Why a Nuclear Device Lost in the Himalayas Could Destroy India


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    Writing: Steven Rix
    Editing: Alex Brown

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    1. Rj TV

      I do follow ur every video.. gud great 👍I feel for..but particularly this video.. which you 've got a theory which you have explained may be believable but not.. come down to India let's go have a look n conform if it is so, let's make a history again.. ping me Lifeisnoteasy1@outlook.com thank u

    2. Blue Greenglue

      woops! : o

    3. Borat Sagdiyev

      India is already destroying itself.

    4. PurpleChalk

      ...is that "nuclear device" in thumbnail a fucking redstone lamp from Minecraft?

    5. Andrej Bulechik

      Should’ve grabbed some guys from Austria

    6. Hugh Jaass

      Well done Chap. I give you my subscription rights. Keep up great work.

    7. Surfhead

      It's hard to imagine the Ganges River getting any more polluted than it already is.

    8. Hollow Slayer

      conspiracy: what if it was purposely lost because America didn't fully trust India and put it there in case they declared war. i don't doubt it considering the CIA's past "mistakes"

    9. fi5hbowl

      If you shouldn't be on the streets when it rains do to all the poop mist then wtf do you do when there's a flood lol?

    10. Rick Sanchez

      *heyyyy thoughty2 here* Me: hey what’s next *many villages were taken and flooded* Me: oh no *but wait when freezes water and a flood and a possible outburst* To who? *across india* Oh so I’m safe

    11. Nathan Long

      You put Kyrgyzstan as part of china.

    12. astrothunder

      An infinity stone

    13. StevesAstro Howardkings

      Just add weather control

    14. Aa Aah

      Wow I didn't know Mao conquered Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

    15. Kevin George

      Sounds like it could have still been due to the device. I mean your explanation for why it actually happened did not eliminate the possibility that what actually happened was triggered by the heat from the device...

    16. pranav r

      Ganga not Ganges.

    17. lhundrub gyaltsen

      Only tiny part of Himalayan range are possessed by india. Majority is under Nepal region. Jst to correct.

    18. Mario P

      I really don't think that was the type of plutonium used in nuclear weapons cores. To build a nuke you need plutonium-239, which is highly fissile and can go critical or supercritical, but if left alone doesn't produce a lot of heat, because it's got a very long half-life. If you want to extract its energy you need to build a reactor, which would weigh orders of magnitude more than 60 kg. They most certainly used plutonium-238, which is a strong alpha emitters and can indeed produce a lot of heat that can be converted to electricity with a thermocouple device. That's what we use to power deep space probes like the Voyagers, Cassini, New Horizons. But Plutonium-238 is not fissile, so there's no way to build nukes or reactors with it. All that heat comes from its rapid natural alpha decay, and its short half life of around 80 years. EDIT: it even says it on the schematics at 15:18, Plutonium-238. So no risk of anything blowing up at all, the release of heat will be very stable, but slowly decreasing in the space of a few centuries.

    19. iSchleeep

      The Ganges is already fucking disgusting and filthy. A nuclear catastrophe in it prolly would be an improvement.

    20. Souleymane Diarra

      Nanda Devi is India's highest mountain. Don’t be misled by the internet list claiming Nepal's Kangchenjunga is. The difference is geographical and cultural.

    21. history channel R

      WHO LET COVID 19 OUT? Ever think about doing a piece or 2 on the MFs who let COVID out of the Labs? So far as I know there has been no criminal investigation on owners / employees of the Labs. Something similar to The Nuremberg trials.. where the leadership of those laboratories , who planned, carried out, or otherwise participated in experimental viruses are held accountable.

    22. joeecrackk


    23. Melkor Realmz

      So what alien artifact did they find and were trying to power lol

    24. Siddhartha Bajpai

      Kashmir has been an integral part of Bharata(India) and will remain so. Kindly use the correct maps for denotations and be responsible.

    25. Jayden Whitcomb

      Yes hi NLname, I’d like to sleep now. Please stop recommending good videos, thanks

    26. The T-Man Show

      Wtf is a "glassia"? Lol wow dude.....

    27. claton blade

      so no more call scammers? hmmm

    28. Dert Poor

      It's not highly radioactive them because they can tell where that kind of stuff is with satellites

    29. Gavin Boss

      Why is there not a movie about this? This story needs to be a movie!

    30. Jim Cavavaugh

      I was just wondering, does the radiation account for the Abominable Snowman?,, But I guess he predates this radiation?

    31. Indoona

      It's called climate change Harry...

    32. ToxicClown303

      I haven't seen any of your videos in a while. When did you turn into a hipster/peaky blinder crossover?

    33. sam pradhan

      Great material for the next Hollywood block buster

    34. Pokhreli Pawan

      Wtf is he talking about 😂😂😂

    35. Hell Hounder

      Are you sure Covid is not created by this damn thing!!!!

    36. Franman74 Minney74

      The only thing about this device what happens when someone gets there hands on it . Because of this video I wouldn't be surprised if people from arogue Nation would try to get their hands on the plutonium that is lost kind of scary probably should have never been publicized and kept secret forever would have been the best thing to do but now the whole world knows scary but true.

    37. 17Canine17

      What about that one time the US military lost a nuke in the Atlantic?

    38. Ujjwal John

      Dude ... The flash flood happened due to sudden fall of a Sérac/ over hanging Ice field from "Nanda Ghunti" mountain , due to natural weathering , Global Warming (US / China to blame the most) and incessant rain . And NO ! There is NO 7000 Meter Nanda Devi peak is NOT between the Roopkund Lake and the place where the Serac fell ... there is ridge hardly 400 Feet above Roopkund (4,800M ASL ) between the lake and the Nanda Ghunti face which fell. your 7000 Meter (actually 7,816 feet) Nanda Devi Peak is North East to the Lake. So please do proper research before blabbering your Crackpot theory. If the Nuclear device were lost, it cannot be near Nanda Ghunti peaks as approach to Nanda Devi Peak/Base Camp is on totally different route. PS: I have done the Trek to Roopkund and adjoining areas like Milam/Pindari Glaciers and have the Terrain on my fingers

    39. tsrif tsal

      Aliens took the plutonium cores to save humanity from itself again. Also the storm was made by aliens.

    40. Lord Lucan

      So .. not « global warming » then

    41. killer alien man

      We will be are down fall

    42. Xiyea Official

      Actually, I know the TRUTH about this, The Hiking team made up (or CIA told them) that story to fool everyone. What really happened is despite of the Harsh weather and sudden storm, they actually managed to accomplish the mission. And they didn't put the Radioactive tower onto the peak of the mountain. they of course put it somewhere safe, SOMEWHERE ELSE, Which means the hike, the storm, and retrieval operation was a cover up story. About the Flash flood thing remains a *mystery, because I'm not yet convinced that that's natural, Some of my theories says that its possible that the flash flood was man made and yet another masterpiece use to cover up the story. Large chunk of Ice fall down the river? Heck nah, Someone probably planted some explosive device and detonate it from afar. Edit: Changed *history to *mystery because autocorrect is stpd

    43. Rob Peters

      So when most of the population of India starts to glow at night, we can now know why.

    44. David Bate

      14:18 is where the answer lies. This guy sure knows how to talk.

    45. T5 Delta Bangalore

      You just summoned the Gods of Views "Indians"

    46. the bonbonlabel

      Its not ganges its (ganga ) And nanda devi is pronounced like (nun-the they-we)

    47. Nikki Negi

      My home 😢💜

    48. drottercat

      Ever heard of energy balance? That would be estimating how much ice can be melted by radiation from several kg of plutonium. Also estimating how much radiation on the average the Ganges would carry per cubic meter of water and for how long if the same source were released into it. Would those numbers be catastrophic, cataclysmic and otherwise hair-raising superlative?

    49. Siddharth Raghvan Iyengar

      I hate America...

    50. The wishful Thinker

      Should’ve packed his steel balls. Ahh if wishes were fishes.

    51. sanidhya rayal

      Wow it's really intresting information I belong to Uttarkhand only and was never aware about it.... I thought this to be fake but after some reasearch i realised it was real incident

    52. Rusted Cage

      What are glass ears?

    53. Trü Ter

      Usually when there is smoke, there is fire... They might not be 100% correct, but 5% correct is just as terrifying

    54. BEAST MODE

      He has NLname figured out Mild clickbait India in the title And flashy nuke in the thumbnail for Indian kids 😂 Ive been watching for 5 years now 😂 (Edit): infinite midrolls for that sweet money 😂

    55. Journey awaits

      times coming for us to pay for cold war stupidity, don't want to be a cliche but boomers continue to ruin it for everyone

    56. Amey

      Yes that plutonium can kill entire Indian colony upto 70% ☠️ and also affect the extreme climatic conditions. Plutonium ☢️ half-life is around 25,000 years.

    57. DMG Oregon657

      The guy who lost the nuke and his group: "where did it go it was just here" they guy at the back of the group who was ment to carry the device: "oh you wanted me to carry it up the mountain... i left it somewhere coz my heands got tired"

    58. h.barkas

      The U.S. raised their development aid to India as kind of reparation payment in the wake of this affair.

    59. iworms

      It's not as bad as it seems. This is Plutonium-238, and its risk profile was analyzed in depth in 1991 by the American Institute of Physics. Key takeaways are, skin contact and ingestion represent minimal cancer risk, while inhalation has higher risk for cancer. That's good for the Nanda Devi case because inhalation is the least likely exposure vector.

      1. Mario P

        Finally someone who pointed that out. Pu-238 is not the stuff they build nukes with.

    60. TheAbc45678

      At 9:13 you showed the correct photograph, but at 5:51 you showed a photograph for the wrong government agency.

    61. djpaulhannon

      Thoughty Two or Forty Two??

      1. djpaulhannon

        "Fousand"s lol

    62. Hunter

      A chance to destroy India???? Why hasn’t it been done yet????

    63. FlaxeMusic

      Damn Thoughty you lookin dapper my dude.

    64. Ralph Lauren Gabas

      3:45 When I saw the 2G-1C reference, I instantly headed to the comments, and oh boy it didn't disappoint me lmao xD

    65. Caleb Brown

      why not use satillite radar looking at fission radiation.. right.. like seems like I could do this with cia resources easy.. at least nowdays... Im open to being completely off base though....

    66. Moribund

      3:27 The map is wrong. Taiwan isn't part of the PRC.

    67. RS

      We need to find that Device and test if its still running..

    68. Ethelred Hardrede

      That sort of plutonium power cannot cause a flood. Its enough to power the station. Same thing that was used in the Voyager probes. NASA "Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators, or RTGs, provide electrical power for spacecraft by converting the heat generated by the decay of plutonium-238 (Pu-238) fuel into electricity using devices called thermocouples. Since they have no moving parts that can fail or wear out, RTGs have historically been viewed as a highly reliable power option. Thermocouples have been used in RTGs for a total combined time of over 300 years, and a not a single thermocouple has ever ceased producing power." Also in the book and I assume the movie, The Martian. The article claims the apha particles are high energy but easily blocked. This is a bit dubious as it takes a lot of shielding, just a lot less than neutrons. Its likely that most of the weight of those generators were shielding. Pl238 is not fissionable. The odd thing is that Pl239, the sort that DOES fission and go boom is a beta emitter, which IS easily shielded, skin stops it, is pretty safe. Assuming you don't get inside you, then its really bad. As for cancer Wikipedia Pl238 Plutonium-238 (238Pu) is a radioactive isotope of plutonium that has a half-life of 87.7 years. Plutonium-238 is a very powerful alpha emitter; as alpha particles are easily blocked, this makes the plutonium-238 isotope suitable for usage in radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) and radioisotope heater units.

    69. david mainord

      British communist

    70. Alex Roge

      Alex Honold actually seems exactly like the type of guy to carry a mission like this

    71. Pat John

      This doesn’t make sense. That much plutonium would not create a flash flood. It also would be decreasing in intensity every year with its half life being 15-100 years.

    72. Scott Browne

      Hi how did this happen in February and this is the first I'm hearing of it?

    73. Alex Nunezramos

      They didn't lose anything ! The Man in Black have it.Boycott everything from China and Olympic games. Get our companies out of China.

    74. Alex Vara de Rey

      I thought that this sounded completely mental, but then remembered that it was 1950's/1960's CIA.

    75. John

      So blame it on the CIA not Climate Change. 2 bums 1 stalagmite

    76. bill smith

      A better question is why would a species invent magical beings just so they can have a good excuse to murder another?

    77. KSloyan

      Well if it's the Ganges a bit of plutonium won't make much difference to an already heavily polluted river! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    78. Kevin Eckelkamp

      Thoughty obviously has no idea how fucking polluted the Ganges is lol. It is beyond disgusting.

    79. SponsorMyFace LLC

      I don’t think those types of reactors can melt down. Like the Mars rovers or some satellites, they just convert heat from the decaying material. It’s going to be hot regardless of it’s load, nothing to really overheat. Just heat.

    80. elenabob

      Yes BUT If they heated it mean that they are active and if they are active that means that they have nuclear contamination.

    81. Junaid Khan

      India is almost destroyed by its government’s COVID-19 polices.. As a so called bad neighbor Pakistani 🇵🇰 Prayers for Indian brothers

    82. Tumama Ceanix

      Pakistan has made their move

    83. Darío Gutierrez

      This is the most interesting video I have seen this year so far. Imagine losing a nuclear battery.

    84. Josiffrank

      Some of the stuff the Americans did to keep the "world safe" is mind-boggling

    85. Don Timberman

      Thought it was complete BS till you mentioned agents in black face then it was like yeah I can see that.

    86. Bayonet Charge

      This can be a movie 😂😂😂

    87. Rob Smith

      I can handle the idea of two bombs, one satellite but radiated balls do make me queasy.

    88. Rob Fleming

      Aren't "alpine" rivers (as mentioned a minute in) generally found in the Alps?

    89. Elf man

      Bruh I keep hearing 42.

    90. Devastate

      This needs to be made into a movie

    91. Necrodead

      why you telling china how to win? huh? why?

    92. Buck Slayer

      Of course it didn't work the idiots didn't even take into account the fact that the mountain was above the build limit obviously they haven't played minecraft

    93. Mayank Gupta

      Maybe it was true and India's PM shastri knew of such development and that's why he was found dead in suspicious circumstances

    94. GoWorldly

      What if it was stoled by someone

    95. michael hart

      Nice story, but there is no way the lost plutonium could cause the nuclear catastrophe described. It just ain't that easy to create such events. The first nuclear device wasn't made by putting a bunch of radioactive material inside a box and giving it a good shake.

    96. Greg Hawkins

      Stop calling people by their last names. Call them by their first names. We don't measure thing in meters in this country, we measure them in feet. 7,000 meters is 22,966 ft. 6,500 meters is 21,3256 ft. 3,000 meters is 9,843 ft. & 600 meters is 1,969 ft.

    97. gaurav rai

      "Kuch bhi"

    98. Dark Knight

      Isn't it easy to find a nuclear device? Won't it give out radiation signature?

    99. Spee Spa

      I turn on a thoughty4u video and expect to see someone commenting what this video was called before thoughty42 changed it. Anyone know?