Why You Could Go To Prison If Your Sausage Doesn't Work


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    1. Thoughty2

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      1. hello hello

        Nope duolingo is way better.... clearllyyy

      2. Dude Mann

        Purely informative and umm......interesting, thanks Thoughty2!

      3. Nigel Rambharose

        Thoughty 2 shave that stash please

      4. danmar007

        @auto_chris420 What does thort mean? I couldn't find it anywhere.

      5. #LethalInjection TV

        The reason you have 3 million followers and only 200,000 views on the videos are because you’re not really giving any information in the videos you’re just taking the long way to tell everybody you really don’t know the answer to the questions that you put his captions like you’re not giving out any new information you’re not giving really anything you’re just telling us stuff that we can look at on Wikipedia and it gets boring

    2. Andrei Alexandru Marin

      but could you actually go to prison?

    3. Cron’s Carrot factory

      Wait is it supposed to do something!?!?

    4. Phillip Rackow

      Honestly sounds like a legit reason for divorce to me if you think about it...

    5. zdvxr

      I want to be the Jury for this

    6. William J.

      My wife asked me “When we have sex, do you ever pretend that I’m someone else?” I said “No... I pretend that I’M someone else.” 😂

    7. Joshua's Animations

      "Presenting exhibit A"

    8. Star ving

      5:34 hmmm

    9. THE

      I have seen online videos of medical cases... some men's penis is like 2 cm short.

    10. Chin Chin

      Basically "Cock ratings?" Maybe were not so different from our ancestors after all

    11. Maerahn

      Several centuries later, these trials inspired the 'Carry On...' film franchise.

    12. what do i name my self

      me reading the title wait what? why do you go to prison because sausage? me after a few minutes in oh wait...

    13. Scott H

      I wonder if impotence trial are the equivalent of gladiator rings in ancient rome to distract the peasants from their sh*tty lives. Not that different from modern society & are soap oprea government in modern times.

    14. Scott H

      Yea "we should not laugh at are medieval ancestors" because society, courts & government are just as strange today.

    15. Seaweed Banana

      I can’t believe there was a time where you have to prove that you got hard that time

    16. ArndtYouBenny

      That’s what she said

    17. Brown Noise

      For a Monarch at the time Failure to Consummate a Marriage had Really Serious, and possibly international Consequences, So on their Wedding Night the Bed Chamber would be packed with Witnesses to Confirm that a Full and Proper Deflowering of the Bride had actually Taken Place. Us Peasants had it relatively a lot easier in comparison, imho. Even Though Our Women tended to be practiced with, including the Lord of the Manor having the right to Deflower Our Brides on Our Wedding Nights. With the entire Community becoming related, and having a vested interest in looking after each other. In earlier times, the dangers from inbreeding were understood, with finding new blood from outside of Communities, being actively Sought Out During Fertility Fedtivals, or as we might call them, Shagging Festivals, in which Foreign Outsiders were especially highly prized Studs. Evidence for this, has been found in digs of the villages close to Stonehenge, with spaced knee impressions between the fireplace and the hut entrances, for which I'll just mention "Doggy Style" and leave the rest to your imaginations, other than to say it was likely each Tribe had their own Colour coding insignia for huts and Tribe Members, with same coding mixing being Taboo, and Foreign visitors being given a special colour coding, which meant they were free to mate with women from Every Tribe? A simple arrangement to set up and manage, which isvreflected in the practices of Pacific Islanders wanting sailing ship visitors to sleep with their wives on first contact, to provide a needed influx of new blood for the Tribe? Seems only the " god king " Psychopaths tried to keep it all in the family with dangerous and severely damaging incestuous relationships. Something to think about our Ancextors not being Stupid Genetically anyway ? 🤔👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    18. M. Cousin

      😶 Petition to resurrect! Gotdamn it I said, petition to resurrect!

    19. Kolgax

      "I hope there's no hard feelings.." That's harsh!

    20. MIchael Barry

      trial by congress sounds like fun to me

    21. Gaevlos

      why was the wink at the end of this episode higher energy than usual

    22. wojtekpolska

      14:53 but how do they prove it?

    23. wojtekpolska

      The amoung of sausage-related stock footage you got is impressive

    24. Prasoon George Toppo


    25. Satou Kazuma

      It's good to know that the Bro Code was sacred even in times where Witches roamed the streets and every day we see someone hanging

    26. Skn

      Fun fact; Not having sex for a year is legal acceptable grounds for divorce (without separation) in Norway. Not having had sex at all(no matter duration of marriage) is legal grounds for annulment.

    27. CasualTwist51

      You see, I see these language program offers all the time, but sadly the language I wanna learn is old english (unless, I know). Which I guess learning german would get me half way there.

    28. Alexander Elderhorst

      Ahh yes, call upon random women to express their opinion on the pp and whether or not they like it personally... that's gonna be a fair impotence trial. Hey feminists you want equal rights? Women should have to do an impotence trial too... wait... At least his male testimonies show that he should have failed

    29. Scoobis

      Erectile disfunction? GET OUT!

    30. primesspct2

      My new favorite insult "You good sir are an empty intestine of mottled skin, furthermore you have no flesh in you!

    31. Akshaj Saini

      Duolingo is much better than Bable(And plus it's free)

    32. Tantraloverful

      If you wish to convince the audience about the efficiency of Babel, please just pronounce correctly and fluently some basic and charming phrases - in elegant French. ;)

    33. mip

      Bruh,i was not expecting that

    34. MasterRye

      Wait wait wait, a Brit, willingly going to France?

    35. Kaito Darkness

      William's Wang is one fantastic line

    36. Scorp

      Going to prison will just make your sausage even worse

    37. farhan rahmaddani

      show this to feminist

    38. BonrekTheOrc

      Matt Powell Has an Inflatable Banana in His Back Yard Which he Calls Dr. Peel

    39. Cow Whisperer


    40. Dinges The Great

      this is amzaing

    41. o0O-JD-O0o

      I cannot believe that judge granted the annulment... what a d i c k ... just when you thought you had tallywacker troubles. too bad fisting wasnt invented yet

    42. Dennis Hamilton

      William seems to be a homosexual. His wife couldn't arouse him.

    43. violian5

      Let me guess - the judges put the husbands in prison so they could bone these "wives" after they're locked up in prison ?

    44. Alcides Prieto

      The verdict was: If thou dost not use it then thou shalt lose it! *In comes a hooded man with an axe*

    45. Sadarsa

      The Bible: Be fruitful and multiply The Church: Well, you heard the man, start-a-fukin' NOW!!!

    46. Combat King 0

      John Dillermand would win these trials every time.

    47. Adolf Hitler

      I read the title as should

    48. Andrew Hernandez


    49. Xenronnify

      And who says history can't be kinky?

    50. Tito Gallo

      we men looking out for our backs since the middle ages

    51. Danny pjr

      Friend from the shame I'd be like guys shut the fck up your not helping

    52. fiskuberd fiskus

      This video was extremly akward to watch because my name is William

    53. Kyle Norris

      So this Trial in the 1400's is why a man's member is called a Willie even to this day ?

    54. Ultimate Powa

      8:48 Yo bro, I don't think there were black people running around in medieval England having redheaded kids. (That's an American depiction of a black person for those from Europe)

    55. Christ Abel Mouangou

      Hearing Arran speak French has made my day 😊

    56. Jeremiah Lee

      Has anyone ever notice that he calls himself .42. throughty2 instead of thoughty2 like a channel name is

    57. your averge gamer

      and i thought people were open about sex today

    58. LordTrikke Dirtymurder

      Lol. "Got to have jobs." You mean become slaves.

    59. Hamster in Chief

      In the trial by congress animation you shouldve had the doctor and midwife hold up 4's and the priest hold up an 11. Just sayin.

    60. Martin Martin

      'What language have you always wanted to learn?' - I am afraid they won't help me with small indigenous languages...

    61. Erik Hendrych

      I wanted to send this video to my dad because of the Babbel app but I can't because it would be weird.

    62. Isaac Stevenson

      William was clearly gay, simple as that

    63. Raxaga 64

      Some people go to prison because they're sausage works too well.

    64. Mikiness Analog

      This video has NOTHING to do with food as the title implies.

    65. Ichigo90

      Weird. It’s almost as though the people of the medieval age were.... humans. Who would have ever guessed that was the case?

    66. Nick Beerd

      I feel personally attacked.

    67. Annie Beanie

      i guess peasant lady would just borrow a sausage from a neighbor or friend :)

    68. Roody G

      Humans are weird lol

    69. orbik

      I'd imagine a woman being infertile was also grounds for divorce, although harder to prove conclusively

    70. noTmiZ

      r/rareinsult middle ages edition "An empty intestine of mottled skin that does not have any flesh in it"

    71. I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son

      Netflix show in the making or HBO Damm

    72. I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son

      Thats absurd. And humiliating

      1. I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son

        Talking about performance anxiety lol

    73. H B-M

      Intro should be: "Bonjour, et bienvenue sur Pensé-Deux !" 🤣🤣

    74. mike hawk

      Imagine having to get hard back when everyone showered once a month knowing that you'd get arrested if you couldn't get it up

    75. Forge Father Eli

      12:50 this just isn't true. Their were Jews living side by side with christians all over europe for all of its history. The percentage its actually at a historical low nowadays as most jews now live in either the US or Israel.

    76. Forge Father Eli

      This video is just. The best.

    77. Mercy C

      Oh this title made my head hurt

    78. Anders Termansen

      At first i was like "what do you mean my sausage doesnt work"? Untill i realize it was the penis he talked about.

    79. Mick M

      I reckon being given the midwife/midwives of my choice for a few days to 'prove' myself could actually be turned into a plus if handled right :D

    80. john du Heaume

      My judgment is William has a definite preference for the boys not the girls! His boy friends had far more effect on his arousal than his wife.

    81. Mr. NoBody

      Not what it use to be they have turned several minutes of the video into a commerical. I get 30 seconds at the beginning but then 3 to 5 min later on . Guess vacationing in France isn't cheap.

    82. sheila hammond

      What about wives who refused to comply?

    83. OLCtv

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 WTF

    84. julie Wallis

      Does anyone know where the place at 5:20 is? I’m guessing it’s Germany, but it’s so very, very pretty.

    85. Gloria Edmund

      The fact that I'm learning French and was like "OUI BONJOUR!"

    86. Station Plaza

      Even though we might laugh at the rules and laws of the middle ages, just look at what is being discussed by the psychotic power maniacs these days. Living under a C C P style regime is becoming increasingly likely in the UK and the West generally.

    87. Yoshi24

      This is the origin of “for the boys” and “with the boys” .

    88. Gérard Cousineau

      Things didn't change much, if she doesn't want it, you're in trouble. But if she wants it, you might be in more troubles.


      Word up..(Whats up Slang in Canadian) but you always give us words we want to hear, so keep it up, respect, Canadian out!

    90. George W. Bush


    91. Bootstrapper Wilson

      Some women would divorce their man for impotence; truly faithful wives would stick with their man through thick and thin. So to speak.

    92. Basel Alansari

      sounds like the beginning of porn industry

    93. Mo Hawk

      I know you said that you are sponsored by Babble, but Babbel cost so much money per month. It should be for free and they get thier money back from paid ads.

    94. Thomas Crane

      I finally got my sausage to go to work. He helps raise chickens.

    95. J BLAST

      Bring in the lady of the street to tinder the meat if no sket burn him by the feet

    96. Philip Jones

      On a positive note, a man given a stiff sentence could reasonably ask for a retrial.

    97. Chris Wyatt

      Jimmy Dean sausage advertising before the video starts! 🤣

    98. AVLIV- official channel

      According to the Catholic church of medieval times, god was a damn pervert.

    99. Flynnick

      The only thing different today, is that divorce is unconditional...

    100. G. David Mackey

      "Inpotence investigators"... Also known as: Wait for it... "Private dicks" *badumtish*