Why Can't Scientists Find the Enormous Planet X?


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    1. pvtj0cker

      The belters covered it in stealth material?

    2. tyler smith


    3. D - Core

      It can’t be seen by us because it is in another dimension, doesn’t mean it isn’t there...

    4. Nilsenov

      thanks :)

    5. Painting 4 Beginners

      Because it's not there, its just hype to get more people into it.

    6. Dr. Musk

      Planet X is just a Dyson sphere that got loose. Sorry


      he was looking in the place!

    8. MiiWoomy

      Plot twist. Our solar system is actually inside a planet.

    9. rayqun

      I don't like, that X is 10, and Planet X is Planet 9.

    10. Bhargav .V.M.

      It learnt a few tricks from John Cena

    11. Pedro Ramirez

      I wanna know behind the scenes of your videos man, it's all way too good. The research, the writing, the editing, ugh! Everything is so good!

    12. Draconis Ultimax

      Perhaps the archives are incomplete

    13. Sivilian Bryan

      Hey! I was just wondering. Do you know about the dicyanine dye? Is it true about what little is said about it being able to let things unseen with the naked eye visable?

    14. Graham Kane

      That a easy question. It's invisable, to the eye. No oxygen, no reflection.

    15. yan

      I had this one dream there’s this planet just right by our solar system and it looked kinda like earth but it’s all green

    16. Wolverine

      It is hidden for a reason u people can't begin to comprehend

    17. Doms Chip Shop


    18. Space Monkey

      The important thing to remember about space is we really have no idea but it’s all the more reason why we need to get out there so many theories are overturn because we find out the actual facts and we learn things every day The more technology advances the better we understand just no ai we don’t need to become Battlestar Galactica

    19. Space Monkey

      Was and is life on mars already been proven. Planet X is very possible the best way to find out would be to study the gravity fields unfortunately black holes could throw it off so many variables why a probe would be good

    20. Robert Yee

      Planet x’s orbit is perpendicular to ours. Planet X shoots out to the outer reaches then comes back past us and back out like a sling shot. It fucks up earths gravitational pull as it swings by every few thousand years.

    21. Wolfgang Falck

      Simple it's the smallest black hole. So small in fact it falsifies all our theories about black holes.

    22. boum62

      Entertaining !!!

    23. stan

      did wee visit the moon ?

      1. stan

        @Mexican Mafia I was disappointed big time when in my young idealistic age when I lost the belief that we ever landed on the moon .The main force from rocket engines comes from pushing against something which is at first surface of the earth , and soon the atmosphere of the earth . In a space vacuum what is left over of that force is next to nothing ..just the force of ejecting mass of the fuel in the opposite direction . That is the reason I lost respect for Nasa .The tiny Apollo and lem compared to the size of saturn rocket would never be able to slow down from 17000 miles per hour to orbital speed around the moon . And slow down then sitting on it's surface is a joke . To take off from it and come back to earth is a total joke ,not even funny . ..This kind of dynamic exists in Disney's cartoons but not in real physics .Think about this Young man , ask your physics teacher some questions .Is pain for me to watch new generations following that biggest scam fairy tale from the 60s. Good Luck Young Man

      2. Mexican Mafia

        @stan when rockets launch they move up and produce an opposing force. Honestly I’m disappointed in humanity.

      3. stan

        @Mexican Mafia okay that was a joke with Mat Damon . But when you get older you eventually realize that moon mission was fake because is impossible to do that and won't be ever possible according to NEWTON'S LAWS

      4. Mexican Mafia

        @stan 14 but that was a movie

      5. stan

        @Mexican Mafia i m 65 are you 10 ?

    24. dav ep

      They *should* have grandfathered in Pluto. Keep most people happy.

    25. loading

      I actually remember as a kid when they said on tv they found a new planet and called it planet x then after awhile it was like no never heard of it.

    26. William Johnson

      quick answer, it aint exist.

    27. Neffari

      Pls don’t find the traveler from destiny 2

    28. Neffari

      Wait alien x from Ben 10 is real

    29. pete shea

      All rubbish. all because they made the surface of Earth move. it doesn't. Aristarchus is revealed. the divided tree of life whose stump with live on and whose exposed core generates all skylights. time to get real. stop spreading lies.

    30. Zak6959

      2:45, you referenced Neptunes AU but I believe the line came from Uranus?

    31. Zander De Wit

      Actually, pluto was named by an 11 year old girl Her name was Venetia Burney She named pluto after the roman god of the underworld, not after the dude that was looking for "planet x" Sorry😕

    32. Ershiin

      If we find it, I suggest we rename it Plutwo out of spite

    33. Mr.Mxyzptlk

      Can't Planet 9 be Nemesis, the twin sister of our Sun emitting only infrared light?

    34. Ariana Harvey

      2:40 "By comparison, Neptune..." I think that might be Uranus. XD

    35. Built Minis

      The title says it all. They’ve said they found it then they have no idea what anyones talking about then they talk about it then they say its a conspiracy it’s annoying asf

    36. Ayrton Coetzee

      watch it be a massive alien ship with cloaking technology

    37. AsilarWindsailor

      I didn't know Discount Dan was also a doctor. The guy he sent a box of "sandwiches" looks like he's recovered too

    38. medexamtoolsdotcom

      Damnit stop calling it planet X! Since pluto is no longer a planet, you have to call it planet IX. If you find another one AFTER planet IX, then you can call THAT one planet X.

    39. Bowie Mcgrath

      Why’s it called Planet X if it’s the ninth planet It’s like iPhone X being the ninth

    40. Don M

      Why Can't Scientists Find the Enormous Planet X? Its hiding behind Planet W...

    41. Alex Velaj

      Because it does not exist

    42. kupoe

      "planet 9" is the sum total of the asteroid belts mass, is my conjecture, or the mass of dark matter in our part of the galaxy.

    43. Zitsanrael

      I have no doubt that we'll find Planet X in roughly 350 years. Let's just hope the guys who find it don't blow it up over ownership disputes.

    44. FireFox

      “Heeeey 42 here”

    45. Denis Hill95

      Why not call it planet "Ivy" (IX)? yeah planet x sounds cool, unless you're aware of roman numerals. Future astronomers would be motivated by a local planet that sounds like it has flora (which it does.)

    46. OMGIDestroyedMatter

      3:00 this is a mistake. It is actually only 13.4 billion light years away. Any farther than that, and we can’t see anything at all, because the universe didn’t exist over 13.4 billion years ago Don’t know where he got “32 billion” from

    47. Andrew Henshaw

      Because it doesn't exist

    48. BEAR TRAX RC

      18:15 - "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me." ~PLANET 9.

    49. Yeesus Christ

      I know why! If godzilla mentions this planet like in the old movies, it does not exist!

    50. Wade Phillips

      Ok here’s my ridiculous theory. Venus was the first planet in our solar system to support life. This alien advanced quickly, to the point that they saw the tectonic issues and the sun going to expand in size. After discovering unlimited cold fusion they colonised Planet X, they can warm it up and obscure it with a yet to be discovered element, the element which we are missing and is required for fusion. That’s my crazy theory.

    51. Hilly, The Artist

      see i study fashion, but I'd be in this niggas lecture fr

    52. moises garcia

      I can’t believe I just thought of this but we could look so far away we could see things before the Big Bang💀 I feel stupid now

    53. Papyrus

      Why isn’t it planet IX ? Cuz X is ten....IX is 9 and it’s the ninth planet!

    54. magicpyroninja

      I think the fact that the ancient Sumerians said there was a ninth planet should weigh in there at least a little bit.

      1. magicpyroninja

        How about the possibility that planet nine is shared by two different systems and when the right gravitational forces aline it will shift from that system back into our system

    55. Meowlerie Bee

      If planet 9 doesn’t exist, how come you keep showing us a picture of it? Checkmate fortytwo

    56. Earl Frankson

      Ninjas are from the Planet hidden in the space

    57. Magda Rantanplan

      He killed Pluto? Already dont like him.

    58. L .J.R

      Its a brown dwarf. Scientists think we could be a binary star system. Quite possibly when the two reach their perihelion (closest point in orbit) about every 65-75 million years. They throw rocks at each others from each others orc clouds. Quite possibly what cause our 5 known mass extinctions. Recent drastic increase in asteroid activity is getting more scientists to look at this theory.

      1. Wade Phillips

        Ooo I like this one.

    59. Vincent Rees

      This reminds me.of a line from Armageddon. The president is asking Billy Bob Thornton why didn't they see the incoming asteroid sooner to which Thornton replies: "Well NASA's current budget allows us to monitor about 3 per cent of the sky and begging your pardon sir but it's a big-ass sky."

    60. Paris Zachariades

      Thanks, nice as usual. The natural planetary arrangement would have Uranus, Neptune and Pluto between Mars and Jupiter, since the mathematical relationship calls for distance to be positive related to size and negatively related to speed. So Jupiter and Saturn, being the largest should have been furthest, hence an anomaly, probably caused by the said former planets having being pushed out of 'normal' orbit, hence different spin, direction etc. Whether by planet (possibly) or together or a crash between, resulting in debris being flung everywhere and most settling closer to the giants and sun and rest within the asteroid belts or otherwise is perhaps a good guess at present.

    61. LowTriggerWeightJay

      Its a large binary system just outside the rings of Uranus.

    62. Chris Rey

      We watched 42 grow up. They grow up so fast 🥲🦺🥸

    63. skybattler 262

      So, you saying the chances of us seeing an earth size planet using spectrophotometry is about 0.5 percent? That's my gatcha odds!

    64. Smooth Criminal

      I don’t know what’s more scarier, A giant planet that plays peekaboo with us or your shirt mustache and suspenders🤣🤣

    65. Tilli Basaglia

      pluto is a planet, I don't care what Neil de grasse Tyson or NASA say, in my heart it is a planet

    66. Tim Gallagher

      Science: Light from GNz11 takes 33 billion years to reach us Also Science: the universe is about 14 billion years old

    67. Onizuma13

      Maybe and this sounds crazy but maybe Planet X can't be found because its not really a planet... Its a Death Star like object thats hidden and controlled by other beings.

    68. shadowlord913

      "neither of us are asses" literally best joke ive heard this year

    69. Simon Multiverse

      "Oh, no, here we go again", said the small pot of petunias in a weary, resigned sort of voice.

    70. Kriegsman

      "Humans be like" I just started running when im just learning to walk

      1. Wolfie Woo

        "But running is more fun than walking!"

    71. [Odin}{Fenrir] Horus47

      Thank you friend One love 47 0001

    72. بن محمد


    73. Joshua Page

      Estimate were and send some satellites

    74. Anthony Mansi

      What if the planet does exist but the surface is completely black so we can’t see it. Idk how likely that is or the science behind it but I like to believe in things that are unlikely or aren’t proven like aliens and the meglodon. I think the idea of an invisible or ab unseen planet is really cool.

    75. Kiwi Bonsai

      Dwarfs are people too 😇

    76. BooG Pillarelli

      I liked that assume joke 😂

    77. 7840-B Bilal Khan

      The more i learn the less i know

    78. Christopher MacIntyre

      I bet if it was Planet XXX we would have found it already. He he.

    79. Christopher MacIntyre

      Thoughty2 is racist against dwarf planets. He needs to check his planetary privilege... lol

    80. Munstruss _XL

      Why does he say forty two instead of thoughty2 every video?

      1. بن محمد

        @Munstruss _XL Try to hear it as thoughty and you'll hear it

      2. Munstruss _XL

        @بن محمد he's definitely saying forty. He even annunciates clearly some videos.

      3. بن محمد

        He's saying thoughty2 i think its just his accent

    81. Walter Dove

      Probably because Brown et al.'s post 2003 planet x (though arguably it should be ix, given the depreciation of Pluto) hypothesis is likely based on the same class of statistical analysis as the early '80s hypothesis of Sol having a brown dwarf binary, tagged "Nemeses" because of postulated causation of unrelated statistical clustering. (Hint: data from the latter portion of the Voyager mission pre VIM / Voyager Interstellar Mission, and the 10 ly spherical infrared (>= 10K) sky survey have suggested no evidence of either Nemesis or large planet in orbit well off the plane of the ecliptic and perhelion beyond the inner Kuiper Belt.)

    82. micheal clark

      That planet does show up from time to time yknow every hundred or so years

    83. Maria Hendrickson

      Oh they know alright. Is already on its way toward us. Should pass between the Sun and our planet. Unfortunately, will cause a great devastation here, 2 thirds of living things will disappear. Let's prepare for the Great Chastisement, is just around the corner... blessings

    84. Fazellama1038 YT

      Like wene ur on the moon cant u see mars i believe u can see it but can u🧐🧐🧐

    85. Fazellama1038 YT

      But y cant we see it ????🧐🧐🧐🧐

    86. XxGame DestroyerxX

      Carl Sagan’s Mario maker channel is good

    87. Brittany Garrison

      That utterly gay hipster look is still a thing?

    88. Crazy JinX

      Planet 10* ya fork

    89. Soarin Skies

      Um...... because it doesn’t exist?

      1. بن محمد


    90. Mark Malmin

      The stated position that NASA can't detect or locate Planet-X is ridiculous and delusional! After all, NASA's Hubble could detect the gnat on a camel's ass in the Andromeda galaxy and besides that, FAA weather cams are picking up photos of the Planet-X system regularly with amazing photos. I've located several myself. You can go to the FAA website and find some of these planets from Alaska and other locations. The government is hiding, or attempting to hide this information, and they control the media and the narrative that scientists are looking for it, but haven't found it just yet. This narrative is absolutely ridiculous if we consider that our scientists can detect black holes and other phenomenon lights years away in other galaxies, but we can't spot a system of planets that has one greater than the mass of Jupiter in our own solar system. If you believe this disingenuous nonsense that we haven't located Planet-X, then you probably also think there was no election fraud in 2020, and our current president is the greatest, most brilliant political orator of our time who just has trouble putting two sentences together. The Pentagon is supposedly planning to finally disclose UAP intelligence to Congress this June, and if this actually occurs, what subsequently follows will ultimately lead to the acknowledgment of Planet-X before too long... hopefully. Just trust your government folks and everything they tell you and you'll be just fine. They know what information you can be trusted with.

    91. Nathan Everson

      What if it is there though

    92. Nathan Everson

      You can only see 3% of the sky from any point on the planet. We need more telescopes

    93. Ethan's Bluefox3 Studios, Creative Ideas

      pluto is a moon that came from the constant rotation of the outer planets moving passed each other

      1. بن محمد


    94. Ethan's Bluefox3 Studios, Creative Ideas

      its because you humans are making the wrong THEORIES. the huge planet is rotating vertical not horizon.... thats why yah cant find it... this planet cause Uranus and its moons to rotate oddly. the same with Neptune... the rotation vertical had cause the oddly rotation on Neptune and Uranus.

    95. A

      27 fousand light years away. Fink about it.

    96. Spooky

      Plot twist "they" know exactly where it is. "They" just choose not to tell us. For reasons....

    97. oreos

      My mans Lowell was low key based

    98. daniel rodriguez

      People go read and research The Book of Enoch 1 and you will see the truth there is nothing past the firmament NASA has been scamming the people since its conception. It's time for the people to wake up.

    99. Televin V

      I thought the latest theory is the gravity is not from a giant planet, but a tiny black hole? Like, basketball size B.H.? Anyone?

    100. Karen Prime

      BECAUSE IT'S NOT FUCKING THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Karen Prime

        @بن محمد I’ve a lovely opera house for sale if you’re interested. It’s in Sydney, Australia & it’s very reasonably priced.

      2. بن محمد