Why We Still Don't Understand How the Ecosystem Works


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    Writing: Bevan Rees
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    1. Thoughty2

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      1. Moshe Baker

        @Jaiden Jagger Yup, have been using Flixzone for years myself =)

      2. Jaiden Jagger

        a tip: you can watch series at flixzone. I've been using them for watching a lot of movies these days.

      3. Casey Ray Harris. Esquire

        @Majora oh also the corporation doc entertainingly unraveled. Why stock holders and pillars now obsolete working on the same old thing

      4. Ruxanda BAN

        @Majora Sounds great. Thanks. Peace and Love.

      5. Majora

        I want to recommend everyone to watch "The Biggest little Farm". It's a documentary about a couple that tries to run a farm 100% ecological. It gives a lot of food for thought and was very inspiring. Preserving the ecosystem and live in harmony with it is super important for our survival and future!

    2. The frog

      The only answers is hunting humans.

    3. Pepper Spray

      Killing whales to save fish sounds like killing sparrows to save grain fields.

    4. JD

      So we must farm phytoplankton

    5. Banksy B

      My gran is rapid on ketamine

    6. Daryl Baines

      Vids get better and better.

    7. Chazza T

      Your videos are very interesting, thank you

    8. Dio Brando

      Japan pls... Just stop killing whales

    9. Nayan Naleyanda

      1:39 My face exactly figuring out that I won't be able to eat Chick-Fil-A if this goes down

    10. Eddie Christie

      This was an awesome video. The humor was great too.

    11. Alpenjodler1

      Lucky Nan! Also: "Man in suit contemplating whale shit" had me laugh out loudly :-D Furthermore: I've been telling my boss that systems in general are too complicated and should be left alone completely. Lastly: It's even possible that mosquitos play a vital role in the eco system. I believe eradicating them is a risk worth taking.

    12. jamezheart

      Humans ... Grrr

    13. jj Finigan

      Animals should learn to adapt

    14. jj Finigan

      Al Gore knows.

    15. GravitoRaize

      Glad you show both sides of the conversation. A lot of positives sometimes get attributed to one single change that is far more nuanced than one change merits. There's a lot of evidence that shows a lot of different factors have went into these ecological changes.

    16. Fresh Impact Co.

      Yup, that sums up pretty much the whole damn problem. We as humans love to think we can fix things through very complex and unnecessary methods which are just mucking with natural order of things. We love to meddle with stuff and we love it especially when we don't know anything about what we are doing. I guess that's because we hope to look good Infront of everyone else. Best to leave what nature intended and leave nothing behind us except our foot prints so the next generation can enjoy it also. What a tragedy to be the generation that broke everything and left nothing for the generation to come and for the animals and creatures of this planet who we just don't seem to give a damn about.... Well done thoughty2 on another great reminder that maybe we can fix things by just leaving it the way it was supposed to be.

    17. Wolf Webb

      Elon Musk has the only possible solution to this problem.

    18. Armando Aguiar

      That also shows how robust is nature. We can kill, but we can learn, and nature can grow back. So, lets preserve, but without any fundamentalism.

    19. Jeffrey Baker

      Unintended consequences, amirite? This is a really cool explanation of how much we don't understand.

    20. Dragon Slayer Ornstein

      I know how it works! DON'T FUCK WITH IT AND IT WILL LOVE YOU.

    21. Ravi Paswan

      Just let the NATURE do its work(it's free don't worry) otherwise human will have to spend billions of $ and manpower.

    22. Henry M.

      I agree, Thanos did nothing wrong.

    23. DJ D

      Dude. Excellent work as usual.

    24. Corn Pop


    25. Natalie Kennedy

      You should Calab with VSource

    26. Masala TRENDS

      First stop eating meat Otherwise if animals go extinct we'll eat each other And not to metion Humans will be Shit Factories by 2100

    27. T.M H

      Humans just need an excuse to kill and eat thats all.

    28. Geoff Hilton

      A predictor from space is needed to come and harvest the human race after all we may be the best beef animal there is.

    29. Darwinsmom

      When I have heard Newfoundland fisher folk discussing the combined consequences of the global effort to end the seal hunt, together with the Canadian government failing to protect the resources of the Atlantic fisheries, I learned that an entire way of life has been decimated. Huge scars mar the sea floor and entire ecosystems have been destroyed by trawler fishing. In the past, such scars were exclusively caused by the odd iceberg grounding its way along the sea bed. It seems to me that the farther humans are removed from a resource, the more easily they can move to exploit it. Those harvesting animals for survival have a vested interest in maintaining healthy stocks and not wiping out a resource.

    30. Verum Crepitus

      I really with the scientific community hadn't been completely compromised by financial and governmental interests. The study he references is interesting but you can also find studies stating that the polar ice would be melted by 2015 so... damn

    31. Slick Rick

      We need to stop changing everything and leave things alone. Let the world continue as if we aren’t here, Like most other creatures do! It’s not hard .. let’s just destroy this planet too?

    32. Slick Rick

      Why do us viewers have to suffer along with the animals.. the people who can do something about this should pull their finger out their ass

    33. Phillip Ortega

      The human race has been at war with nature since the human race started

    34. piramaniak

      “Your Nan on ketamine” is the best line you’ve ever come up with 😂

    35. Darren Williams

      We continue to flounder because we look at nature from our lofty egotistical towers thinking we are the reason for ALL of existence and always look from the outside in instead of realising that we are the lowest form of life NOT the highest..... F@CK THE HUMAN RACE...

    36. Ruling Gods Idly

      This was truly incredible. Thank you 42.

    37. yo MyButtHurtzzz

      Where's gram? Oh she's at the rave down town....

    38. Soham Kumar

      Not being a racist but ecological catastrophies are only a things where white people had set thier foot...

    39. Niklas Alfvin

      I think many do understand this, but not the sharkfin-eaters. Not to specifically name anyone ... or do I?

    40. hsasser3

      Now, here's a video that throws some real common sense into the subject of man's relationship with nature. I wish such simple reasoning was a lot more common. Living in America, where the wolves are, I'm glad science, not greed, has a greater influence on our laws.

    41. 13REW

      I just watch these vids to look at the tash

    42. Heikki J Hautanen

      We need to cool it now!!! :/

    43. Dustin's Distractions

      I actually think it's about the pressure at deeper depths that would make it hard to poop I think. So that's why they poop near the service

    44. Quite Quiet

      Well Done!!! Neither economics nor environmental science is properly understood because it interferes with what people want to do... which creates cognitive bias issues. I was overjoyed when you got to the wolves.

    45. acepilot1

      Shit I had a big acid trip and figured this shit out like a technicolor light bulb went off above my head

    46. Jackson Lay

      Is it legal to use a VPN to watch things that are outlawed in your country? Yay censorship

    47. Erik SV Cash Flow

      There is no "ecosystem". The concept was invented in an attempt to digitize nature

    48. moywaywa duncan

      Change the title, this is a great vid

    49. Damondo DBN

      Thoughty2 looks like a 1950s moustache groomer

    50. Joonas Naski

      did you say fascist and easiest vpn

    51. Ricky Stephenson

      We do understand,but no1 gives a fuck

    52. Mark Dickson

      Comment on sponsor really. Need to be careful, you said 'fastest vpn' and I know US companies regularly say things like that in advertisements but in uk companies have to be able to prove any claims - it has caught out many US companies. Perhaps they do have an independent study that says they indeed are the fastest but I somehow doubt it. I don't know if he has to follow uk or US law since I'm guessing surfshark is American and NLname is but he is clearly uk based so I'm guessing he needs to follow uk law. I already use surfshark and like them, but man I hope he's not getting himself into trouble repeating soundbites given to him from foreign companies. Claims about performance need to be backed up by independent facts

    53. Majora

      I want to recommend everyone to watch "The Biggest little Farm". It's a documentary about a couple that tries to run a farm 100% ecological. It gives a lot of food for thought and was very inspiring. Preserving the ecosystem and live in harmony with it is super important for our survival and future!

    54. My name

      Landfills are one of the most undervalued assets IMO. But one day corporations will end up buying these just to salvage material from old waste.

    55. Hawk Snake

      The Canadian wolves that they imported are more aggressive and about 30% bigger than the native wolves they replaced. The imported wolves are devastating smaller elk populations in other parts of the state. Every year the number of elk tags is lowered to try to preserve their population at the expense of hunters food. No one is talking about this because the state is dominated by Yellowstone and this project has been so highly praised already by the powers that be. Inevitably those wolves will run themselves and the people who depend on those elk out of food.

    56. Robin Williams

      Short answer: we too stupid

    57. Nnamdi Bond

      Gynaecologists, Thoughty2?

    58. OG Vas

      yo this guy dyes his moustache

    59. jack powell

      Oh snap!! I was genuinely going to comment saying about the reintroduction of wolves to yellowstone! So cool

    60. jack powell

      Your references to drugs in some of your videos leads one to believe you have experimented in the past 😆😆

    61. jack powell

      The Japanese will use any excuse for whaling...😁

    62. Sirabot

      Native Americans knew this and respected the wolf and all nature.

    63. Volcom Stone

      Why when you can clearly Monetize your videos, why do you insist on pushing sponsors. Greedy prick, have some integrity and stop shoving garbage products on us. I get it when people's videos can't be monetized as it allows them to make content without compromise. You have no excuse except greed.

    64. IPONJ

      This channel just keeps getting better and better. Loved this video.

    65. JTuaim

      My kind of crew. Wait for the ship to start sinking and then say "let's figure this ship out".

    66. Slapstick Genius

      The forest is a superorganism.

    67. rh1507

      I see this as reality. The more we screw things up the more problems we cause. Reintroducing wolves is a good step in reintroducing balance into the ecosystem of the northwest corner of Wyoming. In my nerdy side this is using Vulcan ideology to undo the problems we have illogically caused. If there is one thing humans are good at is really screwing things up.

    68. Jason Smith

      Humans are super Keystone species.

    69. Rick Hamilton

      Lmao nymphomaniacal

    70. Vernon Vouga

      Don't forget the moving around part. If something doesn't work they move money around, usually to the detriment of the people living under the Marxist regime that moved the money in the first place

    71. Illutian Kade

      Humans are the keystone species of the world; what a terrible job they've done at being so.

    72. The Crown King

      Watching from philippines your theory is true i learn something keep it up your doing a good job 👍👏☺️

    73. Jah Man

      GO VEGAN....

    74. Joshua Smith

      There’s actually a really interesting documentary on Netflix about the many connections of the planet and they talk quite in depth about whales, I think it’s just called ‘connected’ and they mention that whales shit floaters, and they mention how crucial that is. Interestingly though they mention about how humans shit, which ultimately ends up in the sea, has led to ibuprofen traces found in crab and cocaine in jellyfish. There’s a lottt more to it but my memory is piss poor and I wouldn’t want to get it wrong, but go check it out, that shits crazy.

    75. Yehia Dessouki

      6:58 The thing is that allah has created a system that works perfectly and we are the ones who ruined it, if we were to be part of the system as we were intended to and didnt destroy it, there wouldn't have been such problems with the ecosystem, and all of this is written in the quran.

    76. MuffinzYT

      "because you know what is humans are like, if we don't know how to fix something, we just kill it!"

    77. 4wolves

      Thanks for sharing this thoughty 2 ive always known wolves are important, i heard the story of yellowstone and im glad your teaching and showing others this amazing story, wolves are natures balancers! we need them

    78. Darshan Dhabale

      I wonder who/what keeps the population of humans in check, maybe centenary viyruses

    79. Darshan Dhabale

      I say humans stop playing with things they don't understand, that'll be good for all.

    80. Lucas, a Viking

      The way English people say “Ketamine” is crazy

    81. KianBrown5000 aka fish boy

      We need to stop Japan

    82. chris reilly

      I remember learning about tropical cascades and the otter and wolf examples in my university classes. Very interesting stuff.

    83. ainz ooal gown

      Man the anomaly in nature.

    84. Worm aka Tgwlhffxzpasqm Lwvcvbcvbdlmyz0

      At first glance"..... I tried glancing a couple of times.... & it still doesn't make sense 😕 #savethewhales 🐋

    85. ainz ooal gown

      They should transport them to a alternate universe where animal rule and man is the bottom of the food chain.how would we like it then.

    86. kenji214245

      The more complex a system the more likely a single part is to make "key" changes. :3

    87. Valkyrie Arts

      Wolves aren't the evil bastards media portrays them as. They're incredibly intelligent and generally avoid humans since we hunted them so often. They learned pretty quickly that we're not exactly the friendliest bunch. Just don't bother them or encroach on their territory and everything'll be fine. I love wolves, lea'me alone D:

    88. the truth

      The crophic caskade is in dalance now the USA under biden wanting to plant sea grass to under state the water carbon so in my research..let nature take there part and fuck off the privately owned governmental agency let people be who they are

    89. TheAndrewDan

      No fuck you I just took my ecology final

    90. Aaron Walcott

      Give Thoughty2 another two years, tops, to be eligible for "the world's most interesting man." He's researched so damn much, his convos must be next-level.

    91. M K2

      hence COVID - cure

    92. anurag kumar

      Killing of such magnificent beings is sad

    93. devil killer

      well let's see global warming know such thing, yup were idiots

    94. Tjaart Hendriks

      Wow! What a awesome video.

    95. Florida Man


    96. divegabe

      Brilliant, really enjoyed this one.

    97. Shard FloofFox

      Good thing that people understand that, the world needs these animals to keep on turning.

    98. Илиан Тодоров

      Heh, during the era of the communism the leaders of my country with their "infinite wisdom" decided to hunt down wolves to expand deer other wildlife population, the results were as above, they had to reintroduced from the neighboring countries.

    99. Marc James-Finel

      So basically we need to put our shit back into the earth

    100. Cesar478 876

      This video deserves so many more views!!!! ♥️