Why Did the Scientists in This Remote Cabin Disappear?


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    Writing: David Elliott
    Editing: Alex Brown

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    1. Russell St.Martin

      Disappeared like a Fard in the wind

    2. WKD

      someone hasnt watched "the cabin in the woods" 🙄

    3. Chris Hewitt

      Sounds like why people believe in global warming

    4. Rachael Eaves

      I wonder if you put tin foil hats in your store- would like they sell?

    5. Debra Poirier

      lol i was thinking how do they run equipment and electronics in an under developed world> needless i wasn't buying it lol but it was a cool story..

    6. the one you dont see

      this is the best!

    7. Redgren Grumbholdt

      "Persian rugs"= cockney rhyming slang

    8. Liz Barry

      Hi from New Zealand Aaron. Just loved your video about Ongs Hat. I'd not heard of it before. I've subscribed yo your channel and look forward to more. PS I do kinda think Alt Realities are real. People go missing. Big Foot is in my garden. Haha.

    9. David

      You believe what you want, I'm just here to pick up my coffee👍😉

    10. Nancy Alywahby

      "utterly Believable". LOL

    11. Sandy Degener

      Nowsdays, "There's a sucker born every 30 seconds"

    12. Brendon Holden

      Did the American eagle move there? Something like these little green/grey men giving honor to up above. "They are good people" The 👽! Or was that South Carolina?

    13. nbh camp

      U called this peoples dreams of another world or universe mental even though we know science says theirs a good chance their is one or more diffrent universes in which we don't see and can't access yet becuase it's improbable as of right now does not mean it will always be this way.wr have alot of things today people said are mental to dream of u look silly right now

    14. sayvar44

      I would travel through multiple dimensions for a coffee.

    15. Cora Bee

      It's a real thing, scrambled eggs.

    16. oreos

      When the Chads and virgins work together: *E G G*

    17. apexnine

      Please do a vid on John Titor the supposed time traveler from alt history. Such another neat story.

    18. Edward Black

      Wait.... We can describe the ppl that can't differentiate between reality and internet a certain thing, but we can't describe the ppl that aren't sure whether or not they have a penis or a vagina as another thing? F.f.s. what the hell does imbalance mean? What are mean? Why am I.... Sum of a bit. Im think I are caught the stupid. I mean am? Iono.

    19. James be you?

      This is all made up lol

      1. James be you?

        @slyvester Molester Deffo, the conspiracy world.Will always be an if.

      2. slyvester Molester

        Why would any one believe you

    20. Slothy387 Pooh

      3:33 LOL wtf are they wearing and doing 😅 religious crackheads 🤦‍♂️

    21. Wolfwolveswolf

      Truth is for every one on this earth: Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't, and a few get lucky- though not. The rest of course- are dammed. The earth- is just another level of Hell, as just as there are levels of the Heavens, so are there in reference to Hell. Also- do not believe much of what we are told, for this earth system "rolls" primarily on lies and deceit- nothing more.

    22. Rodney Gilbertson

      So Trump followers are finally explained?

    23. Ralph troiani

      Love it

    24. Barbara Daniel Daniel

      I haven't laughed so much since I watched a video of a cockatoo throwing a fit because he had to go to the vet!

    25. Alex

      This doesn't surprise me. Like the amount of people who turned up the area of forest where the Blair Witch Project was filmed because they believed it was true. Despite being widely published as a project by film students who made the story up. Some people are so gullible and impressionable. These people still exist today........flat earthers. You can't fix stupid 🤣🤣🤣

    26. Robert Ortiz

      Damn they really tried to make him into a real life ANT MAN LMAO wow that's dope/funny

    27. noelie noelie

      Bull, just like man made climate change.

    28. Dusty Briefs

      Eggheads sound like they crack easy

    29. Joseph Hamstar

      the thing i love about this dude is that he tells the truth like "yeah thats all bullshit"

    30. João Branco

      He kept messing around with the egg-heads, giving vague answers. So it really was Chaos Studies after all

    31. Hentai Sailor

      but is ong's hat really called ong's hat because of ong's hat?

    32. Salpsan

      I recreated this by nailing a condom to a tree near a shed in NJ... it’s called schlong’s hat

    33. Malcolm X John Lennon

      Don't squish meeeee!

    34. Amanda Garza

      Why do you tell stories that are fake getting me all interesting... Then it turns out to be fake😵😒

    35. Higgs Boson

      There is no way that niggas name is “fard”

    36. Alyssa Moody

      I walk the lonely road

    37. Umbra Nightingale

      Watch it turn time in the future they was vaguely correct but explaining it wrong or something like that

    38. Isabella Angeline

      These sound like the same type of people who believe the earth is flat.

    39. Isabella Angeline

      I’m a simple girl who likes a good mystery. If I see a video about people mysteriously disappearing, I click. Edit: This was a really interesting video that I’d never heard before. Keep up the great work.

    40. AdvisorIncarnate [Lukas]

      Sounds like an SCP honestly.

    41. Dr Loo

      Peter Wilson is probably Peter Lamborn Wilson, a.k.a Hakim Bey. He's involved with the Moorish Science Temple and all sorts of underground writing.

    42. sledge hammer

      They were born to run. Unless they give love a bad name.

    43. Rod Shelley

      Well, I guess now would be a good time to fire up the interdimensional small hadron collider taking up half of my basement, and put this whole thing to rest once and for all. Or not. The local power company gets really pissy when I fire that thing up, anyway..... 😉

    44. Choking Doberman

      I bet you could do an entire series about xerox flyers and photo copies from the 80s with strange material printed on them.

    45. Pyro Doll

      Brilliant, but I think you know more than you're cracking on 😂😂

    46. 9some

      egg-shaped tardises LOL!

    47. Ghost Hunter

      I am literally watching a Marvel Comics origin story

    48. chris reilly

      Wow I live in NJ and never heard about the backstory of Ong's Hat or the disappearance Edit: after watching the video I see why I never heard of it lol

    49. The Aliens

      Imagine being 42 and doing 42 videos by 42

    50. Fresh Impact Co.

      Right you seriously wasted my time on a crap mystery story just to then say it's a hoax right out lol It like a child telling his parents a little lie while the parents knowing its a lie listen with intrigue at how creative the child can get. Thanks bro..... 🤣😅😂 I have jump into my little dimension egg and hop off to my human free forest now.....

    51. Andrew Friend

      This is like something of Lost

    52. ForeIndication

      A sucker is born every minute : ) WCF

    53. Cleveland Yard Equestrians


    54. Robin Svarrer

      Well done sir!

    55. Stuart Malin

      Fantastic! I have now fallen into the quantum rabbit hole of time travel and watched this video from the future.

    56. Elephant Zen

      Your stories are facinating..but your "off the cuff "comments are hilarious…thanks for all of it…always look forward for the next time..GG Kenya

    57. DreamgirlBlue

      Hmmmm...I wonder if those twins served as the inspiration for the Lutece twins in Bioshock Infinite. Both deal with the parallel dimensions and opening a rift to said parallel dimensions who worked with a religious/spiritual zealot to help them on their quest. Interesting 🤔

    58. Yamatato

      Honestly, that kind of story is exactly the sort of thing you expect from New Jersey. I mean, ask any of us about the jersey devil. Or Clinton Rd.

    59. CvltBorn

      IM originally from jersey (just left last year) I wouldn't mess with the pine barrens. there are hills have eyes types out there, Klan meetings, and apparent cryptoids

    60. alex tuck

      Mental Cases lol thats what MEDICATION is for ! Take you meds Nut Jobs!

    61. Lioncat Dev Studio

      Wall E Fart

    62. Gerry Beves

      Was great - until he spoiled it with the swearing :(

    63. Shannon Edward

      Ung's Hat is true... That Military Base hit the shed with Artillery scoring a direct hit on the Egg! You can look up the Soldier who got a Purple Heart in the attack. He was hit by a "SHELL FRAGMENT"!!!

    64. El Gringo

      Scary and very sad how many people in the comments (and the content-producer) appear to know the "true eternal reality" and make fun of different mindsets. Science and ethics evolve and in a few decades our perception of "reality" will be perceived between laughable and pathetic. So maybe it would be wise to go easy on "the crazy ones". Very few but still some(!) are just pioneers despised by our own ignorance.

    65. Dr Gunsmith

      Nanoo Nanoo comes to mind 🥚

    66. Rick Pontificates

      A secret lab at a cabin in the woods... sounds like a good plot for a movie!


      hey thought you knew

    68. Ebon Westbrook

      Wendigos got em ...

    69. The Revanchist Knight

      It's a good story, I'll give 'em that.

    70. Dorothy Lowther

      This reminds me of the Q'anon cult. lmfao

    71. Stephen Evans

      This video is a cure for schizophrenia

    72. Cynthia Slater

      Oh come on, there is a little truth to every story, isn't there? I mean, really,...

    73. Quinn Schick

      Pleease do a video on John Titor

    74. King Of the dots

      They got lost going to the out house ....and ended up in an alternative out house ,or fell in ?😱

    75. toaster tech

      i mean.. so far sounds like normal dumb humans to me

    76. Jimmy upadhyay

      It seems to me he has not learned his lesson. It's all fun and games until some crazy person comes and murder him or even worst his family for some ridiculous reason.

    77. vesey von veitinghof

      covid and ong's hat, which one is real ??

    78. IAmBornstellar117

      My favourite line in this whole video: "Yeah"

    79. Aliea Clark

      Some of that stuff sounds like a great idea for a scifi movie.

    80. Gaurav Vandari

      Escape From New Jersey (1989)

    81. Original Ghoul

      I never heard of this Ong's Hat thing but when I was in college for Laser Optical Engineering, one physict did say something about an egg shaped craft built for test String Theory and Dimensional research funded by the government an extension of Project Atom from the experiments done from the Philidelphia Project. I never saw it but who knows the government always wants to keep people tied in knots maybe that physict was trying to get me to bite. I do know that many things can travel through a beam of light, photon, we sent sound and video through a wall using lasers which is cool. I do know Warp and Teleportation is a real thing, not sure if we have the power source to do it yet but they definitely proved it on paper.

    82. keimo Clayton

      Your narration is priceless

    83. Juniper

      As an avid creepypasta listener and writer, this is amazing. I’ve always thought about creating my own hoax like this and seeing how far it would go. Maybe I still will...

    84. ICrazPancakez

      Did they get away? Or did the government kill them like our history and called it a happy ending😾

    85. renkyo7

      First of all "Moorish" is black the Moors were and are black people that traveled the world out of Africa but you can't be shocked when white people talk about Moors but showing some white jesus looking dude. The many sciences and or pseudoscience the Moors practiced laid the foundation for formulas we use today

    86. Pete Sinton

      Dont believe any of this but they sure are fun.

    87. High


    88. Matt Lombardi

      601 “eggheads” saw this video. I live in NJ and this is the first time hearing of this. Kinda scary how such a large portion of our population is borderline insane.

    89. OutEliManning7

      I finally understand why people say video games cause violence

    90. Devin Welborn

      The Egg Heads are now Flat Earthers.

    91. tba113

      I always had my suspicions about eggs. It's all a plot by Big Chicken!

    92. Sheldon V

      Lmao did they played runescape in real life🤣😂

    93. JunFan777

      So if the plan was to shrink down to atomic size or less I have one important question. How were you planning to breathe?

    94. James Mcbeth

      Matheny must have been an L. Ron Hubbard fan.

    95. antony kulik

      Ones hat is a hoax

    96. Ambrose

      I refuse to believe this is where the term "egghead" comes from real talk tho, despite being obviously fake, it's one hell of a story.

    97. BryDuhBikeGuy

      He was kidding about 'the magic egg'.What they really created was Clear-Coats original formula,and disappeared.Or was it the first clear sunscreen??

    98. DyingCr0w

      Just in case anyone is wondering, suspenders are a tool, not a fashion accessory. You can use them for a makeshift rope, garrot, strangle someone who pissed you off, improvised whips in case being outnumbered, pull a car out of a ditch, dog leash, hold a door closed, slashing death device with a heavy blade attached to the other end, you think of it. Can even use them to pull a satellite out of orbit if you get close enough. If you see someone with suspenders, it's probably a secret agent. Not Thoughty tho, he's not very secret, i guess? Secret agents can't have mustaches also, if they catch on fire for some reason they stink of burnt hair, and the agent can't smell an ambush. Or dinner burning. Or the toxic smell of someone stealth farting in the elevator. Or the delicious perfume of that boss bitch who begs to be stripped and fucked doggy. I dunno, just making it up.

    99. Angel of Death

      I had to stop the video and go back because I thought you had said there was a guy named Wali Fart. I was corrected.. it was Fard. lol

    100. Angel of Death

      "It was a lovely place to spend your evening, if you want to get punched in your liver... or poison it." I laughed to hard at that.