Why It's Almost Impossible to Plead Insanity


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    Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British NLnamer and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos about science, tech, history, opinion and just about everything else.
    Writing: Michelle Butterworth
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    Gepubliceerd op 27 dagen geleden


    1. William Blowers

      Didn't George III personally urge Hadfield to be pardoned?

    2. Roger Szmodis

      5:55 you have slecected regicide. If you know that name of the king or queen being murdered, press one.

    3. bieen

      "James Hadfield" LOL he should've started a music career Edit: ok that justice statue had to be a reference come on

    4. Aladdin Sane

      So I guess you’d be insane to try and plead that you’re insane

    5. esther betzinger

      11:35. HE'S 7"???

    6. Sickwit Music

      “Not guilty by reason of insanity” just means life in an insane asylum anyways

    7. UNKNOWN

      0:12 sussy 😳

    8. Tzar Nick

      I love my Fourty Two(42) videos

    9. Rares Panait

      What if im actually insane?

    10. Mike Devyne

      what if someone was drugged by some unknown person and the drug created a psychopathic murderer for the lifetime of the drugging, and then the drugged individual came back to conscious recognitions, realized what they did and turned themself in, claiming temporary unconscious insanity as the cause of the incidents?

    11. JoNatHan K

      I was never Drunk ,and don't want to be a drunk.

    12. JoNatHan K

      I have more than one mental illness.

    13. JoNatHan K

      I am a Idiot.

    14. Pickle

      Only roughly 25% of all insanity pleads are successful.

    15. Kurtis C

      Do you smoke pipe tobacco? I bet you do. I hope you do.

    16. Jack Durden

      That’s another fact someone else commented, insane people, or basically people with severe mental health disorders, often do not know, or won’t acknowledge or agree with the fact that they’re indeed suffering from an awful disorder. That’s a very good way to notice. But I’m no expert by any sense of the word. Sure, I’ve been to some (the same one usually) and it’s not too unpleasant. As if you do act out, you’ll quickly wish that you hadn’t. It’s amazing how quickly 4-5 huge men can appear and tackle you, then into the padded room you go.

    17. Decadant Dog

      You'd have to be crazy to plead insanity!

    18. Warwick Alderman

      Dear Thoughty, I am an advocate of free speech. An opponent of Liberalism and: "Wokeness." So, I support your right to use whatever nomenclature about the mentally ill that you choose to. Having asserted this position, however, I must inform you that I have a lifetime's experience of severe mental illness, and that, consequently, I find this video overall, to be nasty in tone and very unsympathetic to this disability. Much of the content is informative and worthwhile. But, it calls out to be remade. The tone is radically wrong. It is also smug and hubristic, suggesting a man who has forgotten his good fortune in being mentally healthy. The nastiness and unpleasant tone plays well: Of course! It plays well with your viewers and subscribers, because this area of illness attracts, even today, considerable prejudice. But, do you really want to become a millionaire by rubbishing the disabled? I have watched many of your videos, and, generally, you try to assert intelligence. I would suggest that you have let yourself down in this video, and fallen short of your own high standards.

    19. Jason Kasper

      “42 here”

    20. MindBrand Abbadon

      lawyer objecting, and a lawyer objecting to the objecting lawyer sounds like phoenix and edgeworth

    21. Madd Dogg

      "I'm a victim of ciycumstance!" -Curly, The Three Stooges

    22. Black-Hammer429

      Wait... I've had lots of dreams of killing someone😳and myself😳

    23. Vtron

      0:41 that caught me off-guard, not because I’m unfamiliar with Blackadder, but because Blackadder’s fiction. Still very comedic.

    24. The Cooler Daniel

      Your honor, my client pleads oopisie daisies

    25. Idiotka

      Watching this video on another website because NLname wants me to verify my age by giving them my ID or card details. Smh stupid EU laws...

    26. Dan Winstanley

      Flys in my eyes!

    27. Kapil Dihingia

      How the duck is this video age restricted??

    28. Cristian 7

      Not if you are goofy 😂

    29. Mandakhbayar .M

      Judge- Why did you murder the whole village? - im diagnosed with psychopa... Judge- say no more fam ur free to go

    30. Stian Andreassen

      Hanging after decapitation, sure seems like overkill.

    31. Valkyrie Arts

      Wait, when'd you change the thumbnail? It was terrifying, I loved it. Why tf is it age restricted as well? I'm- what?

    32. Ashikage. Inv

      3 Years watching i still hear "hey 42 hear"

    33. Frits Wijnen

      I had to use a vpn to watch this Ehm wat? Why is EU dumb pls tell

    34. Marc Mellott

      @Thoughty2 this video is age restricted for some reason. i am signed in to my account and they know how old I am and still can't watch vid without giving youtube credit card details or a photo ID

      1. Andy Dragon

        mhm same

    35. mac n bees

      Committing suicide is a sin but murder isn't?

    36. Marcus Poosz

      I'd rather go to a prison than a mental hospital simply because i live in Norway :)))) Also because im sane

    37. Banda

      I wonder why you chose the 24 of January

    38. Tyler Warde

      Lol @ the David Icke bit. 😁

    39. Voidz Gaming

      Apparently your from Aberystwyth, this true?

    40. Jayla Starr


    41. kyallo gideon

      3:49 He is Guilty😂😂😂😂He Looks Guilty...😂😂 HOW TO FAKE INSANITY🤦‍🤦‍😂😂 11:41 How does he do that😲😲😲 16:36 😲😲😂I have tried this now my eyes are stuck like this one directed in the East and the other in the south East😂Help 😂😂17:04

    42. AJ Mann

      good video

    43. Eric Smith

      People do it all the time stop acting like you know everything literally your videos are so spaced out with the knowledge your trying to give anyone can just use google like you.

    44. Ryan Fernandes

      Damn NLname thinks I'm underage

    45. ConcreteHades

      The queen likely is either part of the illuminati or a puppet for them, though its doubtful that she's a reptilian.

    46. Phantom Gorilla

      "I'm a kpop fan" "You...poor...wretched soul. CLEARLY this individual has not only lost his marbles, but he found them again, and smashed them with a hammer."

    47. Quill Mc

      Why is this age restricted

    48. Temenujka Metodieva

      to be honest im finally starting to get used to this walrus mustache. Oh well..

    49. the bandit king

      am i the only one who think what he said about DID was really horrible and just adds to misconceptions of the condition?

    50. Mediocre Maniac

      The thumbnail is terrifying

    51. Ali H


    52. Sydosys

      11:35 my guy's huge wtf

    53. Big Cazza

      u dont plea insanity, u have a violent outburst and announce that your ego is god and get deemed insane pro tip

    54. Mike Williams

      Don't knock David Icke - that guy is a bad ass!

    55. Violence Is Fun

      For me it was easy. I committed arson with intent to kill because some people were trying to bully me. and when the police questioned me they asked would i do it again, i said "too right. What you do?" Then i got put on section 37 and had to spend 30 months in a medium secure psychiatric unit

    56. Stove Games Games

      NLname: "content may be inappropriate" Me: "LET ME IN!!!"

    57. Jeserito

      He said sussy

    58. five two-one 4 five one

      Cunning plan for getting away with murder: Step 1: write a letter about cunning plan for getting away with murder to a friend. Yea... Maybe he was insane...

    59. five two-one 4 five one

      10:05 - 10:10 so, what you're saying is radical leftists can easily get away with murder?

    60. Zed - Orc

      I plead Wibble

    61. Karin Cervantes

      They blocked it. I couldn't see it. Just a warning and a black screen. To bad.

    62. Chaos

      The judges brilo wig lmao

    63. Damon Conant

      James Hadfield didn’t want to commit suicide because it’s a sin, so he decided to murder someone so he’d get executed. 🤦🏻200 IQ move

    64. Alt Alt

      why is this age restricted?

    65. si6ck

      Ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today!

    66. Jim Alvis

      Hey. You have looked at how awful and confusing the family court system is and why fathers are treated so unfairly? Just an idea for a future episode. By the way. Love your videos.

    67. seven days a week

      So for Christians, heaven awaits if you kill someone but not if it's yourself? mmm

    68. 4pretend

      Call the judge and get some fudge

    69. Liz I.

      Arran is handsome. 🎀

    70. Dick Tampon

      Heeeey, 42 here.

    71. SvenQ45

      Why it´s possible. 😁 In Germany. Just rob a bank or something and say that you´re insany or had a bad childhood. 🙄

    72. Thirsty

      What if we're all insane

    73. kylejiahsmith

      "Suicide is a sin, so I'll commit murder, because that's not a sin"

    74. Iz

      Your honour, My client pleads “oopsie Daisy🥺👉🏾👈🏾”.

    75. Reno Raines the BH

      aaah Thoughty2, yet again you bring us one step closer to be exemplary sociopaths, god bless

    76. 19!:80 50!:&


    77. John Doe

      Probably why a lot of tyrannical governments get away with stuff. Because they don't see anything wrong with what they are doing... Like psychopaths clinically can't see anything wrong with a lot of things they do we would call greatly immoral. Somehow they see it as "just"....

    78. John Doe

      Ok I am an idiot haha

    79. Bobby

      How come Charles Manson didn't use that defense? He took LSD all the time - he was obviously mad.

      1. Bobby

        @Loiso Pondohva - are you sure? nlname.info/project/video/o3G3uZKbZLOvjGA

      2. Loiso Pondohva

        Psychiatric evaluations concluded he was perfectly sane, not counting obvious psychopathy, which is not considered a valid grounds for insanity defence.

    80. King Cose27

      Your honor, my client pleads troglodyte

    81. Scallywag 4

      So he basically fooled a bunch of pro therapists before the cops got one who, with the intent of finding a lie from the get-go, used a little uncommon sense to catch him. This is a glowing testimony of why I put very little stock in psychologists.

    82. Dogsbollox

      The only one who I think was insane was Edmund blackadder 😂

    83. Ichigo90

      Oi, are you saying Lizzie isn’t a lizard and a leading me ever of the Illuminati? Because she absolutely is. She also worships Cthulhu. We play Spades on Thursdays.

    84. Sands of Time

      I guess I better behave myself, I've never been able to convince anyone of anything, even if it's for their own good. They simply refuse to believe me. Or worse, people think a whole lot of things about me, all of them bad and all of them not true. I'm not abnormal, all of them are. I just wanted to be able to have a regular conversation with my friends. It's been 25 years and all I've gotten is an argument.

    85. Ickey Sticky.

      Yeah you nut job. Why are you always reading my crazy comments? You have problems buddy.

    86. Ickey Sticky.

      All is taken care for you.

    87. Ickey Sticky.

      If your homeless living under a bridge, and those Anti Psychotic drugs get you A high somehow. Then yeah, free room and board and drugs. Sound Great. Of course your in a place with Really Crazy people.

    88. Ickey Sticky.

      It's not. If you can prove enough people thought you was Insane before you committed the Crime, Then I can see it happening. Well He was not right, We all would Talk about he needed to be on medication and maybe committed for a little bit.

      1. Ickey Sticky.

        No a insane person still can know right and wrong, Just he is self deluted to believe he needed to do the wrong.

    89. kawasaki kev

      what is this age verification shite .... i don't give my creditcard details away like that ....no thanks

    90. H2O COBRA

      42 here👀

    91. Benjamin Fliehmann

      The penalty for Gross Auditory Mayhem (the hypothetical crime of causing all of the Great Noises in Great Britain) ought to be 20 years hard labor, cleaning up all of the discarded dog feces in their nation..... with bare hands.

    92. Gordon Crouch

      Why do you say "wif" with? And "fanks" thanks?

    93. Robbie Robot

      I beat up two dudes randomly when I was 18 coz I was having a psychotic episode. I was hallucinating and hearing things and deeply delusional and thought they were literally demons. I also thought of killing my nana to save her from the hell I had descended the world into. Lucky a fear of God changed my mind. I still thought it might be wrong, hell or not. This is a true story. Not kidding. I have Schizophrenia. So I can sort of get how people can do things they don't mean to in psychotic states in a way not everyone can fathom. Every time I became sick after that first episode it got easier to control with medication and I am now recovered and I'm fine coz I take my medication and it's not so easy to become so psychotic for me now coz that was a long time ago and I'm 42 now. The first one was the worst coz I had no idea I was sick and I'd never had medication. It was a total break from reality. People can believe me or not and Idc if you do or not. But that's what happened to me. I have been in and out of psychiatric hospital numerous times. It's not exactly new to me. It's just part of my life and memories and I remember it all vividly. I never did think violently or become violent again after the first episode but yeah isn't like I knew what I was doing or could control my thoughts. Reality was distorted and it was like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from so not so easy to do in that mental state. I wasn't able to see reality in any rational way. It was like being in hell, basically. I was very glad I didn't act on my crazy thoughts about saving my nana from hell coz I wasn't in hell, in any literal sense, I realised when I was better, after a long stay in psychiatric hospital and a lot of medication. And I loved my nana dearly. But I thought we both were, I thought everyone was. It was so real to me. Which is why I beat up those two dudes. Immediately apologizing to them after when I realised they were not demons coz they were terrified of me. Laughing like a maniac as I walked away coz I was filled with this intense feeling of evil and spiritual wrath. My body was pumping with adrenaline. I was running from cars that weren't chasing me etc. It was a very confusing experience. Anyway I never did have to plead insanity for assault coz I never saw them again, after that. But yeah it is very hard for most people to realise what it's like to be truly psychotic but it's a very hard thing to control. Some people might think it's utter BS coz it sounds crazy. But yeah it is. It's not just having weird thoughts. It's terrifying and extreme. So yeah I do get why people might kill a person in that state but not realise the reality of what they're doing. It's totally possible.

    94. Growler

      So I've got to give my credit card details & wont be charged obviously... or a valid ID to confirm that at 51 I am old enough to watch this video, I don't think so some how

      1. GTAVictor9128

        Where do you live that they make you go through such a rigorous process?

      2. NightH4wx

        My thought exactly!! I'm not going to send NLname a pic of my passport or credit card details.

    95. Mike Dodd

      Goofy and Mickey’s lawyer should’ve watched this video first

    96. Nostra

      I think it should be obvious James Hadfield most likely missed the shot King George III on purpose, murder is also a mortal sin for a “devout Christian.” Shooting AT the King would also be punishable by death, I presume.

    97. MRZsiir

      So if you are crazy you wont be punish by the law. Now I understand how the politicians are still not in prison..

    98. Devraj Roy

      Age restricted wow

    99. Andrew Youngblood

      You ever just scrolling and ask yourself, well why IS is almost impossible to plead insanity

    100. Ariel Steinbach

      Look at that like to dislike ratio omg, amazing. I've been watching you since long before you grew you moustache and the quality of the videos have only increased since then. Keep up the good work!