This Family Found a Talking Creature Living in Their Walls


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    1. Thoughty2

      Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days.

      1. casual crab warfare


      2. Don't Be

        Who really believes Raid is a good game that people play? Did you ever download it yourself lol... it's dead like the mongoose. Must be some Chinese type of laundry ponzi scheme or something because I don't know who's putting money into that crap... but I've been a mobile gamer for like 5 years and never ever once considered this game a top10 choice. Try Dragonball Legends, and then install Raids lol.

      3. Armando Lachlan

        @Frederick Adam definitely, been using Flixzone for years myself :D

      4. Frederick Adam

        a tip: you can watch series on flixzone. Been using them for watching loads of movies these days.

      5. Lou Sensei

        Link to her interview?

    2. YaviRasta


    3. Aa Aah

      RAID Shadow Legends sure knows how to make people hate them

    4. Alexander Evans

      Some may say that they discovered the eighth wonder of the world.

    5. NDK0

      Raid taken over? Only ppl getting paid by them likes it

    6. dippyfish

      Brownie. Definitely a Brownie.

    7. Logan

      I'm really tired of the sponsored crap. I pay for no ads and shouldn't have to deal with sponsored ones either

    8. Taylor Parsons

      Ii loved the flixer of sarcasm in his eyes when talking about raid

    9. MidgetshootingGunsAk ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

    10. Gamer Sans

      I disliked when i heard that there actually wasn't a talking undead mongoose. Clickbait.

    11. Ghost Hunter

      OH FFS you too with the Raid Shadow Legends!?!?

    12. Kmangod

      Gef sounds similar to covid-19....

    13. Here now

      Weird do you want to hear my recordings?

    14. Alana Banana Canada

      Don't poison geffff!

    15. Slothy387 Pooh

      15:44 wow. Voira really needed her teeth kicked in at that point.

    16. Cook Poo

      Most of the time, I'm just staring at the moustache.

    17. casual crab warfare

      Skimpy mongoose lingerie LOL

    18. Nathaniel Prince Coulter

      You're better than that. No raid.

    19. Henri-fillip BAUER

      What did I just watch ?

    20. Union Jack: The voice of England

      Fuckin' ads interuptin' my story....I'm leavin' Gef.

    21. Nicholas Post

      Idk might just be the 8th wonder

    22. ChristopherCobra

      Gef is real.....or was real.......And I will declare that openly until my end of days! He is far more believable than most of the people around me. In fact......I've never actual seen Mr. Trump in person.......hmmm......Gef is more real than Trump! Gef....2024!1! I mean really, if I'm gonna vote for a foul mouth zombie it may as well be a mongoose.

    23. Jeremy

      I think Bob's Burgers referenced this case in the episode where Tina falls in love with the ghost named Jeff who lives in a box.

    24. AppearedHalo9

      lemon demon has a song based on this event

    25. Leslie Benya

      So I love all your videos but I was wondering why it sounds like you say “42” but it reads “Thoughty2” am I hearing you wrong? Thanks :)

    26. Jimmy upadhyay

      I don't think i would ever hear words like self conscious talking supernatural mongoose in my life in a sentence.

    27. Shonono Yeetus

      You what

    28. Syn Aesthesia

      i found this video quite hilarious, great stuff. Gef probly has a Raid account yknow.

    29. The Indotaku


    30. FrogBones


    31. Lou Sensei

      Link to her interview?

    32. Lou Sensei

      1937 is late 30s not early 30s lol.. Small mistake. I'll let it slide😉

    33. Pancake Master

      I will never download raid shadow legends however many NLnamers are sponsored by it regardless of how good their content is

    34. Thinking OwO


    35. PuertoRicanPrincess

      Your videos are so lovely and weird!

    36. daddybenny

      I believe in Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp and George noory and Elon Musk and Joe Rogan our true pioneer's of the free world

    37. ゆい714

      I came here to hear about RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

    38. Angry Juice

      Let's do a game Every time a video gets sponsored by Raid, drink one bottle. Guys, this dood is not making shit up, there is an article and old newspapers about Geff the Mongoose

    39. Paul V

      I think they confused mongoose for cat. 🤔. Everyone knows my cat can talk. Stupid Mongoose.

    40. Darren Wittman

      As a child heard something screaming in the wall told my parents for a week finally dad heard it was scary ,never forgot, damn cat was never so glad to be cut out of wall

    41. Dale Shelden

      His name in pronounced yo ton.

    42. The Aussie Repair Guy

      I wish people would find different sponsors...

      1. The Aussie Repair Guy

        @Sean A Tron 2000 Yes, and so was about 3 million other videos. and yet, I don't see anyone playing it.

      2. Sean A Tron 2000

        "This episode was sponsered by:" Raid Shadow Legends

    43. Mike Dragon

      "Extra clever earthbound spirit Ghost in the form of a mongoose And I have hands and I have feet I'll never die, I am a freak Hello, I'm here, I'm living in the wall I know, I might be small but I am a freak Thou wilt never know what I am I am the fifth dimension and I will split the atom And if you see me, you're paralyzed Pillar of salt, you're mummified" Soon as I read the title of the video, my mind went _straight_ to that song. You know the one.

    44. epic gamer 101

      3 or 4 ads isn't bad at all you deserve more subscribers keep up the good work

    45. SacredSea

      Is it pronounced gef or gef?

    46. Tim Plumer

      Any LPOTL fans out there? HONK HONK!

    47. Anndersen Fremin

      honey... you are too good for raid shadow legends.

    48. mohd yusof Ibrahim

      After watching many of your informative videos finally i punched that subs button!

    49. Guitar Guru .357

      “Riki Tiki Tavi? Yeah, I know that bitch”. - Gef

    50. TheArchitect

      I hate how even if you pay for premium you can’t escape the propaganda. It’s straight up apart of the video now

    51. Gad Castillo

      i too would like an indian mongoose named Gef

    52. J B

      I thought our family had the same thing happen, but it turned out it was just my grandmother locked in the guest closet in the other room. Took weeks to figure it all out. Sorry grandmama.

    53. ArawnsFire

      . . . . . and now will never own a Nissan .

    54. Christine Cardozo

      What a crazy story, people are so weird

    55. Christine Cardozo

      As the mongoose flies 😆

    56. DonT-ToucH-Me PG13

      Am I the only one who laughed at, "My name is Jeff!"

    57. I Created An Account For This

      That flag

    58. David Roddick

      Clearly the talking dog Mona decided to play a huge prank on the Irvings.

    59. Stanetti Els

      Raid. 🤢🤢🤮🤮.

    60. JustAnEldritchGod


    61. Darth KillsAll

      Weed man

    62. #Campaign-Donation-Cap

      I would have punched James.

    63. John Bicknell

      Price by the way investigated the house Borley rectory. Supposedly the most haunted house in England (until it mysteriously burned down) A lot of his evidence of supernatural incidences are on tape. A lot of photographs and so on. Glad the place burned down. The whole hamlet of Borley was effed up.

    64. John Bicknell

      I remember reading about this when I was 11 in a book about supernatural incidents. In one incident he supposedly bite the hand of a member of the family and then told them to put some medical lotion on it. Such a weird story.

    65. John Costello

      ....and then they were sectioned under the mental health act

    66. Ndow Roccus

      Did Gef play Raid? I can’t tell which got more credit

    67. toxiCity_ nightmArz

      The zoologist said that it wasn’t like any animal he had ever seen not a dog

    68. Joe Rogers

      Thoughty2 tells the story of Gef the Talking Mongoose. Me: That can't be true. One google search later. Me: 😳

    69. Smoking Beetles

      So many cancer ads on Google.

    70. mike smith

      He has more than that figured out 😃

    71. Alexius Scott

      One of the best stories you’ve ever done 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    72. Z

      The parents just didn’t want to own up to the fact they taught their daughter to swear like a sailor.

    73. Some Thing

      My name is Gef 😆

    74. The Chosen One

      hahahaha 1852.........that time there was nothing called as new delhi.......that was only delhi..........this prooves how fake the story is.

    75. ItzAidan S.

      Whoever reported this story was on drugs

    76. anonomous anonomous

      Thoughty two just said he loves men!

    77. William Baker

      Tell me oh spirit. What is your name 👁️👁️

    78. Heru- deshet

      We have a talking weasel as a vice president in America.

    79. Paul Green

      I remember reading about Gef in an old paranormal mysteries book when I was a kid. I didn't buy it back then either :'D

    80. Raven Ravella

      " Self-conscious supernatural talking Mongoose! " XD

    81. Hildugard

      Banner Saga is much better btw.

    82. Hildugard


    83. Isaac Gonzalez

      🎩🐸Hello, my baby! Hello, my honey! Hello my ragtime gal...

    84. Ur\momz 69 a/hoe

      I dont even know what to think anymore this shit is wild

    85. Wayne McLean

      Wow, island of the dumb

    86. BearMouse

      My names Jeff

    87. IRON MAGE

      'Raid' has categorically NOT EVER completely taken over mobile gaming. wtf are you lying blatantly? It's crap, it's a scam, it's poorly made with terrible customer service. You let your self down dude

    88. ColdMoonlight

      Sounds like Voirrey might have had a slight personality disorder...

    89. iamhungey12345

      It wasn't long ago it was the bugs who are scared of RAID. Now we know how they feel...

    90. Kamy Kam

      I can't believe I watched this whole video

    91. Sims Simms

      I found a talking bat once

    92. LookingGlass ✔️

      When I was a wee lad, my younger brother would claim a creature was living under his bed, the creature would hide from me of course and according to him, it was allergic to air currents so he couldn't come out. He had a name and everything. So one day, tired of his bullshit, I took the vacuum cleaner and directed the air flow to under his bed to "kill it", my brother started to cry, I crawled under his bed to find the creature's corps, obviously not finding anything, when I came out, my brother jumped on me and broke my neck. Bastard.

    93. tacoman

      Bet he don't even play raid lol

    94. Cobalt Harbor

      Giving this man a lot of shit over a raid ad, dudes, he has to pay his takes somehow.

    95. Charles Perez

      I am a scientific person, but this reminds me of a story told to me by a friend who grew up on a large rural property in Minnesota,USA. When he was a child, aged about 7, he and his brother walked to the back of their property where there was a large tree stump. They approached the stump, and (pardon any politically incorrect terminology), a dwarfish little man ran out from underneath and screamed at them to go away. Years later, as adults, he asked his brother about the incident. His brother was 5 at the time of the incident, and replied “ wait! You remember that? I thought it was just a dream that I had as a child!!” As they were discussing this, their younger sister walked up, and said, “Are you talking about the badger under the tree stump???” They were shocked, and asked her what she experienced. She was 3 years old, a talking badger emerged from the stump, and was kind to her, unlike her older brothers. Apparently the badger asked her to tell her some jokes, or any silly songs that she knew! The badger was amused and asked her to return some other day, which she did, and told the badger more funny things. They all had totally separate memories of this tree stump, only sharing them much later on as adults! Again, I am a scientific person, but, whuuut the heck????

    96. Aaron Scott

      I really don't think your being honest about raid

    97. Imighteatu Alilhungry

      Gef was obviously cursed by a witch and got turned into a mongoose. RIP Gef

    98. Joyce Koch

      Gef is a strange story. If we take Gef at his word, this spirit entered the Mongoose in 1852. How Gef got to England one has to assume Gef hopped a ship but why defies explanation. The climate change would seem hostile for a Mongoose so Gef's story is suspect. What is strange is Gef went 80 years without speaking but suddenly in a matter of weeks masters the English language and others. Like a Poltergeist, he was attached to Voirrey, a 13 year old unhappy and sexually frustrated young woman. Now, what is odd is the human hands of Gef. This would be more of a human trait but Gef possessed supernatural nonhuman traits which takes one back to the idea that a Poltergeist possessed a Mongoose. Gef according to my theory, simply wanted Voirrey. He wanted her energy and her very body and soul. In the end, Gef got none of those things but did wreck Voirrey's life - which is about the most any Poltergeist can hope for. Did other people see Gef? The answer is surprisingly yes. Several neighbours saw the creature though they did not hear it talk.

    99. thhseeking

      "Shoot it with a rifle, whatever it was"- a rifle is a kind of firearm with grooves inside that barrel to make a bullet spin, increasing accuracy. No, no need to thank me!

    100. KönigstiGerhart

      Amongus? 😱 SUS 💯