Why Does This 100-Year-Old Corpse Blink Twice Every Day?


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    1. Clynton van den Bergh

      The dancing witch is cute

    2. Levi _TheKiller

      Personally I am Egyptian but I want to point out that Egypt Doesn’t have normal mummies We ONLY have king and queen mummies

    3. Seán

      I want a mustache that good

    4. Ken P

      Hey are you talking about me mum!🤨

    5. dipok favs

      Captions :- hey 42 here

    6. Marius810


    7. Max YT


    8. Luca S

      Writes: palermo Says: palmero

    9. Bruder 42


    10. Andrea Grossi

      I always find it funny when people try to say italian words, and every single time they end up butchering the pronunciation. Makes me feel a little better for all the times i've butchered english words.

    11. R. Jay Javier

      Capuchins = Franciscans. Not really a "little known order."

    12. Pemith Mithsara

      Me ; have staring contest with the corpse PANIK I win KALM I win PANIK

    13. Doc Hermitcity

      Bitumen I though he said bitch-umen

    14. nolan kern

      14 minutes of basic mummy info, 30 seconds of "this mummy blinks.... Maybe"

    15. Jim Landis

      Wow that was some shitty click bait

    16. Trey Hebert

      there are actually people who were found mummified in ice somehow, i could be wrong and that it was in russia or north canada

    17. RickleFlix 69


    18. joe ratchford

      his mustache pisses me off

    19. ZenoWeeb

      Specifically twice every day, no more, no less.

    20. Sebastian Barrios

      {2:06} editing 👌 /clap

    21. Mighty Talos

      The song in the background...if you know, you know

    22. Shatl Bar King

      ey man everyone needs to blink. this corpse doesn't get to be the exception

    23. RareNoob


    24. Trippy Cole

      Raise your hand if you’ve embalmed someone 🙋‍♀️

    25. Sean McKimmey

      4:16 you claim the honey is past expiration, yet honey cannot expire

    26. AppleCapper

      What is this accent


      Id burn those bodies

    28. Keshia McDonald

      Gimme a exception

    29. JuicyFruityify

      Epic piece of video editing and composition. Very entertaining, well done.

    30. Snails are Dumb

      A child could star in a movie that they're too young to watch because its rated R... its not relevant, but let that sink in

    31. AdvisorIncarnate [Lukas]

      I quite like this video but, it takes a bit too long to get to the actual point. A lot of it feels like filler, the actual question isn't even answered and only talked about for around 30 seconds.

    32. Mr. Chunk

      Embalming nowadays is completely unneeded. Dead bodies are safe (until decomposition) and it’s just defiling a corpse to an extent. The funeral business is very... iffy.

    33. Bella Ludovici

      CLICKBAIT! doesn't even talk about blinking mummy till very end and it's only for like a minute👎👎

    34. Bella Ludovici

      The woman who forcibly ejected you from her body...that about covers it lol

    35. jack h

      more click bait so u can blaber away again

    36. Saby

      It’s pronounced PAL - ER - MO mate

    37. Walligator Aulin

      Dude.. the name of the city is Palermo not palmoro.

    38. Nic N


    39. R.K. Trolero

      Soon enough we will literally preserve people like Mr. House.

    40. Know Now Apply

      You're great man

    41. Shaggy

      11:10 They would just need to pull up the Reddit app to get to park there so what is the big deal?

    42. Darktemplar1305

      Dang died during my Call of Duty Match because my brain froze thinking what city Palmero could be *facepalm* still best histotainment channel xD

    43. -HIRO-

      The woman who ejected me was a mom not a mummy.

    44. vicious grin


    45. ෆ 0 Resin ෆ

      He starts talking about the kid blinking at 11:37 . It's a timestamp for people.

    46. MonokuroBooHokKan

      13:22 you came here for this

    47. David Timmerman

      click bait title. i've come to expect better from you, thoughty2.

    48. Tatiana Kauhane

      You are indeed a very handsome and intelligent man 💕

    49. Finished Finnish

      Where all mummies go? See Sally ....

    50. Jakub Wawrzyniak

      bruh I dont even have a driving license but imma take this virgin only parking

    51. 888 casino

      so he only talks about the mummy blinking for like 5 mins

    52. the tiny Oof

      You forgot nz on the map

    53. FireFox

      Hey 42 here

    54. WafflyFox Models!


    55. Grin Much

      4:17 hey there don't call yourself a regular person Let alone me

    56. Theoneandmarlboroman

      nope.. I tried... again...

    57. Theoneandmarlboroman

      Yeah Imagine them showing a stone in their mouth, not like that ever happened.

    58. Theoneandmarlboroman

      Oh common now... it's either one or two! Or was it just in between. Thanks for the info...

    59. IvanAngel92

      Dude why you swapped all the letters 😂 it's pronounced Pal-her-moe.Big fan,keep it up 🙂

    60. Sean

      Awww he's winking 😂😳

    61. Carter Casey

      When I die turn me into a fossil

    62. Irish-Buchanan’s

      May I ask, are u an atheist?

    63. Khizr Khan

      Whenever I think of Mommy I also think of Egypt...

    64. cerin north

      he constantly has one eyebrow raised

    65. Bilancio Gamer

      when I hear the word mummy I imagine my mother because here in Nepal we call our mother as mummy

    66. XD Gaming Uploads

      I have no regrets about subscribing to this channel, the content is so good you cant ask more because of each video's awesome content.


      dude,your thumbnail looks amazingly well for a 100 year old corpse,idiot

    68. Del Spooner

      Does anyone have the full formula used to preserve the girl? Maybe I can find a company to do that to me.

    69. Pascal Th

      3:46 the city of Palmero is actually Ralpermo. Or was it Lapermo? Hmmm... possibly Malpermo or something.

    70. Lewis Black

      The Penghuinx was a nice touch

    71. Ernie

      This man's mustache is the greatest part of the video

    72. Noobbesee


    73. get bent

      I don't have any problems with your mum either dawg

    74. Ivan TheAdorable

      i never understood why a western country like us still usis enbalming...i mean to put the body of someone you care about through a horrible process like that is just beyond me

    75. Shadow XD

      Salafia is identical to thoughty2 I swear

    76. Dr Turner

      I'm not even joking i was saying to my self "watch em show off the mummies in some way and make them become some sort a attraction

    77. PauluzP

      Oh shit the kid from malcolm in the middle grew himself a 1800s mustache

    78. Qwerty

      I have a weird recommendation

    79. Jelyn Gallego


    80. LoO0gan

      i wonder what the mummy would look like when it becomes as old as king tut is now

    81. Manforthedog

      If you do the math the 100 year old Corp blinked 74 thousand or 73 thousand times

    82. Ryan Farhadian

      Mumia means honeycomb

    83. Pandora Aaraseth

      Where is the episode on corpse medicine, can't find it under thoughty2, any suggestions?

    84. Of Xaos

      When he was talking about tuff and said “the capuchin friars weren’t up to much when it came to geology” and the picture had the “rocks suck” pop up I died laughing.

    85. D0S81

      *"Did you know ingesting Bitumen is good for you?"* "It is? Where can I find it?" *"Its in the stuff they make roads from"* "Oh god no, I'm not eating that, that's disgusting, roads are filthy" *"Well apparently they also mummified people with it back in the day"* "Well what are you waiting for? Get me 10lbs of ground up dead person please. Nom non nom"

    86. drageloff

      Leaving a comment so that I may find it in thy future

    87. Santino Aldaba

      LESS GOO 🚗👉🏿👦🏿👈🏿🚗

    88. JayDieJack

      imagine getting preserved 100% perfectly, just like the little girl. 1000 years pass by.... you are brought back to life with some advance future technology. 😳

    89. Specialism

      To assert dominance

    90. Mike Oxlong

      This is better than school

    91. Alexander Elderhorst

      Why would you be embarrassed about using a virgin only parking? I'm proud to be abstinent till marriage, as a 20 year old nearly 21, and I would take full advantage of that!

    92. Stalwart Shinobi

      The original mummy... Mummy nature 😂 I do love thoughty2,

    93. Pinefr0st

      Why the mustache?

    94. Zu Sayzu

      very bad spell of a famous city of europe. is palermo, not palmero.

    95. Jacob Sanderson

      This man needs to go on joe rogan

    96. Dian Heffernan

      Phlyis diller?

    97. Joshua Kellar

      a few days ago i found a mummified baby bird

    98. Sluffnut

      These videos are best viewed at 1.5x speed

    99. Alex on the Edge

      Pah-LER-moh, silly. NOT Pal-MER-uh. Geez. 0.0

    100. DR DUCK1230

      "heyyy 42 here"