Why Everything We Know About the Black Death Is Wrong


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    Writing: Steven Rix
    Editing: Joshua Hallsworth

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    1. Thoughty2

      Receive an Amazing New Player Pack, only available for the next 30 days! Play Conflict of Nations for FREE on PC or Mobile 💥 con.onelink.me/kZW6/a167ca5f

      1. Jelly Bean

        One word:HUMANS

      2. Quentin Hayden

        @Cairo Gus yup, been using Flixzone for since november myself :)

      3. Cairo Gus

        A tip : you can watch series on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching loads of movies lately.

      4. Draztraz

        Sooooo it’s basically hearts of iron 4

      5. Richard zuraff

        Let’s all pay are respect to the people who died in the Black Death

    2. Ragnar Kristjansson

      They thought it was a punishment from god

    3. Andrzej Szafran

      it might be far simpler: diseases evolve over time and what 600 years of evolution for the bacteria is like millenia to us due to the bacteria's short life and high rate of "birth". over 600 years it could have changed a lot and that is what makes it likely that it was in fact different in symptoms and such.

    4. Stoic Gerbil

      Actually now if you Google it it is believed Asian gerbils caused the black death. This has been known since 2015 in scientific studies. Published in THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES from researchers of The Academy of Oslo.

    5. Josh Hunk

      COVID is a lie.

    6. Bears Jams

      "Hey, do you remember the Black Death?" "Yeah lol" "This is a great conversation"

    7. Fetus

      2 weeks to flatten the curve ...... That statement has aged well .

    8. Tahoe Jones

      Corona virus did not change the world. The reaction to it did.

    9. Michael Evans

      At the time of this video, the US had less deaths per individual than several European countries. Belgium France Italy UK etc at were worse as percentage of populace. US was not bad, just a much larger population overall..

    10. Red Butterfly

      Do u think fake news is a modern invention?

    11. Chris Davis

      Fourty days? Wow, thanks fourty two

    12. Marchant

      You should do a Ted talk on something like this, would be good as!

    13. Jelly Bean

      Three words: Trade and ships

    14. Paul Kent

      The problem is that we only have the word of the survivors to go on. Dead people are notoriously reticent.

    15. Your Hope

      I’ve always loved rats and I’m glad to see more people talking about their innocence in this matter. Rats make lovely pets and are not dirty at all- I’ve never had the plague, but I have had rats!

    16. tedd ys

      The plague spread too far and too fast considering the amount it takes to kill you, not to mention make you bedridded. Never payed too much attention to it but it sounds more plausible there was a airborn virus rather than the bubonic plague. Gues humans walked alot faster than rats :D, who know this video make you ponder about such thing. Anyways our lovely flu we have today is not worth being compared to past outbrakes simply because there are different conditions. Even camparing it to the spanish flu we should have hundreds of million of victims simply because the population density is that much higher.

    17. Ad Deenen

      One of my forefathers was Theo Scrubbers. The village in Brabant where he lived paid nurses, undertakers and scrubbers for taking care of the plague epidemic of 1636. But what does a scrubber do in times of the Plague? I don't have a clue.

    18. voidstarq

      You dropped two orders of magnitude in quoting US Covid deaths as "0.001%". It's now about 0.18%, and at the time you posted this it would have been somewhere around 0.15%. (Maybe you forgot to multiply by 100 when converting the fraction to a percentage?)

    19. Reeko Seeko

      Warp Speed, skipper!

    20. ThePlagueDoctor 1

      Personally I just liked the Plague Doctors

    21. mr. Burge

      No that's not true about the coronavirus Democrats say coronavirus has killed one hundred percent of the population

    22. colin mcewen

      what do you mean you twat people are still huging each other.

    23. Mr.Chucken

      What if the Black Death was caused by COVID

    24. joaquin Molina

      Those math skills are a bit rusty... Half a million deaths in a country of over 300 million is something like 0.15-0.20 % of the population, Not 0.001%, some normal people have more instagram followers than that

    25. VMAXBX

      A better question is why do all these pandemics historically come from China? No silk road=no black death.

    26. VMAXBX

      What is a toilet roll? What do you smear on it before you eat it? Do you have toilet coffee too?

    27. big blob

      The Cooties were real!

    28. Sajin S

      “Coronavirus has killed 0.001% of the US population”. This is wrong. 0.001% of the US population of 328 million would mean 3280 deaths. The actual number is greater than 100x that number, but still insignificant compared to the Black Death.

    29. Ryan Vess

      5:12 oooo you dog

    30. Kitty kat

      Maybe it was transferred by birds instead? Pigeons are most obvious choices but seagulls would be a very likely candidate as well, they travel long distances and are very willing to take food straight from a person's hands or tables nearby. Not to mention all the smaller species of birds like sparrows and finches that could contract an avian flu and likely wouldn't even be considered back then.

    31. RedwoodTheElf

      "Louis Pasteur's theory of germs is ridiculous fiction" - Pierre Pachet, Professor of Physiology at Toulouse, 1872. I guess Thoughty2 hasn't heard of SHIPS and WAGONS? You don't think rats could hitch a ride on human vehicles? It was NOT limited to the speed of a rat, sir. You're far too scornful of the rats likelyhood of finding food stores on a ship or wagon worth sticking around for. And why would medieval writers care about dead rats?

    32. wormwood

      Oh my!! Each video I keep watching here is connecting all the conspiracy dot!!

    33. je2854

      that roll into the sponsor... smoooooottth

    34. Behn Smith

      Simulations of European cities 100's of years ago? Seems like a stretch. Cool video, makes a lot of good points.

    35. Behn Smith

      When you said Asian Flu I thought for sure you were going to say Facebook.

    36. Chris Stablefield

      "c0r0nA hAs aFfeCtEd tHe wHoLe wOrLd" sorry bro, thats so clueless. The obedience of the useless eaters to tyrants has affected the world. That fairytale flu is weak af, and we all know it.

    37. Itsamugsgame

      The truly cultured knew it was the flea from ratatouille

    38. nick11jl

      Could it not be water? I mean can the plague survive in the water? if so it could have been streams and such from people washing in it, most settlements where by streams right?

    39. Ev0luti0πary gaming

      This guy looks like a Scottish fisher

    40. Dustin Casey

      Im starting to wonder were pirates ever called pier rats and it was one of them that brought the plague with them then over time pier rats got changed to pirates and the rats got the blame

    41. 2503Erik

      Why do you (and soo many others) say the "human race"? Human is a species, that can be divided into races.

      1. MIX King

        The human race is the same thing as saying the human species. At least in our modern world

    42. Wesley Blackman

      Covid is good population control lol

    43. Ivan TheAdorable

      florence lost 80% of its population? that's mindblowing...i mean that's on a whole new level...the city must've felt so empty afterwards with all the empty buildings etc.

    44. Troy Crabbe

      Soldiers passed it on

    45. Troy Crabbe

      Funny you inject some one with the Deaisese

    46. Steve P

      You found the WHOs explaination better than planet farts. The organization lead by a nonMD Ethiopian Marxist revolutionary put in place with the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation whose funder wanted to do business with the CCP led communist Chinese. Microsoft wanted access to the billion plus people market!

    47. dustin buck

      You really like the taste of on NLname money and the taste of ball sweat that comes with it don't you?

    48. Rafael Robin

      TP was not a rare commodity in the World, maybe the USA but that's not the World =P

    49. Harvey Matthew Serrano

      19:12 and that software was "plague Inc"

    50. Harvey Matthew Serrano

      but then now corona has new mutations

    51. Sabol Anton

      fourty days? more like thoughty days.

    52. Mark Dicus

      Is it that the impact of pandemics is greater in the past, or past pandemics were dangerous to the whole population, not the less than one percent who die from the Chinese coronavirus.

    53. IceKing

      i did a project on the black death a couple months ago. It can be spread if it touches you BECAUSE its a bacteria, NOT a virus. The rats and fleas that that even just touched people also spread too.

    54. Ken Adler

      Please stop suggesting that the new experimental COVID "vaccines" - which legally aren't even vaccines at all but rather a gene therapy - is effective or safe. People are still getting COVID after being fully vaccinated, and people are also dying and suffering from the vaccine itself.

      1. MIX King

        The same happens with virtually every vaccine that exists. That’s why few claim to be 100% effective. Also out of millions who have been vaccinated, even if we take the unverified claim that 3500 people have died in the US from the vaccine which is also without evidence. That would mean that out of over 150 million people that have been reportedly given at least one vaccination shot, 0.002% of people who have gotten the vaccine have died. Again. This is a common percentage among most vaccines. Also since the number has not been confirmed by any other source, it has been ruled false by many credible sources. Meaning the fatality rate in the US would be a lot less than 0.002%

    55. Dimas Narendra Resi Senoaji

      It's not our fault! Yes! Yes! -Skaven

    56. jesus christus

      This video is basically yeah nah yeah nah yeah nah yeah

    57. Toasty Noneofyourbusiness

      Some sources say that its was Pope Gregory the IX's banning of cats in Europe (because he thought they were satanic or something) that eventually led to the spread of the black plague. Without cats, the rat population would have exploded, and so would the rats' fleas. It's just a theory, but it's certainly plausible.

    58. DUAL DV8

      Covid is a lie, it is a media weapon to get the ridiculous Democrats to spread their shit

      1. MIX King

        Ya. And I am God.

    59. 05-5

      Interviewer: is this what you mean? 5:31 SCP-049 how dare you find out

    60. Cameron Wiseman

      This channel had become my new favorite channel

    61. Bumble Bee

      Antibiotics don't do anything to a virus... only bacteria.....

    62. Stoned Poseidon

      Damnit thoughty2, you and your wonderful ability to teach information!

    63. Richard zuraff

      Damn what if it was Venus damn think about that

    64. Sadarsa

      maybe rats were innocent all along... yeah, or maybe it was a horrific combination of everything.

    65. Aubrey Bryant

      Sooo, when someone refers to the pandemic virus of the early 20th century as the "Spanish Flu", no one bats an eye but, when *certain people* refer to the COVID-19 virus as the "Chinese Flu"), everyone loses their shit. Okee dokee.

    66. bumboclat

      We should actually be seriously worried about India breeding out some bacterial pandemic that cannot be fought off with antibiotics. Why India? Because there a places like Hyderabad where they dump tons of waste from pharmaceutical production facilites into the sourrounding lakes and streams. Check it out if you want, what can be found in those waters is very unsettling.

    67. greg thomas

      Aliens. I seen 'em.

    68. Article 61 Lawful rebellion

      The rats were prob infected by humans to spread the man made virus to depopulate humans.....

    69. Skn

      Just an FYI; Scandinavia is an cultural term, not a geographical one. As such, Iceland is 'not' part of Scandinavia(contrary to common misconceptions in English). To reference 'iceland' with 'scandinavia' is the equivellent of saying "the english" when talking about Australians, or "the germans" when referencing the Austrians. Infact both of these cases are more accurate, than Iceland as Scandinavia. Scandinavia is exclusivly a term created by the "scandinavianists" of the 19th century, which argued\saw\believed the cultural similarities between Denmark, Norway and Sweden, made them almost identical, therefore there were no such thing as "Danish", "norwegian" or "Swedish" culture, there was just "scandinavian" culture. The shared culture of Iceland and Norway(There is no shared culture with Denmark\Sweden and Iceland to this degree, Iceland was colonized by the Norwegians) stopped around the 13-14th century. Instead the shared culture of Iceland, is the norse culture. Which makes it a part of the Nordic countries(which includes Finland, and should include Scotland, Germany(Saxony) and Estonia as well). Edit; And to stop those that wanna come and say something: Scandinavia has two origins, the first origin of where the name "scandinavia" has drawn it's inspiration was Pliny the Elder, which maintained two separate words for Norway\Sweden(potentionally FInland), and Denmark's 4 Islands(as it was split in 4 at that time), the second origin is the 19th century as stated above, which used Pliny the Elders terminology as inspiration(Scadinauia, Skandiai) and created said movement. A common notable figure to be given credit is Hans Christian Andersen, for his poem "I am a scandinavian! \ Jeg er en skandinav!". So simply put: Scandinavian is exclusivly a cultural term, 'not' geographical, and not extended norse-culture group(Nordic Countries), and therefore Iceland has no place in it(nor does greenland, even if it is under German ownership, which is the same status Iceland would've had within Scandinavia, if Norway still owned it), and it's objectivly wrong to use it in this way(even though it is common to do so in English).

      1. Skn

        @MIX King As an end, I'll just put it very simply: You're ignoring the actual context of the cultural term of Scandinavia(n), and in so doing, you're ignoring the feelings of those you're lumping together, and their individual differences, for your own end-goal. I don't think you're doing it out of malice, I think you're doing it out of ignorance. Somehow thinking FInland and Iceland 'want' to be included, therefore feel it's more respectful of you to do so. What I am saying to you, however. is that it's the opposite. Finland and Iceland do not WANT to be included into scandinavia, they are proud of their own culture, of what they've built, despite the influence of Scandinavia, how they've built themselves into strong, powerful nations(by their metric) without any influence(beyond the limited history) of Scandinavia. Finland hates Scandinavia, it hates it so much, they deny the history of Norway helping them in the winter war, because that is inconvinient. Finland wants to be remembered, and to believe, they themselves, with no help of anyone, held back the Russians. To add Scandinavia into this, takes from their cultural pride, as a unique storng nation. In discussions like these, it is often those that have no (direct) cultural ties to any of the 5 countries, that fight for them to all be included into the same culture. Which begs the question; Why do you think Finnish culture isn't good enough, to stand by itself? Why isn't Icelandic culture a great enough culture, as it's own, to stand by itself? Norwegian ,Danish and Swedish culture is so similar, that it's difficutl(if not downright impossible) to draw a good line differantiating them. What happens in Norway, also happens in Denmark and Sweden. This is not the case for Iceland(a proud nation of it's own unique culture, which if nothing else, show how even coming from the same roots, can make vast strong differences, better differences), or for Finland(that show, no matter how much a country tries to supress and remove your culture, if you stick with it strongly enough, nothing can uproot it!). Iceland considers itself the last bastion of the Norse faith. The 'true' last Vikings. Why are you cheapening their culture, their believes, their pride, by saying they are no different than Norwegian, Swedish or Danish culture? That one can't tell the difference?

      2. Skn

        ​@MIX King " I am a decedent of many Scandinavian countries. Half my lineage comes from England. 45% comes from Norway. The other 5% is split between Denmark, Sweden, Ireland,Scotland, France and German. I can tell you the Norwegians are and have always been a strong people’s. Calling them pussified regardless of your lineage, almost completely dismantled any argument you had. " Missed this the first og around(youtube is horrible with notifications); Have you ever stepped foot and lived in any of said countries? If you haven't, this is absolutely meaningless. How can you make a statement over a cultural group, without having actual knowledge of said cultural group(You clearly have not spent any extensive time in the Nordic Countries)? I'm also "Decendent of many scandinavian countries" - My lineage is from Norway at least down to 1800's(it gets a bit lost with time, not much records of my family past 1800's, Want my birth certificate as proof(I' happily provide a redacted version without my name and SSN)?). I've lived in Norway for the majority of my life. I was born in Sweden(my family line all the way down to late 19th century is again, Norwegian, including my parents, both, born in Norway, moved to Sweden for work), moved here as a 6 year old. I've lived in Both Norway and Sweden. I've spent extensive time in Sweden(outside of my time living there), and Denmark. I've spent time in both Iceland and Finland. Trust me on this, their cultures, are not anything like the scandinavian one. I have first hand experience with all 5. "I would like to point out there would be no iceland nor Greenland as we know it today without the Norse. " - Yes, in the same way Ukraine would've been Turkish if not for Oleg, so again, is Ukraine now Scandinavian too? "In origin, the Icelandic people’s were Norwegian" - I never claimed otherwise, I claimed the exact opposite(this is why I suspect you're not reading what I actually write), I made the claim that Iceland was 1: Founded by Norwegians, 2: Existed(in the 10th century and below) as an exile-ground, similar to Australian to England. The primary ethnicity on Iceland, is Norwegian. The Language spoken, is based on the Western-Norse, which was Norwegian Norse(Swedish\Danish was Eastern Norse, it's a separate Norse dialect). What you're trying to do, is saying that because Norway and Iceland had a shared culture(back in the 10th century), and was originally founded by Norwegians, it makes it part of Scandinavia and\or Norway. It doesn't, because of the difference of cultural group. Scandinavian culture isn't Norse Culture. It's a separate culture(that formed in the 18th to 19th century). Iceland wasn't aprt of this cultural reform. Iceland has it's own separated culture, built on a shared ancestrial culture with Norway(Norse). " While calling the Irish British wouldn’t make sense as the British didn’t settle Ireland. Hunters and celts did." - Fair enough, but again; by this metric. ukraine is Swedish. As it was funded and conquered by the Swedish Viking; "Prince" Oleg. it doesn't work like that. American Norwegians share virtually no cultural similarity with current Norwegians, and that's just a 50 year difference. To say Iceland shares a lot of culture, to the point you can't distinguish between Norway and Iceland(which is what Scandinavia means, cultures that can barely, if at all, be distinguished) just shows your ignorance of the two cultures. Edit: As a case in point, I felt more at home in Czechia(formerly Czech Republic), than I did in Finland. Finland is geographically closer, culturally, it felt further. That should tell you how close Finland is, to scandinavia, as a culture(I.e; not at all). Exception is the small Swedish-cultural areas of Finland, These are outliners(in the same way that China Town in Oslo is more like Asia than actually Norway). I feel more at home in Ukraine, than I do in fucking Finland. And Ukraine definitly do not feel like Norway. Finland is 'not' Scandinavian, it's culture is far too different, period(no matter how much you, as an outsider, think it is the same). Iceland I'll agree at least have 'some' feelings of home(at least we eat somewhat similar fish dishes), but it's shallow similarity. Beyond the fish, there's no familiarity in the food(the meat they eat, how they prepare it, vastly different), the way people behave around each other, it's nothing like how we do in Norway. The mannerism, the way the talk. There's just no familiarity at all. I don't feel like I am in an extended-Norway, I feel like I am in a different country. If I feel I am in a different country, then we do not share a culture, it really is that simple. That is what Scandinavia is; You're home, when you're at any of your brothers.

      3. Skn

        @MIX King To further emphasize my point: Norwegians that imigrated to USA, are definitly no longer Norwegian. This was as recent as 1950's, yet those 50 years of difference is so vast, they can no longer be called Norwegian by any metric. The only similarities these people, and the norwegian people hold, is eating Lefse, and even that, is barely(American "Lefse" is like norwegian Taco vs mexican taco, a bastardized version over the years). So 'just' 50 years, make such a drastic difference inbetween the "same" people, it's safe to assume(when one is ignorant to it), that the Americans, and the English, have just as vast of a difference, in-between each-other. Which is\was the context\point of my statement. From an outsider looking in, Minesotta \ Norwegian-Americans, aren't that much different from Norwegians. For either of these two, it's more difficult to see the similarities, than the differences. Contra that to Sweden or Denmark. Going to Sweden, is like going to a different region in Norway. It doesn't feel like a different country, becasue culturally; it isn't. Going to Finland, you get hit by the "I'm definitly no longer at home anymore", as their culture, is noticably different from ours(Not just the language, but it definitly doesn't help).

      4. Skn

        ​@MIX King Context of what is said matters, just as much as the words. The context of me saying "canadians and Americans" were in how they both consider themselves to be different (proud) cultures, and do not want to be lumped up together with each-other, irregardless of how someone looking from the outside in might not be able to (such as me). Not an arbritary statement of how much\little shared culture is required to make something be considered the same. To me, there is no difference between the Chinese and the Mongolians. This is me, an outsider, looking at Asians all as the same thing. Arabians and Pakistani, are the exact same people, to me, looking in. This is not the objective case, just my own ignorance to these (vastly different) cultures. Same goes for Americans vs Canadians vs Jamaikans. They're all the same to me, but I somehow don't think they consider themselves the same(even though they have a much more recent history). With this extended standard(that you're now attempting to impose, to justify Iceland + Finland), opens up germany, Estonia, England, Scotland, Russia and Ukraine. So are these now, part of your extended Scandinavia? Or is the arbritrary extention(now imposed by misrepresenting the context of what was said) only applied to the countries 'you' want to fit? When ignoring my context and going with what you said; "There is no difference between between the finish people and the Swedish people. " - Still wouldn't hold true, as Finnish is Ugric culture, not Norse or Swedish. 700 years of Swedish rule didn't change the Finnish Ugric language, or culture, no matter how much Sweden tried, this is a big part of the hatred towards the swedish, (unsucessfull) attempt at supression of culture. For some reason, people don't take kindly to that.

      5. MIX King

        @Skn also saying there is no difference between a Canadian and an American just completely killed any sense of an argument you had. Iceland was founded by the Norse but now they must be different. Canada and the US were founded by Britain. But they aren’t any different. Do you see how that makes no sense in terms of your argument. By saying there is no difference between a Canadian and an American, that then opens up to, there is no difference between the Norse or an Icelander. There is no difference between between the finish people and the Swedish people. There is no difference between the Irish and the British. Do you see how that one statement completely ruined any shot of your argument being accepted.

    70. mrglasecki

      Digging Up pandemic cemetery's Gotta be a tremendous Way to introduce pandemics

    71. Mojorison

      What does our lord and savior fauci say about the black death? I agree with him. When he changes his mind 5 times in the next 6 mnths, I still agree with him

    72. Stiff Wit

      OMG I love the rat graphics

    73. Gabriel Meiri

      That was a good one!

    74. jonathan taylor

      corona is not big at all cold and flu kill more each year its theater

      1. Lil Laxxitiv

        That's only part of the picture. Cold and flu doesn't kill so many old people that care homes had to close due to too many deaths.

    75. disposabull

      So what you are saying is Black Death Matters?

    76. paul du Faur

      Just checking the 0.001% deaths in USA per video. USA had 500,000 deaths as at 23 February 2021, which is when it appears this vieo came out. USA population is 330 million which means 1 in 660 from USA has died from covid19. This is 0.15% and not 0.001% as stated in the video.

    77. thad the man

      Why couldn't it be both humans and rats?

    78. Alex Burt

      Maybe it was a coronavirus...

    79. Ries Harmsen

      Isn't the death toll in the US more like almost 0.2%? Almost 600k people on a population of 328 million, more than 500k at the time of uploading

    80. Tahoma

      The top level domain .ME is for Montenegro. Do we assume the Conflict of Nations is a Montenegro product? It does not seem the studio behind the game is located at Montenegro. Can you please clarify?

    81. Kwich Zwellbreck

      No rat travels faster than a rat .....apart from the rats on sailing ships...../facepalm

    82. Kwich Zwellbreck

      Well the WHO did put something similar out like 2 planets farting out plague gases. The WHO stated the desease is not transmittable from human to human as well as recently said that the Wuhan Stage 4 Bio(weapon) lab is "unlikely" the origin of Covid-19. One has to know that Covid-19 is a bat virus and the bat it comes from live around 1000 km AWAY from Wuhan but the Wuhan lab researched on THAT bat virus and similar viruses for years. Another tidbid is that the Wuhan Seafood market where the origin is sopposed to be according to WHO and CCP they dont even sell bats and 1/3 of the initial 50 patients had ZERO contact with the seafood market.

    83. Degrelle Holt

    84. Illinois homestead

      They didn't have Dr. Do nothing to tell them to social distance and wear a mask.

    85. FJL HellaKwik

      It's Kosher19

    86. K. Moreno

      "If the Black Death and other great Plague pandemics were instead caused by a previously unknown virus.. and if that virus were to resurface today..." *_Bruh???_* Why did you say that like you know it *_isn't_* and you've got an extra fragile beaker of it sitting, waiting on the edge of a crowded stadium bathroom counter???

    87. jamie

      Your on about somthing that didn't effect america then comparing it the the population of the place say what the % of Europe would be as thats where it happened you tit

    88. Lee Fisher

      5:48 - Serena might have had something to say about that, though...

    89. Jørn Andreassen

      Carl Linnaeus was prolly one of the worst ppl in some sort of power to throw a verdict over us. He was the botanist that invented Names on plants and animals. He became a noble and was hitting DOWNwards. You couldn't get further down than pestering the Norwegian ppl as a whole IMO. (Stop removing my comments! They are valid and should be a part of history. WHY don't you utter a word of it? We go well together with Swedish and Danish today, and our indifferences are already sorted out)

      1. Jørn Andreassen

        There are a story here worth of investigating: There have been mucho abuse of people that are similar to us. It's only Americans and brits that takes ppl from afar. Norway are in the middle of Scandinavia, of sorts, and we had (have!) very few ethnic inhabitants. The Sami had to pay taxes to up to three countries at once, and Norway had to serve Denmark, Sweden and Denmark / Sweden as a whole. The Danish and the Swedes are almost impossible to discern from us.

    90. Filip

      Now make a video "Why everything we know about the corona virus is wrong" well thank you. 🚀

    91. iamtheiconoclast3

      This was one of the best NLname videos I've ever seen.

    92. Flynntx4 tax

      everybody just gonna ignore the fact he switched shit in-between shots at 0:29

    93. obviously matt

      4:40 it’s actually 0.1%, i believe you forgot to multiply the 0.001 by 100 to get a percentage. (By now it’s more like 0.13-0.14%)

    94. Ben McReynolds

      It totally could spread faster than a rat because multiple things. The fleas on the rats also spread it, secondly, once a person was infected- they could have spread that disease to a ton of people.... They were extremely contagious... So just mix that up with the fact that hygiene was terrible and we were in the beginning of living in big gathered cities.... There was air born black plague, blood contagion spread and lastly the one that was probably the second most contagious one, the type that would transfer from any infected person who was dirty from the puss boils on their lymph nodes mix that with terrible hygiene options and dirty cities.... And the fleas.... They slept on flea beds, they had trash piles pits or excrement pits in town that were teaming with fleas and rats and they'd go from house to house, but the people mostly spread it to each other is my best guess.

    95. Mark W

      I'm not saying it was aliens, but....

    96. Shawn Murphy

      But what about the outbreak in San Francisco when Mr Blue decided to have everybody start killing rats and disposing of their corpses with fire and saving California

    97. Jon Boy


    98. Frost Ragnos

      Don't give WHO any ideas

    99. Qonra

      This was a particularly gripping episode, really well done. I liked the plot twist at the end as well, you really had me for a moment.