What Happened to the Largest Animal to Ever Fly?


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    1. RandomStuffIDid

      0:45 yeah I know...stealth rock can be a bitch....anyone?👀

    2. I'm listening WAIT

      Well time to get on me qwesol base

    3. Jeroen Wubbels

      Like the name a lot. Says it all. Top 10 on the all time cool animal namelist

    4. Scott B

      Why are you speaking English and using asian measurements

    5. Red _

      I hate to say it, but you've gotta give it to the Nazis.. even tho they where horrible people (mostly) but that is pretty impressive

    6. Da Bruh

      He should make a video named “what happened to thoughty1?”

    7. Harvey Rosario

      why was it bad it burnit was naze the should burn

    8. PaTrYkoxYT

      knew it was quetz

    9. Type_44

      0:46 “Fire and Flying would never be a great combo” Eh you’re right, charizard sucks

    10. asdddasd asdddasdd

      Yes ants, great, being able to lift 10x or more of your body weight when you weigh 000000.1 grams is sooo useful. Imagine a small human that weighed like 50 lbs, that could lift 3x his weight. Great, 150 lbs is like nothing, despite lifting 3x your body weight is almost impossible by even the greatest lifters. Trying to give praise to things like that is pretty stupid.

    11. Юрий Джек

      You’ve changed so much in 4 years

    12. Peter Retep

      Weighted as much as a Grizzly bear. Grizzly Bear weights as much as 1000 hamsters. A hamster weights as much as 250 oreos without filling. Got my point?

    13. The Sprinkler

      Holy crap didn't even realize about the hindernberg story of that many people surviving. That's actually fascinating, a tragedy for sure but luckily some survived due to that. Came for birds and learned something else. Also like the way this dude speaks. Not too fast but let's you soak it in.

    14. David Moak

      Hey! Forty-Two here...

    15. Zaki Booker

      Me just wondering what the Hindenburg has to do with the largest flying animal lmao

    16. Stewart

      Could have been 10 minutes shorter, what the hell was the hindenburg in there for?

      1. Bendigo

        I was seriously confused. I was thinking wait, this isn't the video i wanted to watch...

    17. Brucifer Burton

      You misspoke. Archaeology is the study of past humans and not pterosaurs. That would be paleontology.

    18. Nitro297

      What happened to Thoughty1

    19. Skoski

      guessed it straight away :) good old ARK days :)

    20. TheRobloxMemer

      me who saw a frickin bug the size of my torso on my window: WHAT THE- ( no this is not a joke, my sister also saw it

    21. Dmitry Bahrt

      I love watching nazis burn

    22. JointOSRS

      My first quetz was killed by meganeurs after I didnt pay attention to the stamnia over the swamp.. :) I literally cried. rip quetzy 2016-2016

    23. Kreanon

      very interesting, dont get me wrong! but long ass intro to the actuall animal xD

    24. Darren Morales

      A “perosaur”?😂 dude cmon.

    25. Mrinmoy Biswas

      The study and finding of fossils are done by the Palentologists not the Archeologists.

    26. Konsumen

      *Spoiler* it died

    27. Magical Minty

      0:44 "Fire and flying have never been a great combo." - A man who doesn't know how jet engines work.

    28. Pedro Cabrera

      I just realized, after a very long time of watching this channel, that he's not saying, "42 Here." at the start, but rather, "Thoughty2 Here." For the longest time I've believed it was the former rather than the latter and I never questioned it until for some unknown reason my brain caught me today, my life will never be the same. P.s I accepted he was saying 42 bc I thought he was referencing the meaning of life this whole time.

    29. nobody no

      Dat monkey doe

    30. WitherWolf33

      *It Fell*

    31. Ezra Deplamer

      Paleontologist not archeologist ur smart u just made a seismic mistake, no worries

    32. Dylan W

      This dude really pronounced it perosaur everyone know the p is silent in pterosaur

    33. TECH-SPIDER 1

      Quetzalcoatles, nature's airplane

    34. Caleb Poulter

      he starts talking about animals 4:00 minutes in to the video. thank me later

    35. Bj Serv

      Well that sucks. I now couldn't give a fuck for those Nazi's.

    36. Servant Of The Lord

      Jesus Christ is coming soon

    37. Jeff Leake

      I remember as a child scientists thought they only way terrasaurs could get into the air was to throw themselves off cliffs or something

    38. Donald Uhlinger

      Actually it takes more than a tiny spark. Look up how hard it was to shoot those things down.

    39. Jeff TK

      Archaeologists Do not study dinosaur remains that is Paleontologists

    40. Eric Hirzel

      Sorry bud, unsubscribed. Your deliberately inaccurate thumbs are ruining expectations for your videos. You may get a few more clicks in the short term, but you're going to lose subscribers in the long term who appreciated your integrity.

    41. Justin Brapps

      You need to stop putting ads in

    42. Joseph Jeck

      Living as an albatross must be very lonely. Almost sad too think about

    43. NoVa

      I personally don't like this idea that the "size" of something is purely its dimensions. While yes, the Hindenburg in volume is much larger than most airliners of today, almost all of that volume is low-density gas, whereas the Airbus he mentioned is mostly high-density metal, which misconstrues the comparison in my eyes. There's a very good reason why the size of ships isn't measured by dimensions, but instead by displacement. If someone has actually looked into the mass of the Hindenburg compared to other large aircraft, I would love to see it.

    44. David Foster

      It's a shame such a beautiful interesting creature is extinct.

    45. David Foster

      Shit they could show this video in schools.

    46. Oreo oerO

      When he said the fossils were found in Texas I almost laughed

    47. Leona Lkova

      Video: on may 6th... Me: yayy my bday Video: ... the hindenburg Me: *oh no*

    48. Sadboysオフライン

      Huh well what about plankton?

    49. big fungis

      "Biggest flying vehicle made by humans" whats the biggest flyer made by other animals?

    50. Zane Frohn

      It fell out of animal fashion

    51. Geeko Freeko

      i dont care much but hearing this time & again pisses me off,can u plzz call it the shitty nazi symbol & not swastika bcoz it's not,just a request,no problems with the video just wanted to point that out :D

    52. Nick Mullins

      OK.... for someone supposedly as smart as Thoughty2..... Geologists deal with rocks... which includes fossils. Archeologists deal with the things in the human record... say in the last 200k years. Huge difference.

    53. Sahabah Khan

      It’s pronounced Teresaur not perasaur

    54. faisel mmorpg

      No you wrong it's rathalos

    55. SS1on

      When you search '' How to prounce pterosaur'' it will literally tell you, I have never ever heard anyone ever pronounce it perosaur

    56. Bert Smith

      Perosaur ?.

    57. Prehistoric Media

      Pterosaur😂😂😂😂😂 the p is silent oml

    58. Aaron Few

      The Hindenburg was also covered in the equivalent of modern day jet fuel. That’s one of the reasons it caught fire.

    59. Jessi James

      4:00 I like the sound

    60. Robert Devera

      Why wouldn’t it just eat other air animals? They are large in size and have plenty of meat.

    61. drake noduh

      I'd love to see the sources for this info

    62. Daniel Saavedra

      toruk makto

    63. Lavender-Rose Fox

      its pronounced terorsaur the p is silent cuz for some reason scince likes using latin and latin is a lot of silent leters from what ive seen with scientific names and words


      The helium boycott from the US was why they used methane gas instead. Hence why it caught fire.

      1. Bendigo

        Hydrogen, not methane.

    65. Nitish Arya

      Cool way to present

    66. Slightly Sarcastic

      This proves how boring the world we live in is

    67. KillerKinkstar

      What's with old vehicles and crashing and burning into catastrophe

    68. Kurt Schawacker

      Get InGen on the phone. We need big birds back in the skies. haha

    69. Christ The Man

      Your channel seems like it would tell me to use a usb in a outlet

    70. Wisp Studios

      K-T Extinction Event sounds like something SCP would come up with

    71. 76LunasLion2 Smith

      Im kind of on the ropes about if insects are stronger, because the reason why they can lift that much is because the gravity on that object doesnt change no matter how big or small you are, but because you are much smaller you cant lift as heavy as us, but you can lift way more than your body weight, because you are light. The gravity does not have much effect on you. Heres kind of an example, im a speed player, and people say you should only be able to lift depending on your body weight, but im light, but i can lift way more than my body weight, but not as much as the heavier guys.

    72. L04N M4N0R4K3

      DrAgOnS aRe A mYtH.

    73. Shane Mane

      That ah dragon 🐲

    74. Calum Clark

      "Fire and flying have never been a good combo" * Dragons want to know your location *

    75. Stenmk3 Roblox

      I dont know... But i know the name of it, its called a plane

    76. Alexis2andsoOn

      Airbus 8380?

    77. Matthew B

      5:32 was holding my phone sideways with my thumb in the middle. He really got me here, yelped a little in terror.

    78. angel rapallo

      he was made out of aluminum..

    79. Veztrius

      Why don't we just call the Quetzal a Flying Giraffe?

    80. Patryk Mazurkiewicz

      In 4:06 - environmental adaptation is not darwinistic evolution. Darwin's hypothesis of making a species of other species has never been proven and nothing seems species could be enhanced by tinkering randomly (environmentally-incidentally) with them.

    81. Superspidersam

      yo that’s a fucking dragon

    82. OG RIKKY YT

      Dragons left the chat

    83. Zelia Eastman

      What I learned from this 1. Mammals are horrible at flight 2. We should be scared of bugs 3. A T-rex was smaller than a giraffe

    84. David Edmondson

      The p in pterosaur is silent, as in swimming pool.

    85. Slinky

      13:48 ARCHAEOLOGISTS?? My man, please....

    86. PLK_ORBIT9224

      i new u was going to say that to bad they slow af in ark lol

    87. Al Lex

      Not bigger than a T Rex, sorry buddy

    88. Crashalot

      so basically there used to be a flying giraffe lizard

    89. wuut videos

      Dragon 🤗

    90. sergio battle

      So, any reason the subtitles are in Korean?? Lmao

      1. Bendigo


    91. Pedro Picado

      Archeologists? More like Paleontologists eh?

    92. Alfred Potgieter

      Mr forty. I feel like unsubscribing to all my channels...youre stuff is very under rated

    93. Big man


    94. wYatt121509

      "Largest insect to have ever lived." For now. We do not know all.

    95. Miguel mejia

      it was a blimp

    96. YAMERO CAT

      Sometimes it's hard to believe that such deadly huge creatures lived on this planet. And such a deadly Asteroid Gave birth to Humans.

    97. Metal Rules

      And @0:37 Led Zeppelin was born

    98. SkyHammer85

      It would really suck, if a Quetzal poo´s on your Car XD

    99. lil goof

      “Chunky boy”

    100. Kamal Anthony Justine