Why Did an Entire Town Turn Into Vampires?


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      1. Beckett Elisha

        @Joaquin Zahir yup, I have been watching on Flixzone for months myself :D

      2. Joaquin Zahir

        Pro tip : watch series at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching a lot of movies lately.

      3. Sound Wave

        @G. West no this was a bit of clickbait mixed in with history. Enteresting though to see the delousions of our predecessors

      4. Max Alexander

        @G. West to lure the worm out of it's hole thats you hahahahaaaaa

      5. G. West

        if something is not medically proven with medical trials, then it is fake, why did you decide to post some garbage on your channel?

    2. Alpenjodler1

      Thank god for television! There is so much less digging up corpses nowadays.

    3. Debra Poirier

      lol I live in Rhode Island and i cannot believe the stupidity in the late 1800's, i'm just amazed.... it's known here as just the story of Mercy Brown ..... and where it is located is not far from me .... funny story.. ty

    4. The Don Daithi

      R.I.P. Arthur Morgan 🙏

    5. Clay Owlglass

      Stephen King makes so much more sense now

    6. Clay Owlglass

      Balding is caused by nutritional imbalances, very easy to treat - too much of the wrong form of iron, not enough of the good form of iron, and not at all enough magnesium. This causes soft tissue to mineralize (basically petrify almost) which destroys hair follicles

      1. Clay Owlglass

        I really don't recommend Keeps as it uses hormonal solutions that can throw the rest of your body out of whack. But luckily, you don't need it! Just check out Root Cause Protocol, which is purely information, not a bunch of products to buy!

    7. Witness Proof

      PENIS worm WOOD made EVERYTHING Bitter............. Revelation 8:11

    8. Amanda P

      less than 2 mins in and i know this is gonna be about Mercy Brown

      1. Amanda P

        @13:10 called it

    9. Slothy387 Pooh

      16:49 huh, kinda like religion and God lolololol

    10. Slothy387 Pooh


    11. Chris Katz

      In Christian books it even warns against superstition.

    12. Skillful Skillz

      Hey guys, I got a conspiracy theory for y'all. Thoughty2 is a clone created by the government to air out dirty laundry and certain secrets. He's a clone of the original Thoughty

    13. o.O

      When they dig them up to flip them over, it infects them. It’s just a load of shit.

    14. Bobbius Shadow

      I was thinking how ignorant and superstitious those 18th century people were, but then I looked at current times. : (

    15. Brian Chajon

      Sounds like a vampire cough mistaken by a growl lol

    16. Arend Games

      Can you Please add a yellow bar on the bottom of the screen to know when the sponsor add ends

    17. Illutian Kade

      This is why you cremate the dead. No, really. It's so much more sanitary. ...'course standard cremation is extremely pollutant. But leaving a bunch of rotting corpses is not a good idea. Plus so much land is wasted 'storing' bodies that could be used for forests or housing. And there's many new forms of "cremation" (cremation specifically deals with using fire, but I'm using it as a term like "make a xerox" or "go google it").

    18. Jbird

      The turn the dead over stuff.......is sooooooooooo Southpark it’s unreal lmao.

    19. Jbird

      Hey fuck you buddy, that Lucifer thing was scary lmao

    20. Sai swaroop Rana

      He should have more subscribers than he has now .

    21. Bob M

      Turning the body face down was so they would dig deeper into the ground instead of to the surface. Graves with iron cages over them were to contain the occupants and keep them from getting free should they wake up. Wooden stakes for vampires weren't to kill them but to hold them down while their head was removed and buried elsewhere.

    22. Giga Goga

      You trickt me I thought really vampires virus will come 😅

    23. Foysol Ahmed RBY

      Maan you should have your own netflix series!! Quality mate. Loved every episode. You always catch me off guard with your sponsors loll. I never see it coming but everytime it makes me laugh. Pure genius mate and the humour in each video is flawless.

    24. Brian T

      moldy bread huh what about the contaminated wheat in Salem ya know were the whole town got paranoia. ring a bell gotta hate that late frost also dmt is more powerful and is made in the body already lol

    25. Mr Bush Lied

      Corpses that people feared would return as vampires where buried face side down so that when the corpse tried to dig itself out of the grave, it would did downward and never manage to rise from the grave. I don't know if any of these corpses managed to did downward until they reached China.

    26. Godlak Warrior

      Shut up timmy

    27. Tristen Pettengill

      bruh, clickbait

    28. Kane Crafter

      I'm playing RDR2 and the first thing he mentions is tb

    29. Nick T

      Sorry, did you say 'emancipated figures'? 6:20 Emaciated?

    30. Jeffrey Z

      Ofcourse Vampire #42 would try to convince the public Vampires Don't exist. Nice try Dracula !!!!!👾

    31. Imperial Legate

      I have been called a vampire since kindergarten. I have always had inhuman reflexes and fast running speed even when I was 260 lbs once. I have fangs like one too as I was born with them. I had flashes of red sometimes when fatigued. I have a very strong grip being able to push people backwards with one hand with ease. I can charm people and animals since childhood too.

    32. Julian Blind

      Ahh yes! Emancipated corpses! Find your freedom in death!I think you meant emaciated.

    33. Fisting Turtle

      Emaciated not emancipated 😉

    34. Tony Smurthwaite

      So...if your "facts" are to be believed 1.5 million people have been dying of TB every year for decades. About 1 million died last year of covid

    35. MilkJug

      7:58 Did you mispronounce "gingers"?

    36. Kingpee Prints

      Yep, my brain told me it's a click bait

    37. Bubbles

      4:57 if you turn them over then when they try to dig to the surface, they would end up digging in the wrong direction and go deeper down instead

    38. Harvey Matthew Serrano

      i used too muck keeps now i dont look like a vampire, instead a lycan

    39. Jack Durden

      Oh damn, I started to cough while watching this.....oh damn.

    40. The frog


    41. Marcus

      ooooooo I like the last cure….. the alcohol cleans your body it purifies it

    42. Robin Ross

      What about Santa Claus? Wouldn't the shoes catch him also? No presents for you!

    43. Darkness and distance

      6:2 0 Emancipated? You mean emaciated!

    44. Robin Charles

      It makes a lot of sense for people to lean towards vampires rather than believe the doctors when they didn't have a cure. I was diagnosed a couple weeks ago with something and keep finding I try to convince myself that maybe its something else that is reversible and I just need to find what it is. Its wishful thinking 🤷🏻‍♀️ Its much easier to believe in the thing you think you can possibly find a way to fix yourself, such as vampires, so you can maintain the illusion that you have control.

    45. Raj Shah

      Keeps is not in Canada.

    46. Derek Runyan

      "wasn't a plague of vampires." ... Well fk u then 🤣

    47. Joshy Boy


    48. 3RAN7ON

      6:20 emancipated? I think you mean emaciated lol

    49. Adithya Wanninayaka

      Guys it was Dio

    50. E Janon

      Energy is constant and false Gods are not. Wake up today!!!

    51. Leroy Hernandez

      For fun?

    52. funny human

      Love your videos, one pedantic point - I think the villagers were emaciated rather than emancipated.

    53. Kmangod

      Hmmmm, more deaths per year than covid......

    54. 2Glock30s

      People hundreds of years ago never thought how could a vampire get in and out of its grave? So that means the vampire somehow dug itself up, and then somehow buried itself? And the vampire did all that with no disturbance to the ground?

    55. Alex Jadoo

      16:51 or start wars.

    56. Mudskip

      Whenever I hear tuberculosis I think of red dead redemption 2

    57. I am Nobody

      I like this channel but this dude looks like he secretly ties women up to railroad tracks!

    58. Felicity Downs

      This is a horrible video to watch before I go to bed

    59. Vickie Lawson

      6:20 - You said the bodies were "emancipated figures" while showing an *emaciated* figure. Emaciated, Thoughty2, emaciated. You see, the body is extremely skinny, not free. Ya goofball.

    60. Christopher DeKey

      Believe the Science! Vampires Exist! lol

    61. irfanovic01

      They turned the body over so that the next time they went to check and if it is turned back ride side up, they’d be sure that their theory is correct

    62. Trone

      6:20 Emancipated? : )

    63. RDHAYNES

      At least flipping the dead didn't harm anyone

    64. Super Eliet

      please tell me someone else noticed the Taco Bell hot sauce next to the grave at 16:06 😂😂

    65. Ron Shook


    66. The Devil

      I love this kind of clickbait! It's worth it

    67. -e- -g-


    68. Panos339 Gaming


    69. Rachel Palmer

      No no no no!!! PLEASE Thoughty2.....!! Bran Stoker was NOT the first to write about vampires. At same party where Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, John William Polidori wrote The Vampyre A Tale 1819 (which was part of a contest between all the friends who could come up with the best story) which was published under Lord Byron’s name. But they both kept insisting it was a work contributed to by both of them. Bran Stokers Dracula was written in 1897.

    70. Christ Abel Mouangou

      "Sounds remarkably similar to the archetype of vampire, if you ask me... Well, perhaps a vampire with asthma." -Arran "Thoughty2", 2021.

    71. Sievert Schreiber

      I like the stories u tell, and the way u tell them. Nevertheless, I have this question: what are your sources?

    72. Stoynov666

      was there a vampires during the Jurrassic period 🤔

    73. Lozzie74

      Humans STILL use superstition in lieu of science, even when science is available. Gluten intolerance, superfoods, flat earth society, antivaxxers, to name just a few. No evidence to the contrary shall be taken on board!

    74. Jimmy Crackorn

      Did you play to say emaciated instead of emancipated?

    75. paul stewart

      Decimation isn't that bad (ask any légionnaire) But defenestration is a crime. Dictionarys are good things

    76. paul stewart

      Decimation isn't that bad (ask any légionnaire) But defenestration is a crime. Dictionarys are good things

    77. Eddy coOl- sama

      already knew the story from an episode of "lore" tv show.

    78. Eddy coOl- sama

      hey 42, i have noticed that you have started putting a little humor in your videos. it's good and refreshing. however, i would like to advise you to keep it at current limit and dont go overboard with it, the current limit is at max. i have seen educational channels going overboard with comedy and turn into entertainment channels. your subscribers love you as an educator rather than an entertainer - so be careful not to wander away from that.

    79. Abigail Oneill

      I want to be buried ass up.

    80. Ed

      How quickly we can turn to superstition, didn't get lost on me having lived through the last year.

    81. Elias L

      Hear loss medication is a lie. They don’t grow back

    82. DarjeelingJelly

      Oh god when you live in this area and then learn of the serial killers...

    83. Some Bicycle

      We call these people crazy for doing things like this, but these people where very afraid and were willing to do anything to save their (still living) loved ones. They were ignorant, but not stupid.

    84. joy jones

      Q:Why did an Entire Town Turn into Vampires? A:BeCaUsE the Economy SuCkEd? :D.

    85. Sara-Marie Ulsund Stiksrud

      Such an entertaining channel 😂 Well played.

    86. Michael Pettersson

      Notice how the tuberculosis epidemic wasn't a cause to shut down society...

    87. Anuk'Ahn Den

      I knew it, damn it! Santa Claus is the devil!!!

    88. Stiofán Ó Firghil

      Joseph Plunkett, Easter Rising leader & proclaimation signatory had suffered from TB, or consumption, from a young age & was dying from it anyway before he was murdered by firing squad for his part in The Rising.. 7 hours after marrying his sweetheart Grace Gifford..

    89. ve nus

      Thank you for changing the thumbnail. I was scared to click on it lol

    90. James O'Connor

      The correct term is EMACIATED, not emancipated !

    91. Vern Cotta

      People are so stupid. Not much has changed. Lol

    92. gejyspa

      6:20 "emancipated" means "freed from slavery". The word you are looking for is "emaciated" And yes, I know this was probably deliberate to increase engagement, but that's okay. I'll still "umm, actually" you

    93. Custos

      Local serial killer: nope, not me. Funny though.

    94. Custos

      Vampires tricked you into believing it was Tb.

    95. Brady Tesoro

      Me lives in New England: Also me realizing he’s making fun of New England Also me:😂oh yeah that’s funny stuff

    96. PWNOMEGA

      yeah... why aren't we wearing masks for tuberculosis instead of just covid? seems fishy to me.

    97. carley hampers

      CT has a weird past, ct gang

    98. K_V_N

      Most family members drain each other's life force whilst alive. 🎅

    99. aguy

      i dont know

    100. Fahad Alfehaid

      Your losing your lip hair thoughty 2