This Is the Worst Job in History


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    Gepubliceerd op 22 dagen geleden


    1. Chaos X Otaku

      you can also thank john snow for helping to start the clean up movement as he was the one who started connecting the dots with the cholera outbreak

    2. Ruling Gods Idly

      Man did i come to the right place..oddly enough i've been stressing about trying to find a better way to clean my hoes.

    3. Marv Watkins

      Again, it must be downstream @ about 16:00. Let the sewage float to France. That's where many Londoners would have no doubt wished it to go.

    4. Marv Watkins

      At 16:25, I do hope he meant to stay DOWNstream. Upstream would definitely defeat the sewers purpose.

    5. Latający Osiołek

      Maybe a video about Warsaw's sewers?

    6. Melkirdin Marais

      Tosher penny to your witcher

    7. Flygirl fly

      I'd think contracting TYPHOID & PARASITES would be the reason for a much shorter life span🤢

    8. Wolvez_

      That job is pretty epic ngl.

    9. Cak Wik

      1:37 Romans: so u remember why u called barbarians back then?

    10. Joniboii

      The titles always sound like clickbait but the video isn’t

    11. Mr K F

      HOLY SHIT!

    12. Dovahsmurf

      They did this in Paradise PD. They called it being a shitpicker.

    13. StopFear

      Imagine what a good basis for a movie or a show could be a setting of 19th century England which focused on a group of toshers trying to get through life

    14. StopFear

      You guys ever heard the scary story about the tushers who were skinny enough they climbed through the sewer passages backward, came out from the resident’s outhouse. They then stole a bunch of things and disappeared back into the hole. Absolutely true story. These people were given a peculiar nickname which later became a real last name. This family name was TRUMP. It is in fact how we have the word TrAmp, when referring to some dirty small person or a young person in the streets. That’s because the Trumps were often kids since they were smaller and got through the sewers easier. All truez

    15. Jack Again

      Biden's speech writer?

    16. CherryPicking

      I'd have toshed the hell out of those sewers. Find me some jewelery and adventures...

    17. D00Mguy 1987

      "Honey! I'm home, ye hear?" "Jeeh! Ya reek of shite!" "No wonder deary! I be a thosha!"

    18. bertha craff

      This video was very educational and funny. I love the way you say the word shit.

    19. Kaleb Nolan

      It’s good to know I earn slightly more a year than someone who would literally slosh through shit, I guess that’s why they call us poor people shit kickers

    20. Shane Garcia

      you've never heard of a fluffer

    21. GloryGlory Hole’allelujah

      I’m fairly certain *”Bone Grubber”* is my new favorite job title/insult. 😆❤️

    22. Skaven85

      At least the toshers didn´t have to deal with a 300 ton heavy lump of fat.

    23. Anne Grey

      Ah, industry. You never fail to put the few out of business for the needs of the many.

    24. Kingdom Cars

      Hey, 42 here


      Under ground pig army 😂😂😂 I’ll never believe that.... nor the darn vaccine 😂😂😂

    26. Stephane Dorion

      Subtiltes: Hey 42 here... 😉

    27. Darren Joseph

      I'm eating while watching this

    28. Manchester United Club

      Why do i always hear 42?

    29. Tzar Nick

      Fourty two(42) i really like this video

    30. Guy Gardner

      A new insult to use..."Toshin' Tosher"

    31. Netman648

      Turns out this wasn't good video to watch while eating.

    32. Ben Dover

      So no face to face customer service? Sorry, man. That's a great job to me! This guy is a Viltrumite for sure.

    33. Valkyrie Arts

      ROUS's lived in London sewers?

    34. hlf_coder

      Today we just call toshers the media

    35. Brody Lockley

      Kinda like a shit picker

    36. Mïçhæl Möōrę

      I kinda feel like the dead gatherers during the bubonic plague(Black Death) probably had the worst job. Others jobs were disgusting but handling plague corpses had to be almost suicidal.

    37. Surfermario

      Could a dumpster diver be considered like a cousin to the tosher?

    38. Skittlekid2000 _

      Thottypoo here

    39. DiamondNose

      no because some people had a job where you wipe the Kings ass after he shits

    40. Jordan Ellington

      The toshers might be the best punk rock band name never used

    41. RollingCheeseCart

      Being a slave is the worst job. You don't get paid.

    42. Garettteh

      Too bad that I am trying to eat my burger watching this episode ..... not expecting human wastes in history playlist.

    43. Ryan Webley

      Hey forty two here

    44. I'm the captain now

      the worst job ive seen is some unfortunate man diving into a manhole full of sewage or oil to unclog it without any gear. I guess this is just as bad lol

    45. drego5

      Would this be the etymological origin of the insult "tosser" ?

    46. SilentVinyl


    47. Nicolas Cabrera

      Hmmmm so that is where they got the idea for rats eating npcs in Dishonored nice

    48. monkeyape456

      Is this where tosser comes from

    49. Dustin Fay

      Someone else has probably mentioned this. But, don't you mean down stream? If they dump the sewage up stream it's just going to flow down steam right back into London..

    50. Charl Dippenaar

      Always good.

    51. MeriKa Tools

      I guess it beats least the shit washes off

    52. welawton92

      Hey, Forty2 here

    53. Pixilmon

      Well the British were never very clean

    54. Edogthecrusader

      The thumbnail is meme material

    55. Trust Mubaiwa

      I can't help but notice your shirt, I had to Google barbour shirts to get me one of those.

    56. Ariel Alexander Sosa Sanchez

      so Dishonored rat gangs are reall them? Damn...

    57. Cosmic Nautilus

      Isn't hydrogen sulfide flammable? That lantern could kill.

    58. Nahualrite m8

      So, snitching on your neighbor is not a corona-era novelty for the British government...

    59. Cryosthesia 77k

      The pig thing could be due to the fact that methane gas is actually considered a hallucinogen and it was effecting how some of them saw the giant rats. Toshers were essentially getting stupidly stoned while also getting rich off other people's shit.

    60. Oh Asis

      Informative and interesting but I always thought that the worst job was picking lobsters out of Jayne Mansfield's butt.

    61. Nick C

      700 pounds to eat out a tosher damn

    62. Richard Castro

      I wonder if paris had tosher's. The catacombs might have had tons of treasure, behind many deteriorating corpses

    63. clover leaf

      I didn't know English River was once so dirty. Indian River isn't that bad compared to this. But we try it clean this.

    64. clover leaf

      There is a job which collects human dung for cleaning here in our state. But it was in the past, no such job exists today.

    65. besnkinic

      I suppose we're all just toshers then, sometimes

    66. Byrdland57

      I remember watching this guy in middle school yet hes never aged

    67. GothGoo

      If I fell in something like that, I would simply cease to be.

    68. The Hitcher

      “Thank you, I’ve been making a list of appalling east end jobs”

    69. wojtekpolska

      Wonder what happened to the old sewers, you say some were very deep underground so i doubt that they were demolished and filled in with dirt.

    70. wojtekpolska

      Would you use a spoon from a tosher?

    71. Name unbekannt


    72. John Mellon


    73. Simon-Patrick Johnson

      More like a fart multiplied by a wind tunnel

    74. MugenTJ

      I have the best job. Here to laugh at, I mean observe, what mortals are up to!

    75. Giuseppe RS

      Mud larking is still a thing in London!

    76. Adam Williams

      Planet earth is god's rubbish dump-try and get a good job,if you can.


      From the way that thoughty2 talks about acid he either took it and got scared and didnt like it or he has never taken it i think lol

    78. Albion Imperial guard

      Hey 42 here

    79. Stuart Ronald

      You know what they say; there's sugar among the shite!

    80. Al Pol

      I work around sewers and can confirm that h2s is definitely bad news

    81. AnalystPrime

      Reminds me of the Sherlock Holmes story where the missing gentleman turned out to have been disguising himself as a beggar and earning more selling matches than he had in his previous job. But one question remains: Why did they outlaw digging stuff out of sewers? Did some "respectable gentleman" get offended that a honest worker could earn more recycling his waste than he did creating it? Some bleeding heart idiot heard that people might die down there so going into sewers must be banned? The bobbies wanted some easier arrests?

    82. Ben Priest

      Why couldn't there be pigs down there?

    83. Drac22

      Aren’t they still doing that today? (Magnet Fishing)

    84. michael fisher

      and London is still full of out of work toshers to this day

    85. michael fisher

      Dirty little toshers

    86. Jordan Lunn

      Is this where the british insult tosser came from then?

    87. Jack Durden

      I have to hand it to ya, that was really interesting! But the horror those men endured, was it truly worth the pay? I just can’t seem to wrap my head around that much jewelry and gold, etc., to think that multiple men could every day come home with a decent score? There would need to be some very drunk and wealthy bar patrons who’d wander into the streets and dropping so many valuables into the shit water. It’s so unlikely, but hey, if they were able to earn a decent living from it, and found themselves able to deal with the smell. And also live alone as I cannot imagine any woman that would live with one of those toshers(sp?) then they’d be making their living only for themselves. And if they could, more power to ‘em! Great video!

    88. Kaybe Vang

      I like this guy’s sense of humor

    89. Akro XL

      After seeing this in my feed 975,432,784,351 times I finally decided to click to get it off and it’s actually not half bad

    90. Mr. Medic man

      I would have to disagree, being a child chimney sweeper in the Victorian Era, in my mind is the worst job in history.

    91. Egan Gutenberger

      42 here

    92. Itorca

      Sadly this is still lucrative

    93. Roger Wilco

      Still a more lucrative job than Instacart

    94. Felix Sowry

      Watching this before work was I good idea. I might enjoy my time on the job today.

    95. Mehdi Khazane

      Anyone knows the name of the music in the background?

    96. All Things M3

      In one of my old shops when I first moved in, I opened a drawer and a rat bigger than a cat was in there. I grabbed my Glock and shot that big bastard. It weighed 23.45 pounds on the scale. That included some missing blood and a 9mm slug in it. Nose to tail was 42 inches biggest rat me or any of my employees had ever seen. Sorry no pictures of it. Happened back in 2000 and camera phones didn’t exist and most pictures were on film and I didn’t keep a camera at the shop. I do have 4 people that will swear to it in court because they saw.

    97. All Things M3

      No showers back then damn that’s pretty shitty. I think I would rather be a carpenter and not smell of shit 24/7.

    98. x Swafty

      Shout to my ancestor Jonathan Swift, always love seeing his appearances in random media

    99. Socially NonCompliant

      Not as bad as a fluffer

    100. Roger Aldrich

      I just checked Wikipedia to make sure, the new sewer system dumped the waste downstream to the Thames estuary, not upstream as Thoughty2 says twice. I only checked the first fifty or so comments so my apologies if this has already been pointed out.