Why Is This Remote Lake Full of Hundreds of Skeletons?


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    1. Hugh Jaass

      Very interesting explanation for the demise, apparently violently, to so many different people. Bravo.

    2. Martin Meers

      Ritualistic SACRIFICE

    3. moon

      Human sacrifices maybe?

    4. Hayden Trudgill

      Could it be possible that the damage from a hail storm happened posthumously? That being a huge storm could have battered an already dead heap of people. As for the Eastern Mediterraneans? Slaves? Fascinating either way.

    5. Doughy Joey_87


    6. Katie CRC

      blunt skull trauma: a series of avalanches, which may also explain why there are no trees in the area: they have been wiped away by previous avalanches

    7. Katie CRC

      blunt skull trauma: a series of avalanches, which may also explain why there are no trees in the area: they have been wiped away by previous avalanches

    8. SP Y

      By now most of us know not to trust anything that comes from National Geographic. There was a time when it was respectable, a little bit like the time where MTV actually played music.


      Thats not how you make babies

    10. Billy MOA

      Maybe the lake gave off some sort of oxygen displacing gas, like CO2, and they got light headed. Then they would faint, and hit their heads, or sophisticate. Eventually the snow would bring their body's to the lake. Or that's just a bad spot for avalanches with a large group of noisy people, and the snow still brings their body's to the lake.

    11. mind blank

      What about live human sacrifice with pilgrimages. It makes sense that it would be carried out during thousand of years at different times eras. It would make sense that there would be some trauma,/ injury, but nothing major because they're sacrifices

    12. Squadmate

      That's one hell of a closet.

    13. A Retarded Bucket of Lava

      "There's been 3 hail storms in this spot lately, what are the chances another happens when we are there we are completely fine" Said the people before being stoned to death by hail

    14. TsunaTsurugi

      If i saw something like that on an mountain "lake" i would run ... not because im scared of skelettons but because i would honestly believe thats a lake of sulphide or something.

    15. Nonna Urbisness

      They were preserved because they were cold and *dry* in a lake?

    16. Dumb At's

      There's many reports of violent giants in that part of the world... even some US soldiers even killed one

    17. Matthew Armstrong

      Isnt the answer simply: It’s a mountain, people die on mountains all the time. Their bodies would fall dien and come to a resting point at the bottom of where they fell and if the came to rest in a lake, then they couldn’t fall any further. The lake would have the bodies of all the people that fell/froze/slipped on the surrounding hills. Funnelling them into the lake. And the head injuries... if you fall, you’re probably going to bump your head.

    18. Morgan Chase

      This is basically just the plot of Midsommer if you ask me XD.

    19. Cosmo Ruckaz

      I wonder if the bones from the Mediterranean might have been women who were taken as concubines? It would be interesting to see the ratio's of men women and children according to the dates given for their ages. A true mystery indeed.

    20. Andy Legky

      Sounds more like a mass genocide, or as if mountain men with clubs found the pilgrims and beat them to death for trespassing

    21. Aronaax

      simple, legends were, that there were treassures given to gods by locals and ritual deaths, and a group of treassure hunters from greece. turkey, whatever told noone they want to find and get those treassures that they have heard about :DD

    22. Yaven

      "Here with a new video to solve the mystery of bodies found in a lake 5000 meters above sea level. And do you know what shrinks at that level temperature? Your balls! Take care of your pair. Thank you."

    23. Dries Vandenbrande

      Hide the bodies in the Himalayas they said, they wil never find them there they said.

    24. kscrastz

      First sponsor in a long time I do not feel like skipping

    25. Rottweiler Fun !!

      Victims of an avalanche ? Or hail ? Or just where people who died during pilgrimages were buried.

    26. Rottweiler Fun !!

      It's probably some religiously significant place to bury the dead.

    27. Elis Azrael

      This lake is just where Bethesda moves the bodies to prevent cluttering the game 💁

      1. Ularis Badler

        LOL! I guess no one got your joke. Good one!

    28. Spacy Im

      A dumping ground for murdered bodies

    29. David Henderson

      The lake is the output side of a SCP. Which SCP? Take your pick.

    30. Tora Black

      Don't mean to nitpick but the Himalia's are caused by 2 tauonic places slowly pushing against each other over time. Wouldn't that make the lake at least some what closer to sea level around the time these people died there? what if maybe there use to be a nearby village or 2 that use to use the area as a burial mount or something like that?

    31. Dmitriy Luck

      did no one think of an avalanche?? seems like the most probable

    32. Lakum C Chang

      Raus-al-ghul fountain 🤣

    33. Darkzol

      It's all a pretty huge mystery. The best conclusion I could come up with would be that it was a religious act of death, idk. That wouldn't explain the more recent skellies though.

    34. TEGVB

      If you look at photos, it looks like a low lying spot where water would naturally pool. Perhaps people over hundreds of years who died in that remote and harsh environment making a pilgrimage or otherwise simply just washed into the same low lying spot gradually. I’ve got leaves from several different trees and probably multiple seasons all washed into the same rain puddle in a divot in my driveway.

    35. Albin Privat

      Achievement unlocked: how did we get here?

    36. Alex Lo

      thoughty: why is this remote lake full of hundreds of skeletons? thoughty: idk bro

    37. christian warren

      This is the first video I’ve watched since he made that one about tipping and how he sometimes doesn’t do it at restaurants.

    38. Michelle Preuss

      See the whole time I'm sitting here thinking " but why are they all IN the lake.. why not around the lake? Or near the lake? why are 800 people dead IN a lake?

    39. Sagittarius A*

      Big foot did it 😂😂😂

    40. Reeve Thomas

      “This Video is kindly sponsored by...” And so was the previous video I watched before this Except I’ll keep my hair, I’d rather not get a rash and my nutsack feels comfortable as it is

    41. 2LEGITOfficial

      This has obviously been a genocide 🙄

    42. Robert Beck

      It's clearly a yeti sacrificial spot

    43. James WICK

      Hmmmm the ''lawnmower'' i think i like it. 🤣🤣

    44. Lois Ray McInnis

      Prostate comes from too much or not enough.

    45. KillerKinkstar

      Ok well I said "maybe it was rock" so I was on the same road as the hailstorm

    46. Chris Mintjes

      It was the lair of a man-eating monster!

    47. bwvids

      Most logical from the beginning with skull fractures all in one location … likely sacrificed or murdered

    48. IdeaBoxful

      Rupkund is considered to be sacred and is a place of spiritual consequences. If the western scientists stop thinking up only just conventional explanations, there may be an answer as why people ended up there. Most often the occult and spiritual in practices were considered trivial and barbaric by the Western world and they refused to investigate those practices. Most western historian's were catholics and interpreted these wrong for their significance. Perhaps a good investigation in that direction including anthropological studies may emerge giving a better answer. Folklore is a good place to start as it the mechanism of handing over history and knowledge in an entertaining fashion. They have to dig up more of that.

    49. Greg Wayne

      Radio carbon dating is FAR from being perfected. Sorry. But it's just not.

    50. the ub tub bros.

      “No diggity” -Albert Einstein

    51. Ankit mohanty

      May be Yati kill them 🙄 even indian army , Chinese army encounter big foot 👣 marks both side

    52. Space Muffin

      Well its a lake, people tend to stop at lakes to get water. It would be interesting to see if there are recorded volcanic activities in the region or seismic activities. Which could lead to the occasional release of gas or substance in or around the lake making it temporary and or suddenly deadly.

    53. Jenna N

      I want to know if there are any remains of settlements nearby. Have people looked? Pilgrim-killing mountain-dwellers perhaps?

    54. Jeremiah Lescantz

      Were both the mediteranean and south asian skulls fractured?

    55. Salty Wolf

      thought it was a sacrifice

    56. DionysuZ

      When climbing the Mount Everest, climbers encounter all kinds of bodies. Other climbers who died over the years which were left behind because it is too difficult to bring the dead back. This lake could be part of a thousand year old route (like the pilgrimmage). People dying here would be left behind, because of the difficult position. Over the hundreds of years of tracking through the area, the amount of people in the lake would build up

    57. Paul Oakes

      Himalayan sky funeral remains

    58. Nero

      Or it was an avalanch

    59. mikerzisu

      Is this where they are stacking the COVID corpses?

    60. Dewanye Beckett

      It's where aliens dump ppl

    61. The Thirteen Colonies Will Rise Again!

      Summary: It took 50 years to figure out that people died from getting hit with ice in the head.

      1. BILL S

        @The Thirteen Colonies Will Rise Again! Hail that big would produce lots of other injuries, not just fracture the top of skulls. Once they fell, the hail would still be bashing their bodies and breaking ribs and other bones, and hitting the side of their skull as well. The many different years of death pretty much rule out hail anyway. They were killed gradually over a long period of time, not all at once.

      2. The Thirteen Colonies Will Rise Again!

        @BILL S Think about this: the hail must have been strong enough to penetrate hands and therefore skulls. Also, your perception of human instinct is wrong; they would scatter and run all over (an example: police using tear gas to scatter rioters), which is why the bones are scattered around the lake. Running would require the use of hands, so people would drop like flies. Although needless to say, any people not killed would be traumatized and erase the experience from their memories.

      3. BILL S

        I find the hail idea odd. After a couple people get hit, the rest will huddle up and protect their head with their hands. It's a reflex action to protect your head when things are falling on you. You naturally put your hands up defensively on your head and lean your head down.

    62. Mark Bothum

      Answer? Sure. Because some people threw other (dead) people into it.

    63. ashecosplays

      Human sacrifice that's my guess

    64. HappyGuy ツ

      A.K.A : That lake from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    65. Felipe Antonio

      it's the garbage dump for the Yetis and the other humanoid subspecies that roam the area

    66. The Hero

      These old pilgrims carried their children the same way I carried my backpack in middle school...

    67. 5Element Control

      My family is from this area. And our grandparents have been telling us stories of the wrath of the goddess which they heard from their grandparents about the skeletons in Roopkund lake. The stories are being told since before the British found the lake.

    68. red knight 928

      10:54 bruh look at the p

    69. Vikas Kyatannawar

      Bay harbor butcher

    70. George Jackson

      Negan went through there...that's what happened.

    71. Alana Banana Canada

      Mysteries drive me crazy

    72. Aryan blood

      aliens maked humans near this lake

    73. Anshuman Sinha

      I’ve trekked to that lake. The lake is nestled between three peaks and there is also a frozen waterfall dropping into the tiny lake. Honestly, it’s the most godawful place I’ve ever been to. There was no vegetation even at the base camp, so basically just snow, rocks, ice, and bitterly cold winds. The weather also changed dramatically and we missed, by 20 minutes , being trapped (and killed) in a section of the mountain as a snow storm made the trails vanish. I only saw a few bones there and barely spent 5 mins there as the weather was turning and we had to rush back to make sure we passed this particular stretch of trail before the snow whitewashed everything. There was a stark and harsh beauty to that lifeless place but man, it wasn’t for me. The only feeling I had when I reached there was that I had to get the fuck outta there.

    74. nathan clark

      obviously its a yeti picnic area !!

      1. nathan clark

        the Marco Polo bunch got intercepted hence the mediteranean strain lunch meat

    75. MMO Archives

      canibalism is my first guess, i can bet there were a group of 5 nppl living in the elements, that would ambush travelers, kill them, then eat them for survival

    76. Giuthais A. P.

      "I do not recognize the bodies in the water"

    77. Katie Kat

      No joke but testicular cancer is a cancer that typically hits man in their late teens to early to mid twenties. It's a cancer you can live through if you catch it early and you can still have children if you freeze your sperm. Feel them like every week so you get to know what little bumps are normal for you and you can discover new bumps early. Checking myself saved my life from breast cancer when I was 37 yrs old. I'm not 52. So please take self cancer screening seriously.

    78. MrHimypeeps

      I assume they tested the lake to make sure it wasn't the water killing the people right? lol

    79. Devin Cook

      They all died through various times because they were lost expeditions to Shangri'la. BOOM solved.

    80. AjKuzuri

      sir you forgot the part of the theory the bones are larger then normal human size like very large then normal human i am from place which is near to roopkund

    81. David Charnow

      id guess that the water was poison and as people drank they died, second guess would be methane or CO poisoning.

    82. Its 5 Seconds????ツ

      Pause at 16:00

    83. Catsaint

      I can't be the only one who assumed an avalanche...

    84. Juel Rogers

      "Your Balls Will Thank You" THAT IS FUNNY! ;-)


      Killer hail....wow

    86. Kazu Tama

      I would say simple truth. Answer is always in front of us

    87. zomby GI

      HAH! I guessed it before you even mentioned it. Guess i am ingenious! BOW TO ME MORTALS. But its not that ingenious really. Not hard to figure it out if uve seen one of those hailstorms personally. For my prize i want your mustache! Edit: I just got to the twist! My mustache will be in your mailbox in the morning

    88. Johnny Berry

      The lake looks to be in some sort of valley, could have people died in similar and different places, and when the ice melted drained into the same spot, the same lake? Also the lake could have been frozen over and covered with snow, and it just happened to be a place that you have to pass to trek the mountain?

      1. Johnny Berry

        Could also be avalanches, putting all these bodies together?

    89. Ajs Ajs

      Surprised sacrifice wasn't a possibility

    90. Sly Tan

      Is the water poisonous?

    91. omkr 01

      Those dudes died because they partied too hard and angered the Mountain God...

    92. Tio Caleb's Riverboat Jamboree

      No one considered yetis?

    93. Alexander Daskalos

      I’m from Crete noice

    94. Sudipta Samaddar

      I visited this place twice. There are hundreds of skeletons still frozen beneath the ice. I tried to steal one skull but the porter said I would be in jail if caught.

    95. Tommy Acuna

      I had so much respect for you until you tried to sell me a penis trimmers claiming it protects around testicular cancer.

    96. jabomb

      anyone else think it was an avalanche?

    97. Flavius Aetius

      What I got out of this video is that "thug life" means something completely different.

    98. Shea Gentry

      I always hear 42 at the start

    99. Andre Heise

      Luckily, many men today don't have to fear this type of cancer because they have no balls.

    100. Bakugo

      He had that mustache for so long and still it doesnt fit him xD (to me at least)