Why the Largest Living Thing Is Not What You Think


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    1. Alpenjodler1

      *looksUpFromMyHomeMadeSphinxScale* What did you just call me?!

    2. Reinmar Spindler

      Sooooo Warhammer's Orks (which is, basically, mean sentient fungus) are not too far off?

    3. Clara Villa

      Murderers are about to get ratted out by Fungi lol

    4. Joshua Kellar

      hoodie fungus? i've yet to see that

    5. André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'

      A eucalyptus forest is also just one entity.

    6. Thomas Brown

      Learned that word from this channel. Cool dude 42

    7. Thomas Brown


    8. Thomas Brown

      The little redhead ones that wear purple skirts. Little blue shoes

    9. Thomas Brown

      Love humongous fungus.

    10. Death 13

      When he said "mycelium knows you're there" my toaster popped some toast and made me flinch.

    11. Alpaca

      7:43 Speaking of which Mooshroom bioms actually aren't the rarest bioms. It is actually the modified jungle edge.

    12. Benson Russell

      Saying it now. if it isnt the giant 🍄 in my back yard then it is wrong.

    13. eddue12345

      Also, a clone is a separate organism than the original. being a clone doesn't make it the same organism.

    14. eddue12345

      Queller and Strassman's definition is nonsense. By that definition, then, countries ran by communist regimes that "claim" to work as colonies for a single purpose are really organisms instead of countries and each human being in the country is really an organ? Then what is colony? Is confederation of nations a single colony? THIS IS NONSENSE!!

    15. Ajit Vincent

      There's an Incubus album named Fungus Amongus.

    16. General Ivan Ivanovich

      Anyone: Oh i wonder what the largest organism is! Fungi: *MUSHROOMY THREATS*

    17. J Jaros

      That was way more interesting than I was ready for. I was like "how's he going to turn this one word answer question into a 15 minute video?" Expecting that it would be structured like the biggest organism isn't a whale it's a tree, roll credits lol.

    18. J Jaros

      That "Hey" sounded like he was about to give us the bad news about the test results.

    19. Doobie's Den

      a colony of ants if you wanna go that far

    20. Ronanu

      Well, going along the definition of an organism, isn't human civilisation the biggest organism of them all? It/we span the entire globe and work together to grow.

    21. DavidTheNinja

      Thats a Vagina

    22. Itorca

      It's a fungus

      1. Itorca

        I was right 😊

    23. Ghost

      The term: "Its parts work together for the benefit of the integrated whole, with high cooperation and low conflict" seems somewhat flawed if a colony of bees can be considered an organism. This means that those who are born gravely and/or terminally ill, with their own immune system attacking itself, in conflict of the bodies other functions, but slowly killing the person, are not an organism?

    24. variøuz

      It's actually your mom.

    25. Two and a Half Slavs

      Underrated video

    26. CX X64

      The Earth could be considered an organism?

    27. Scanerboy

      Your mustache is a sign for truth

    28. Will 93

      I haven't started the video yet, but... It's not a fungus? OK, OK, judging by the thumbnail, you best I think it's a blue whale... that's just the largest animal. =P

    29. iamtheiconoclast3

      "... if you're the kind of weirdo who likes to weigh things in sphinxes." I am now.

    30. harpal vaghela

      excellent information gathering 👌

    31. Draidain's Father

      Where do the largest ant colonies fall?

    32. Andrea


    33. Charlie Helm

      I kept thinking he’d say yo mama

    34. NorthernZeus

      I’ve been on a 42 binge all day. Don’t tell Thoughty 2.

    35. Ari Gold

      I love this channel

    36. William Stryzs

      i love your stuff... you peak my curiosity with each video... bravo

    37. elbob086

      Tree! Before I watch.

    38. Ron Summers

      Fungus be like, shit the two legged idiots are waking up.

    39. Wip Lein

      Second part of the video gave me a flashback to Mexican Gothic I can't quite get myself to appreciate. Still a amazing video though

    40. Jesse Coulter

      Mushroom security system

    41. DenseAlloy

      Just another reason to hate mushrooms....

    42. torch1028

      Before watching the video Trees with root systems can be massive Ant colonies are considered an organism.... theres one global ant colony..similar logic could say something about humanity too but we're not ready for that conversation

    43. noTmiZ

      Then the fungi would suddenly have a mutation and have the ability to infect and turn humans into mindless zombies

    44. scotty moondog jakubin

      Mushrooms once ruled the world and were the size of small houses - long before the dinosaurs !

    45. Official Tinkz

      The urge I have to make a your mum joke due to this video's thumbnail is huuge

    46. Valkyrie Arts

      _Everything_ is bigger in America, even our organisms.

    47. Peter Blake

      Erm - Big Ben is a bell, part of the clock housed in the Westminster tower.

    48. Cat Magic

      Amazing! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS! 😃 ❤ 👍🏽 💪🏽 👏🏽 💡 💡 💡

    49. Ze Hakim

      he just plagiarized minute earth's video lmaoo

    50. homeless jeff

      even mycelium has nothin on yo mama

    51. Sayag Avi

      The largest organism on Planet Earth is...PLANET EARTH itself. It DEFINITELY meets the criteria that qualify for an "organism".

    52. TinCanTap

      i bet 10 bucks that when i sort comments by newest i'm going to see an army of "your mom" comments

    53. Cheryl Clifton

      Interacting with fungus... Fungus among us is prolly not good for us

    54. seascape1016

      The world’s largest living thing is Thoughty42,s Mustache wink 😉❤️✌️

    55. Riah Smith

      What if it's an entity like from Rick and Morty. Like maybe it's a brain and it's an antibody kind of thing

    56. Vasto Lorde

      Wouldn't the biggest organism then be humanity..? As we act as one giant coordinating organism.

    57. Don’t Test It.

      Okay. Never eating a mushroom again in my life I feel like I killed a god

    58. Sgrinwaipwr

      *AkChuLLy* the biggest animal might not be the blue whale. There was a gigantic species of Ichthyosaur in the late Triassic; the skeleton discovered is very incomplete (basically just a huge vertebrae) so it is impossible to be certain but when a complete ichythousar skeleton is scaled up to have vertebrae the same size it rivals a blue whale in size. The species has no name yet, scientists aren't sure if it is a new species or just a very large individual from a known species like Shonisaurus.

    59. John Lennon

      Mushroom: More perverts having sex in the forest. Stream it to the entire colony.

    60. I'm just a guy

      The mushrooms were the most intresting thinh ironicly, i guess my child hood frend was onto something

    61. Noah Tackett

      Can't wait for the fungi uprising

    62. Carlo Alicer

      this ones simple, its a tree. A Fungus! well I didn't see that coming.

    63. Uncle Crunch

      We need more sober scientists like Andrew

    64. Randall Nerd

      This only solidifies USA's place as the land of the supersized

    65. Nuiun 04

      Before I watch this I know it's not a whaleeee.... It's that fungus that controls a whole forest and is several square kilometers in size

    66. Scallywag 4

      There’s very little difference between the genetic makeup of animals and fungus. As a matter of fact, my ex-mother-in-law is a fungus I’m pretty sure.

    67. Le Kobiashvili

      I run my ADSL over fungi for years

    68. Infinite Monkeys

      1:00 my name is Legion, for we are many

    69. Tucker Higgins

      Rip the bristlecone pine tree called Prometheus, it was the oldest tree in the world. I believe the 2nd oldest got burned down in Florida by a methhead

    70. Tucker Higgins

      Before the video starts, my guess is Pando, the giant clonal quaking aspen

    71. Yu Yang Chew

      Nobody: Me: Here comes the planet of shrooms. Revenge arc.

    72. Dr.Rajasaurus and Uncle Bonecrack

      Micellium watches you... In the darkwoods!

    73. Goose Mann

      The fungus is watching you

    74. Antoine Papelier

      That's what we know for now but for how long. Or what we think to know. Do we know anything

    75. Sitor Challenge

      For the love of your amazing mustache, collab with Vsauce

    76. TheOfficialSquintz XP

      The largest living thing is actually the universe

    77. Doctor Splashtail

      Its ur mom lol

    78. james Kimball

      An organism is you and your knowledge thoughty2 Splitting people head cells to make more. Head cells

    79. Viperiguana -BS

      of u ever feel lonely remember that 40trillion cells is keeping you alive

    80. Surfermario

      So if i understand correctly, the part of the mushroom we usually eat is actually the dick of the mushroom?

    81. Conner blalock

      That’s crazy man so cool the things we can probably do with that

    82. Justine Cooper

      I thought the Matango forest was the largest thing.

    83. Rorar The pig

      No one: British man with mustache: “Stick a flag in it”

    84. fieryelf

      I for one, welcome our fungi overlords.

    85. Charlie Hunt

      Aye UWE got a shoutout

    86. Growth / Potential

      Wait the largest organisms would be trees

    87. Tony Hibbert

      I am Gestalt ! ..

    88. rekao

      What if we do start talking to fungus and they get offended that we eat mushrooms OR what if THEY START EATING MUSHROOMS

    89. rekao

      Ur mom

    90. PeteyC_ AZ

      That root system had to consume the living to get that OP.

    91. AreEssGaming RS

      Coral reef the biggest living thing? Hmm just a guess before vid

    92. ---ElectroMan---

      Calling it. Fungus is going to take over the world. Carving the world into a giant brain to where it will take over the galaxy.

    93. Bostwick Balthazar

      Haven’t started yet, it’s a mushroom

    94. N20 Games

      Mushrooms really are magic..

    95. Tommy Scene

      Couldn’t you use this to repair damaged nerves ?

    96. W. Brian Belcher

      You pronounce Oregon better than most Americans. Well played, sir.

    97. Hexakly _

      I'm not saying it didn't happen, but 1 seed?

    98. Holly Lemonis

      I love mushrooms, and I've always found it very appropriate that one day they'll eat me, too.

    99. Cloud

      I’ve clicked on the video and just paused it. Someone tell me if the answer is Mushrooms? I’ll be back to watch it. Just curious if the amount of random NLname I’ve watched this year in lockdown is now becoming a waste and I should just make my own channel 😂

    100. jack powell

      Is it sad I knew the answer already? 😆