says that our rosiest memories are those of our late teens and early twenties because we have new experiences. I had a very unusual late teen and early 20's, arrested development basically, and i was a hermit and i didnt experience anything new or fun until i was about 21 but mostly the truly new experiences most people have around 19 to 21, i didnt get until about 25-26....and these are exactly the years i have the fondest memory of, save for my childhood. Some parts of my early to mid teens i remember fondly but by and large my teens are a dark time i don't want back.

    50. Darren Munsell

      This reminds me why police lie. Implanting thoughts in your head so you can confess them later. 🤥🤥🤥🤥

    51. Eli got lost in the Sky

      Inception on netflix; if you liked this video check out that movie 👌

    52. Dr.Andy Hill

      As both a writer and spiritualist, I can relate to this as I essentially have 3 sets of memories!

    53. Daniel M.

      One time I had a dream and was convinced was real. When I woke up, I was disappointed to find that I did not in fact own a Ferrari when I looked out my window.

    54. Troy Blevins

      Every video of his i watch makes me immediately wonder why he isnt the new dos Equis most interesting man in the world guy yet!

    55. Klwj ywaroi

      also i always say there was a famous person called alex torchin. i remember there was somebody called alex torchin and hes lived in the early 1900's and he was an aviator that helped advance aviation. even tho i searched alex torchin on google and there as nothing.

    56. Karl Burnett

      So I wasn't a billionaire in the '80s? And I didn't snort cocaine off hookers? MY LIFE IS A LIE!!!

    57. muddy mushrooms

      Yeah I found out that when i played a dora game at my grandpas house when I was 6 was fake

    58. Roels VideosAndStuffs

      I don't remember liking any of your videos.

    59. Byron Stewart

      What if your sense of self isn't achieved until you're in your 30s? Totally changes how you perceive yourself and your memory recall if you discover your sense of identity later in life.

    60. Scotty Baker

      I can't seem to remember that one time in band camp.

    61. Eric Troxell

      I worked with abused children for 3 years. These SICK BASTARDS wanting to legalize child/adult sex need to see how just 1 incident can DESTROY a child. Some were able to survive and thrive...but many suffered horrifically for the rest of their lives.

    62. Yeti King

      I wonder if memory is designed that way for procreation. Would it be harder for women to go through child birth if they recalled every detail of pain and traumatic body changes? The rosey memory theory makes sense in this situation, focusing on the godly feelings they feel after childbirth and not the horrible things they endured on the way allowing for the openness to have yet another child. Wow.

    63. Jesus Avila

      But if somebody else you know also shared the occurrence you can confirm whether or not it happened the way you see it in your mind or memory.

    64. Bandit

      7:08 a lot of Americans should listen to this sentence

    65. Nona Ouellette

      1:37 Which wolf do you feed?

    66. onlyonewhyphy

      George Franklin's case made me wonder if those cultures that say a woman's word is worth half of man's, in court, knew something we don't

    67. Jack Durden

      My mother used this as a weapon against me nearly my entire life. She’d accuse me of things that is either done 10 times, which I’d only done once(and it wasn’t a bad thing), or accuse me of causing problems with the way people thought of my family due to my actions, and even worse accused me of being guilty of the reason why my 5 year old autistic brother snuck out of the house, and drowned in our pool. She made sure to wait until I was 27 to accuse me, as I was 7 at the time. Plus it happened at 3am. So who could possibly recall a memory clearly 20 years later, that happened while asleep, and it was your fault? It’s more complicated than that but as I said in initially, she used this against me or to bring guilt upon me all my life. Oh and it worked fabulously.

    68. Lorena Frusciante

      So people who make up stories maybe are really believing themselves ?

    69. A Russian Spy

      1:50 excuse me while I remember everything I have ever known

    70. Eathan Scala

      I remember being born

    71. Adrian Michalakis

      Ok so story: so I have memorys of having a BUNCH of dominos brownies like 10-20 per order. Usually the most in reality is just 9, and I thought it actually happened but my family didn't recall ANY of it so yea. Nice story

    72. Luke Dodge

      Your video really came at a perfect time for me, T2. Recently I started a story about a character that grew up in the 80s/90s, and in the future is witnessing the Singularity. At some point, he begins to die, but there is new technology rapidly being developed the world over, and one such tech is memory enhancement. The character gets to lay in bed dying, while remembering his life as if it were happening in the present. He will die, and his thoughts and memories uploaded to the Great AI, and he will be at peace for eternity. This video helped me in how I can relate the ideas for future tech regarding memory. At least I think I came up with this idea. I'm starting to wonder if I didn't just see the idea on NLname and now... Oh nevermind.

    73. Wendy Chavez

      After my traumatic brain injury, my memories got really weird. I clearly remember things that could not have happened, and often remember things that did happen in totally different circumstances. Many of my memories of my previous life do feel like I'm watching a home movie of a good friend's life--not like they really happened to me. And others are surprisingly accurate.

    74. TMB247

      How come Bob didn't get his ass kicked?

    75. Prismal_Shock

      The thumbnail is a man holding a chip to his head. This is not a false memory.

    76. Prismal_Shock

      This case is called “aneomia” I think.

    77. Terri MacKay

      Although the runners who didn't meet their goals may have felt discouraged right after the marathon, they could easily feel differently 4 weeks later. Not because they've forgotten the negative aspects of the marathon, but because they've had time to reflect, and they've become determined to run another marathon in order to do better. They're not being affected by false memories, but by determination to do better.

    78. bryan benitez

      Alright, this channel is starting to get dumb

    79. Google Playstore

      She was just a lying sociopath. Must of really hated her father, I think she just lied and said she remembered

    80. Elizabeth Setlow

      The music started the loop but never finished it, so to get it out of heads I'll just say it "INSPECTOR GADGET, DUN DA DUNDA DUH DUNDUN!"

    81. BrannonHerePlays

      I remember when I used to watch videos like this not having any idea wtfff they were talking about but now I'm older and shit I actually understand a lot in these videos and it makes them so much more interesting

    82. The Matrix Weave

      Sounds like the daughter hated her dad, what was her motive?

    83. moonglow630

      I have a mild version of a condition called superior autobiographical memory disorder. I can remember almost everything that has ever happened to me. And when I do remember things, it is like a movie for me. My mind plays it back with sounds & smells like I’m reliving it. So I can essentially exist in any point in my life that I want, cause when I think of something, it’s just like I’m there. Great for good moments. Hard to “forget the past”.

    84. AustynSN

      I'm in my early 40s. I have no delusion that my teenage years were anything but crap. While it's true I actually had friends back then, my entire social life was hampered by my mother's continued desire to recapture her own childhood at the expense of mine.

    85. Steve Treloar

      Weird, I realised i don't get this at all.

    86. Moose Material

      I have a memory so early I can’t tell if it’s memory or a dream.

    87. Product Creation Formula

      The Mandella effect is like this.

    88. Topfengolatsche

      7:00 Interesting. In my case, being the son of a United Nations Diplomat, I toured the world from early childhood and actually stopped traveling once in University. And I recall my childhood, even early childhood, better than my early 20s. I have and anecdote. I have a very clear memory of me buying a Pocket PC and installing a game in it that my girlfriend was very fond of. I recall her playing it in my car and leaning against the doorframe of my office whilst smiling and playing. Years later I found the invoice, I bought the darn thing after we broke up. I was baffled!

    89. WOLFSENT1


    90. Michael Lounsbery

      I think dementia proves old memories aren't discarded.

    91. Paul Schlichting

      Watching this makes me wonder if a lot of people that recall UFO abductions years later are only doing so because of "false memories". Interesting...👽

    92. Yashaswi Harsh

      “Memory can change the shape of a room. It can change the color of a car. And memories can be distorted. They're just an interpretation, they're not a record. And they're irrelevant if you have the facts.” Memento

    93. NoScope Gaming

      Imagine being an innocent father, but then your daughter randomly accuses you of 3 different murders and you get sentenced to life in jail...

    94. Tom Fowler

      fuckinmg crap

    95. mark cahill

      so right/ wrong from the start old memories from child hood proves your cell replacement is wrong you cant have it both ways cells do add to memory , its wrong assuming they replace other cells kit kat dash did actually in adds, i remember it and it was odd , advertising only advertising, nothing else mandela lol i thought he had died too but really how many african dictars are they ? i read snow white and watched the movie, are they both the same? i remember do you? you get things wrong, you impose your ideas from others learn to listen

    96. Pablo S.

      8:28 "He asks you to rememeber an event that took place when you were 14" 13-year olds: Guess I'm going to travel to the future.

      1. Jack Durden

        When I recall anything between 12-16, I can’t ever truly recall my age correctly. It’s a very blurred timeline. No drugs or alcohol, or, far too much drugs and alcohol. I suppose I wouldn’t know?

    97. NHMO OYTIS

      Is Thoughty 1 buried in a shallow grave in your back yard? Just askin.

    98. NHMO OYTIS

      Well there was that time Jason Momoa flew me to the Greek Island for wild monkey sex....I did wonder why I hadn’t taken any photos. Thanks.

    99. jdocks777

      If my memory serves me right, I could of sworn I’ve seen this before.

    100. Thoth Amon

      it seems that traumatic memories would be saved and used for survival instead of forgotten, i mean, that memory of nearly getting run over by that car when young is why you are so paranoid when crossing the street, evolution, survival, etc..., my strongest memories are of all the times i nearly snuffed it, too many times