This Is Why You Always Leave the Store With Too Much Food


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    1. Knuckles badass industries reviewsforeverman Bryguy

      i work in a supermarket so i know the whole dynamic all to well?

    2. Skn

      Almost everything in this video, do not apply to my country(Norway). Carts are gone only at extreme busy times(i.e; right before holidays), and that's because there's not enough employees to man all the cash registers + constantly move the carts back and forth, so it takes longer for them to be placed back to the cart area, vs being at the cash-registry area(One better solution, would've been to have the customers return their carts themselves, but that's never gonna happen). Another big difference lies in the layout(except the candy portion, this is true), none of what's stated in this video holds true for Norway(at least in my city). Cheap brands are in the eye\mid section(often the store's own brands, which is why they want to sell that to you, which tend to be again; the cheapest). Cereals and such are split into adult\children section, so no competing about the same area. Discounts as well, have their own sections in the store, and are not found at the isle-ends(it'd clog things up too much). Definitly psychological manipulation going on, but it's primarily from brands, rather than the supermarkets, at least here. Fun fact; Lidl didn't manage to survive the Norwegian consumer market, there's multitude of reasons, but 2 of them is; 1: It attempted to give European culture to Norway, that doesn't work(we pack our bags at the registry thank-you-very-much, causing long ques and annoyed customers & employees alike) and 2: Norwegians are too stuck up in their own brands. Lidl carried it's own brands, which wasn't part of the Norwegian expected brand line-up, therefore, no one bothered going to Lidl to get stuff(you'll not go to 2 stores, you go to 2, why go to the one not carrying the brands you want?). Towards the end of Lidl, the only thing I ever heard about it was long slow ques(because again; only one cash-registry band pr registry, which meant a pause-period inbetween each customer), no selection(bigger stores than most Norwegian stores, but no "normal" Norwegian brands), and too much non-food related stuff(We arent' there to buy new sneakers, we're there to buy our groceries).

    3. Flygirl fly

      As a Flight attendant, my favorite trip is to London. Or was; since covid😢. My favorite stop is M&S produce. They have the most amazing fresh, ripe fruit. Where I live, decent fruit is non-existent. God, I miss it.

    4. Crimea River

      Thanks, I was just getting ready to go to the grocery store today. Pro tip; just make a shopping list and stick with it. You'll be immune to cheeky advertisement.

    5. Dylan Baarda

      man, humans are dumb

    6. Anders Termansen

      10:57 its not Even a Lie. There exist litterally hundreds of different kind of dinner i can Cook, as I live in My own. I difference in between like 10 kinds of meals, with very little New content.

    7. Jack Durden

      Children have “Pester Power” Ok, Ok! Just shut it! Adults have “The Squeakiest wheel gets greased” AKA- he/she who makes the most noise gets helped/dealt with/helped, first.

    8. Jack Durden

      If I must watch more Brie Larson ads= 🤢= 🤭= 🤮=✋=☠️

    9. - Astronomy for Beginners -A4B-

      I just love your Vlog. I don't know why it has taken me so long to discoverer it. Suppose it is just another one of Life's Mysteries? Another con trick that is used by Supermarkets, is the use of double packs of a product, ie, Double pack of bacon 25% off! yet most of the time (90%) if you look at the same brand's single pack, it works out cheaper when purchasing two pack than the double pack! Also buying two singles, most single packs even have a higher combined weight than the double pack. I know I use to work in a big store. Using offers always makes a product look more eye catching. If you have ever noticed.. They never put the special offers next to the normal? That's because they know you can't be arsed to walk all the way back to check the price of the single pack! Supermarkets also up a price, then a month later reduce back to it's normal price. So now you think.. What a bargain! All the best! -Fletch -

    10. Bruh

      The true reason I leave with more groceries then I planned I'm a fatass

    11. JayGee

      "Wet Ass Peppers." Almost missed that one! 👏

    12. Joshua Walker

      Not if you are poor tho' or live in a socialist/ communist country.

    13. Caren Northcutt

      milk, Starbucks cold grocery coffee and eggs are at the complete, opposite,catty-corner section from the front door where I usually grocery shop. All the way at the other side of the store. The bakery with the fabulous smells is also near the front door.

    14. Caren Northcutt

      also fresh, colorful flowers and helium balloons as close to the front door as possible. Promotes a fresh, non-rotted or decayed perception of the fruit/vegetable area. Never find flowers in the back or center of the store.

    15. Chary y Pachulito

      As Latina from Ecuador🇪🇨 living in London 🇬🇧thought is just me ☺️☺️.. everytime I say to myself..well I only need to buy couple of things and I repeat to myself Don't spend more money as I dont have ! I dont even take a basket when I pop in to the shop ( talking about going to the store after making your weekly shopping) and I dont even know how but I always finish with more than I expected 🤕😳

    16. Jim F

      another of my favorite ploys of retailers is the prepared food sales in the front of the store with starbucks and the insidious popcorn making machine to make you hungry when you walk in the door!!!!!!

    17. Nefus1988

      14:42 I work in a supermarket and I can tell you this is not the reason. Reason they have dairy in the back is because to make it easier to ship from the truck into the cooler room behind, imagine the headache if the dairy was at the front at the entrance. Also we usually pick cold or frozen products last because we don´t want them to get spoiled by room temperature. I see this supposed "trick" by supermarkets as fact everywhere and it makes my blood boil.

    18. Wendy Woo

      Decades ago, approx 3 decades, at the tende age of 22, i stood in front of shelves of cans, paralysed, unable to choose. I thought about this quite a lot. I coined a phrase 'choice paralysis' and have reliably found this phenomenon repeated with other people. This just from observation and a good working knowledge of how the brain works. Damn. I should have written a book about it. Should I sue that author for plagiarism? 🤣

    19. Gab3licious

      "Supermarkets are milking you guys... Now buy my book!" LMAO. On a separate note, I'm *never* buying peppers again...

    20. Buzz Killington

      1. Never go grocerie shopping when hungry. 2. Make a list in advance with what you need and whats on a weekly deal and stick to it. 3. You're welcome.

    21. corosta

      This youtube channel taught me more than school and university combined

    22. What The Heck

      Don't go to the grocery store when your hungry

    23. What The Heck

      Reduce the amount of chips in the bag and increase the price now they will come back to spend more money

    24. Paul ClipMaster

      The human response to color explains racism very well.

    25. Vociferon Herald of the Winter Mist

      When I was about seventeen my mother and I set out to do a day long marathon shopping trip. We had all the normal monthly shopping to do and holiday and birthday. All-in-all, we hit eight stores. We'd completed six when all of a sudden I really wanted to throw up. I grabbed the McDonald's bag we'd received our lunch in, but after a few minutes the wave passed. My mind scrambled to understand what had jacked up my system so bad. As we reached the checkout of store #7 my mother grabbed a candy bar and asked if I wanted one. With dawning horror, I realized that she'd done this at every SINGLE store we'd gone to. At that point we'd each consumed six full candy bars and one of mine was a giant sized peanut butter cups. I explained to her what we were doing and she didn't seem too concerned. She bought it, and I watched her eat it with amazement. And yes, she ate the eighth candy bar at store #8. I had been a very fat child, but had managed to learn about nutrition and exercise on my own and lost 50 pounds the summer I was fifteen. I've guarded my fitness carefully since then. But my mother wasn't fat. Over the years I've watched her consume an entire box of Hostess Ding Dongs over the course of an afternoon, an entire box of Oreos for a snack, half a loaf of bread with butter and jam, and a full box of crackers with a large block of cheese. We found out about fifteen years ago that she had Grave's Disease and that her thyroid was overactive. She was actually taking in the calories that she needed to maintain her weight and remain active. After a lifetime of eating like this, she's actually underweight now and that's with medical treatment. No diabetes or associated diseases. She has other issues, but none are related to this diet. This was a problem when my kids were little and I couldn't leave my diabetic son in her care when he was small.

    26. MXICMX

      Lmaoooooooooooooo love your videos

    27. Aquilla Whingate

      I have come to the fact that i have been conditioned to save money and not buy on impulse alone even if I do on occasion; having a list and knowing the shop layout help yes before having to learn the new layout of the shop. We all do what we can, and buy for a few days and not a week.

    28. Shawn Noyes

      We have some different characters here in the US (or maybe just different products) but on Big Bang Theory there was an episode where Raj points out that they are ALL male... does that hold up over the pond? -Shawn

    29. Bongumenzi Dlamini


    30. Kevin Koshy

      You should do another video on how social media and youtube tricks you into watching more than what you initially intended to.

    31. Angela Hamon

      Financial advisors used to tell people to use the delivery services to avoid impulse buying and it justified the fee. Fees have decreased but digital coupons can run that total up, and the fees still make you buy more "to get your money's worth ". I know from experience. It is worth it to stay out of the store.

    32. FG Ó Conghaile

      the store managers watching this video are like: fuck they've figured us out

    33. Grant Langheinrich

      We never leave with enough

    34. Arthur Perrier

      I work in a butter factory in France, and to ship say like to Japan, one year is just added to the expirery date. So it doesn't mean anything really, for butter at least

    35. Rochelle Rochelle

      LOL!!! Well, we all know why Seattle residents spent more than anyone else. Their city was held hostage by thugs and criminals

    36. G. Vanderleun

      PLEASE TO KEEP the full sleeve tattooed freaks out of the frame. Thank you.

    37. Matthew Heeke

      I laughed soooooo hard at the pester power kid, been there many times!

    38. BrodyLuv2

      You are a verbal trickster, but it's cool.. you are good at it.

    39. VITTXRIO

      I get the trolley just the buy few stuffs. The look on their eyes at the cashier. 👀

    40. badgothnobiscuit

      We eat everything I get, which consists of whole natural foods. I do buy a lot of food because my husband is very large and muscular. Yes, it costs me a fortune. On top of his needs, I'm diabetic and can't eat cheap carby stuff. It scares me because if we fall on hard times I am going to be in big trouble.

    41. Dhruva Shah

      And here I am, an Introvert. We will always make a list of stuff to buy, and we go out about once a month, so we don't have an overspending problem. 16:05 what moron would spend 40 minutes shopping? If they were buying something expensive, like a new PC, or furniture I understand, but how does one spend 40 minutes shopping for food and other groceries?

    42. Anacristina Ruiz figueroa

      Casually chooses between 30 choices of jam

    43. Terapodlet

      the thing about the baskets is probably true but as someone that works in a supermarket i can say that everyone hates there job to much to care about most of this. good video tho. love your vids

    44. MC Fox

      They don't even offer baskets at my local Walmart. They do at where I work, but they're out of the way, and not where people would look for them

    45. Abi Kerr

      For Malaysia it's not always the case. Since we have boring ugly supermarkets, when a new one with awesome aesthetic interior and great selection of products that are imported comes in, you have won the heart of Malaysians

    46. Felix Django O'Clair

      Here in USA they have little 5 dollar kids drinks with action figures on the cap, they put them right at eye level for children and it's so wrong.. literally the adult equivalent drink is like 3 dollars and way bigger.

    47. iepurela


    48. Gothic-Rose Novorossiya

      Recently, they spoil mood at the very beginning with their insufferable security officers :-D That is when I run in rage to grab bare essentials and return still fuming in anger :-D Maybe ,more people has to more often argue with security's double standards and other insanities more often :-D

    49. Cristian Alexandru Cojoc

      just make a list and usually i just get what is on the list, that i make the day before, and i most of the time not buy everything than buy extra, i also follow the discounts and compare products from all the supermakets and get the best prices

    50. HesderOleh

      The jam choice study has failed replication trials and is considered debunked by many.

    51. The Matrix Weave

      i just get pissed off and want to get out as quick as possible especially when they've moved shit around, Aldi and Lidl are the worse!

    52. Rhys Wong

      Well you got to be broken to be strong and focus inside a supermarket. Especially the snacks aisle.

    53. justoneoftheguys111

      I went to several years of occupational therapy to treat sensory processing disorder when I was little. I sometimes forget that that kind of thing doesn’t just magically go away, and this video made me feel.... much better about almost bursting into tears at the grocery store after a hard day of work... it’s easier to have a sensory meltdown when you’re in a place that’s designed to overwhelm NEUROTYPICAL sensory processing jfc

    54. Born on the 3rd of July

      I'm smart. I don't fall for this shit. I make a list.

    55. theblitz9

      This is why I make a shopping list

    56. Drat789

      and food in sale is mostly not in sale which you realize later and dont care about it even the price was two time higher

    57. Chief Rocka

      Costco doesn’t mark their isles just so that you can explore the whole store.

    58. TheAzynder

      That would not explain why I always have plenty of baskets left and most shops just introduced high rise trolleys which are a fraction of the size of a traditional one. Cereal is nefarious though, often marketed to children, laden with sugar and advertised as healthy because it contains whole wheat. Muesli is no better or at the very most, marginally. I don't know about misting, but I have never seen it happen nor have I encountered a surface moist fruit, unless you count pickles, they do use special lighting to make them look appealing though. It's also mandatory to state the price of per litre or kg, depending on product, as well as the price of said packaging with tax, to make comparison easy. I can ofc only speak locally.

    59. The Cules

      lmao i dodnt have money rn....bought mince and sausages ahead of time....tooo much food??? bitch not in africa

    60. Drew W

      Shopping is a speed run for me. I rush through the experience as fast as I possibly can even if it means I miss items I meant to get. Number 1 reason? God awful pop music. Words can't express how much I hate the cerebral torture they call music this generation. Heck if they played classical, psytrance, quality music, I'd go there for fun.

    61. PicklePowell heywood

      Freakishly you used my birthday in this video where the use by dates were! 😂 Maybe I'm off???

    62. Vilbert

      ,,,,unless you get a restrictive ed and become hyperaware of your consumption

    63. TheJollyRogers Racing

      06:22 *V6 turbo hybrids... but that's just details.

    64. Charlie Brown

      I bring a list, and stick to it. Only one impulse item at a visit. Works, sorry.

    65. QuIcK sNiPeS

      Yes, but I don't use a "trolly" .... it's a basket.

    66. bristoled93

      Some of these techniques don't work on me as when I go shopping it all needs to fit into my backpack.

    67. Vollification

      5:00 Also per kilo veggies are cheap. It's the easiest way the store can broadcast "look how cheap everything is, fill that trolley because you won't lose any money anyway" :D And then the prices slowly go up until you hit the most expensive stuff in the back (and this is where the stores rake in the big profits).

    68. Esai Padilla

      "Nonbreatharians" nice call back.

    69. Samanta Samanta

      LOL definitely not me. Just think through before going for shopping. Just necessary things need to buy. If I need bread i just go to the market buy that bread and walk away. :D

    70. Rob Fenwitch

      Tesco reduces choice by noticing things that I like and then discontinuing them. I'm certain there's a bloke dedicated to removing my favourites.

    71. Incandescentiron

      This is why I will often walk into a store without picking up a basket. Once my hands are full I'm done.

    72. john fyten

      WAP. Wet Ass Peppers. Brilliant!

    73. Ziplokk

      The mask wearing public are the brainwashed ones. So you have brainwashed people going into a place that brainwashes them all over again. Hilarious. But that’s part of the reality of the bell curve world in which we live.....

    74. Jason Roland

      how is 221 trips a year to a supermarket not more mind boggling than 60 hours a year? i shop for an hour and get everything i need for a week... UK is going 4 days a week? do they not have in-home refrigeration? or pantries? that 221 number blows my mind. going anywhere that isn't a job 4 times a week... is a job.

    75. hairy potato

      Isn’t music another thing they use

    76. Rambling Rob

      Only when I got home I remembered i forgot to buy Orange Juice which I actually needed so next day had to go to a local shop an get some, but I managed to buy two Easter Eggs I didn't go in for

    77. Rambling Rob

      Your video is old. your out of touch with big stores now

    78. Rambling Rob

      my Asda don't use go in and see clothes first the candles and homeware

    79. Crazy Blind Jake

      We also keep the eggs and milk relatively close to each other..

    80. Crazy Blind Jake

      Ironically, I actually work in a grocery store I've been there nearly 20 years. The company I work for action prefers to keep the shopping carts readily available meaning keeping them in as much as possible to be fair I like them to get a little bit low so I can go grab the majority of them all at once. Perhaps I should convey this to my bosses.

    81. Big Idiot

      Omg lol Iceland

    82. Roland Katsuragi

      I'm must be an outlier because I don't fall for any of these schemes

    83. Nom

      When there's no basket, I just carry it in my hands. 🤷 End up buying less.

    84. Elfie From Angel City

      Part of the introvert squad here that drives corporate business mentality up the wall. Ok...the impulse buy at the front gets my sweet tooth sometimes. BUT I know exactly what I'm walking into there. I also stop by the candy aisle knowing it's a better deal than the stuff up front.

    85. romanvampire

      there are exceptions to the rule, Like the belgian colruyt used almost none of these tricks.. but cause customers outside belgium have gotten so used to supermarkets having those tricks, launching the concept decenia later outside belgium all failed.. people don't know what's good for them and are easy seduced to what unheathly and more costly..

    86. Felix Sowry

      I finally have an excuse to buy my beer from the more expensive bottle store

    87. Abdessalam Alawi

      “F1 cars packing V8s...” oh my boy ur living in the good past 😪😪 they’re packing hybrid V6s now sadly

    88. ???

      Of course it's just capitalism

    89. Travis Shaw

      Do Costco next they make the grocery store look tiny

    90. Anar Dine

      100/1 Dislike, like ratio. Deserved. Keep doing what you do Arran.

    91. Jonathan Machado

      Roflmao I love this show

    92. SubversiveMemes

      I never thought I'd ever hear a British guy mention Kroger. I mean, Walmart is famous around the world, but Kroger is just a Midwestern American thing.

    93. Joshua Brown

      good. I'm just about to pop out and do some shopping, right after Darren Brown's audiobook because he's right this is my 7th youtube video. then I'm gonna pop to Iceland and aldi for a food shop. but after all this hypnosis brain manipulation how do I not pick up 30 bars of chocolate and do a sensible food shop?

    94. Chad Smith

      why is everything so horrible?

    95. Nexus Smile

      What happens in the Super market stays in Super Market

    96. Brandon Fowler

      Lucky Charms elf!?! Excuse me? That, Sir, is a leprechaun.

    97. david appleton

      on the 1st lock down only i went shopping leaving the wife at home and the shopping bill was 1/2..i only get food with good feed value,,,did you know spam is more expensive pr lb than rump steak .and i not by crap processed food

    98. Esperança Capelão

      I come back to this channel after a while.... And both his mustache and accent has grown thicker

    99. Super Fire 64 Gaming

      This has never happened to me. I go in with a list, and I leave with what’s on this list and then I realized I forgot to put what I actually needed on the list

    100. Rohit Rathnam

      Hey, think it's Sheena Iyengar, not Lyenger