Meet the Most Wanted Man in History


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    Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British NLnamer and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos about science, tech, history, opinion and just about everything else.
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    1. Thoughty2

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      1. Najailin Reed

        bruh not gonna lie that kinda look like u

      2. Bucket Head Fan

        You're so adorable! I love it when you smile and laugh! Thank you for this!

      3. GGgamerr Realo

        What about the zodiac killer that’s all I have to say not talking about your comment

      4. tiotemenas

        dude Pablo Escobar was more wanted 1000%more. (he was a billionaire drug dealer like dude cmon)

      5. Hippin Dippin

        Bro thats you without a mustache

    2. Dinosaur Razorscooter

      Looking dashing as usual sir

    3. Gangsta-duck-24

      People who go to international schools tend to have an accent that sounds different from every other accent. Most people think we are American when they hear the accent, so he could have been from anywhere if he went to an international school

    4. Josiah

      i seen him near my city before

    5. Crispy Bred

      That joke didn't land almost like the plane

    6. DerKernsen

      How I feel when a girl talks to me:

    7. Abhay Thaduri

      Who else here just started watching him because you're bored in quarantine and now its a regular thing?

    8. Hit

      Maybe he'll reveal himself at the time of his death?

    9. Hammy

      He's one of a kind criminal

    10. william høyland

      i could be a pilot then

    11. Kevin Maclean

      Would you even survive jumping out of a plane going 530mph. Is that what an airliner would cruise at then?

    12. YommiTMF Frederick

      Why’s he so wanted, he isn’t even that attractive

    13. midget God

      Is that mark Zuckerberg

    14. Ori Tobi1

      Title: meet the most wanted man in history Me: no

    15. that kid himen

      @bxrry said he did it

    16. Drew Beeson

      Ted Braden

    17. BcwGames

      It has been Agatha All Along!

    18. BcwGames

      Well now you all know the truth. It has been Loki this all along!

    19. xd Yeet

      I thought hitler was the most wanted man

    20. Necro

      why is eminem a criminal

    21. MajWay

      Wait are you implying Cooper was heavy enough to weigh down the back of a large airplane

    22. Jonathan Reiland

      I think I finally know why Dale Gribble is so paranoid about the government.

    23. Sydney Stallings

      y’all talking about uncle dale?

    24. Really specific Nonni

      We’ll actually find out what happened soon in Loki

    25. The Nerd

      Clearly, people don’t understand. It’s obviously Loki.

    26. MadinDog

      4:00 i just was casually eating my sandwich thinking oh he murdered a woman oh wow two seconds later "IM SORRY ?????? "

    27. ANXPT 536

      1:40 to 3:00 really really sketchy from this man.

    28. ANXPT 536

      The dudes profile picture looks like the most wanted person.

    29. 23Hamlet24

      This whole time (1-2 weeks) I thought he was saying 42, I now realize he’s been saying Thoughty2. 😂

    30. MikeSan

      It’s Loki

    31. Surajkant Singh

      It was loki

    32. FS H2SO4

      What a legend

    33. Ladderson _1

      I thought Jack the Ripper was the most wanted man in history, and mans never got caught.

    34. Dan Peezy

      I know this guy we talk about it all the time! He sells me the best skunk bud. He's solid in my eyes

    35. Crao Cataos

      He looks French, German and British at the same time while being an Australian General

    36. sulanut lumiukko 22

      Did you just do video aboght urself

    37. Emma Kropy

      Killer moustache man :)

    38. Heliuz

      damn this guy looks like my grandpa

    39. SuperFireTurtle14

      Do you believe in God? And are you saved? If so go tell someone else and tell them to tell someone else if not then go read the Bible take Jesus as your saver. If you don't want to then well you don't have to. .....

    40. Ethan Is Insane

      What about Stalin and hitler

    41. sampagna jdjd

      reymond reddington. i see you

    42. Rose Flame

      Didn't Cooper escape from the aft stairway, not the side door?

    43. YanSolo

      MF DOOM I’m like D.B Cooper!

    44. Spideykian

      I feel like i heard this guy’s voice somewhere in a comic book channel like marvel

    45. BoomerSquad

      why he look like agent coulsin

    46. Dissblink

      Damn are U talking about Urself damn u look like him😂😂😂

    47. Cameron Williams

      bruh at the start of every video I always thought you were saying hey 42 here instead of hey thoughty2 here your accent confused me lol!

    48. Jack Larsen

      If the landing gear was deployed for the entire flight, I think he might’ve thrown one of the parachutes out the back door to distract them, and hid in the part of the plane where the landing gear is to slip out undetected after the plane landed. Just a theory though

    49. Живко Михов

      "Godzilla in the flight path" ROFL

    50. WhatThuSmell

      hey, isn't that the guy who lives next door?

    51. K Singh

      Cooper looks like Mr bean

    52. Nina Raven

      21:39 that is incredibly offensive that is not what transgender people are - sure there are some people like that but that image feeds into the harmful stereotype that trans women are just men in makeup. Did you really have to put so much emphasis on the trans bit anyway?

      1. Luke

        Did you have to put so much emphasis on this comment?

    53. B00P haha

      Uncle Jeff...?

    54. Quack_ Monster

      Don’t worry, that’s just Loki

    55. Nico Sieber

      Came here to watch a video about Monkey D. Dragon.

    56. • hahaha •

      They couldve just had L Lawliet on the case. 🙄

    57. Robloxian Haven

      No I feel like I’m more wanted when i have a 5 star wanted level

    58. Brynlee Birch

      why does he kinda look like stewie griffin tough?

    59. Zapparite

      Looks like mark zuckerberg

    60. Time Lapse Wolf

      What if he is in your backyard

    61. nrnenenenejnemrme

      Hey 👋 it’s -fourteentooth

    62. 1s0lation

      Phil Coulson?!

    63. ?lazyfrog?

      What if he didn't even survive the jump

    64. jacobquilty

      You really put HEAPS of work and research into this, amazing!

    65. Jake

      what if he never jumped? it wasn’t pressurised so couldn’t he of thrown the 2 parachutes and bomb off and then found somewhere inside the planes frame or floor to hide and when the plane was being used again he’d jump off

    66. C8_swapp

      I thought I was the most wanted person.

    67. 37ECE3

      Its Loki yall

    68. Pipster

      Plot twist, he was actually still in the plane ! And he left discussed as an FBI agent

    69. B Rad

      How gross is the very idea of Bespoke Box! Subscribing to buy “stuff” that you so much don’t need, that it has to be randomly sent to you, and then awkwardly opened and fumbled through like you’re showcasing a gift from your great aunt.

    70. Arctic

      plot twist, thoughty 2 is D B Coooper

    71. Ben Porta

      Yo in Prison Break they talk about D. B. Cooper, but they used the first copycats story. Yo I’m actually mind blown rn

    72. Elijah Castaneda

      Meet the second most wanted man in history

    73. Ital!aNICOt!ne


    74. 8D - Stephen Von Maclid

      He looks like Loki and in the trailer of the upcomjng Disney+ show, he literally was D.B. Cooper and escaped through the Bifrost

    75. Atticus OBrien

      i think it’s the 4 others on board. i think db cooper was never real. that’s 50k each, and they didn’t see him jump…

    76. cab_19

      the shit i watch at 2 am

    77. DatGuyYouKnow

      Alright but he asked for 4 parachutes and the plane came back with 2

    78. Wayne Thant

      loki all along

    79. CaryLard

      That's my gta character

    80. Civix


    81. ON

      LEMMiNO viewers : *THE EXPERT*

    82. FradeMTB :

      Coopers probably sitting in his hiding spot wondering when the seek sry will find him

    83. Im Tortoro

      “Solvable as a sudoku printed on a Rubix cube by Mensa” School test creators- write that down, write that down

    84. nunchuckerz

      i rekon he got off with passangers with the money and had an accomplace jump with the other parachute.

    85. Caleb Linzey

      Ey 42 here

    86. Robert Perry

      Agent Carlsen of shield

    87. timothy arellano

      Pfffffffffff it's obviously LOKI in his trailer you just caught footage in his scene

    88. Ian S

      Why are you making a video about yourself because how else would he know this

    89. Nate Macrae


    90. Dylan Bradley

      He was lucky, if someone did what he did now they would be caught.

    91. Stonkinator2000

      Duh how can you All not know that d. B. Chopper actually is Charles West moorland and already sits in prison

    92. NameNick1234

      Hey thats Loki

    93. Didrik

      He kinda looks like Elon Musk. Timetravel?

    94. Mr.Burning Skull

      Lol they never got me

    95. Ana Afonso

      Isnt the most wanted man Chris Hemsworth?

    96. Will Anderson

      It was Loki, guys

    97. Toxic Helix

      i know d.b cooper i saw him in prison break

    98. niklas johansson

      Actually the swedish knife is a mora witch is s cheap brand so its not a "nice knife" but moras are very loved and widely used

    99. The Outdoors gamer

      Yo this guy is like the polar opposite of James bond he's like younknow the bad version of him so smart and clever able to get away with all of this yo im just thinking tho I wonder James bond was a spy do yall think maybe he could catch him

    100. Justin

      I still think that the staff did it.