Meet the Greatest Sniper Who Ever Lived


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    1. Thoughty2

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      1. Thor Thorton

        Amazing, thanks for posting

      2. Rocks Cousteau

        Man the videos are awesome. But the curiosity stream stuff in the videos......ruins them. Your channel would be 3 times as good....already great....without that. Think About it. Hopefully they give you the Applause Button

      3. D Legionnaire

        THE MERCENARY Head crushing Blood spraying Martial Arts Action by former ex 2 REP SNIPER now on Amazon Prime ......................................

      4. D Legionnaire

        THE MERCENARY Head crushing Blood spraying Martial Arts Action by former ex 2 REP SNIPER now on Amazon Prime ......................................

      5. benchenzo

        Hathcock estimates were 350+ despite only having 93 confirmed.

    2. Some Guy

      How snipers in fps games think they are:

    3. Rpreggie

      why is this even in my feed? Didn't someone already get that fee shot? Contract still running? Such a Hill of beans. see ya on the other Side.

    4. Aahyaan Syed

      "Simo the greatest sniper who ever lived" Krunker players: Am I joke to you?

    5. Julian Alcock

      In the section from 5:27 to 5:52, the maps and boundaries are modern ones, (that is post 1945 when Stalin redrew the map of Eastern Europe). In particular Poland is shown with West Prussia, east Prussia and Danzig, but without the territories in the east which were annexed to Belarus and Ukraine. Also the flag shown for the Soviet Union is in fact the Russian flag used in Tsarist times and used again by Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. The flag of the Soviet Union was a hammer and sickle on a red background.

    6. Emppa 313

      i once had a friend that was his great grandchild, he got a chance to meet him at his death bed when he was a baby.

    7. eddie hernandez

      Simo hya....I think that's how his name is spelt

    8. sulanut lumiukko 22

      Fake finnish guy "suomi perkele" True finnish guy "SIMO PERKELE"

    9. george pruitt

      The biggest coward on the battle field is a sniper. killing an adversary from long distance,camoflaged,not brave enough for close-up,hand to hand combat. Yeah,real heroes!

    10. Arindam Chowdhury

      You know you're Finnished when the snow speaks Finnish

    11. Daniel Abbey

      Never underestimate a Finn, or Finland.

    12. professional shitposter

      Snipin's a good job mate

    13. iniuram

      that's right. glorify a murderer.

    14. Agent Gamer 47

      finally a video without shameless self promotion in the end

    15. Gerry Bridgeman

      At 15.00, He says ""Zaitsev is credited with 242 kills during EIGHT years of service in the Second World War". ??????

    16. Captain skimoc

      Sort of like a real life Finnish Winter Soldier wow

    17. Luka Laa

      He was also incredibly patient and maticulous. Packing and freezing snow to a sniper position and waiting still for hours on end. And him rarely missing is true, but even better he wasn't foolish. He was always thinking about follow up shots in case he missed. He was a humble soldier doing his duty

    18. jack brierley

      AHH hiiuhhheaahurrphera ahwueahuhahwerhi

    19. Tony smith

      Its cruel to have single handedly killed that many men just think of all the families who were left bereft and many of those Russian men were conscripts who had no choice join or die in a labour camp!

    20. CBD Flower Power Österreich

      Thoughty is this really a good topic to talk about it this man when he where the best sniper ever lived guess how much people he killed hämmmmm crazy gay you shame on you and your audience

    21. Hartmut Jager

      Cut your wild mustache ! 🙂

    22. Systems Realty Team

      That KD ratio though

    23. Milan Francke

      i always thought that Chris Kyle was the best sniper

    24. NotEminemsBurnerAccount

      This is a lie its clearly Daniel Jackson

    25. Donald Oberloh

      To this day, everyone who know the Mosin- Nagant, knows that the Finnish models were, and still are, the most accurate.

    26. Dirkus Maximus

      Incredibly irritating doc. Overacting storyteller, no accurate historic images..., CRAP....Watch Mark Felton !

    27. Donald Oberloh

      Why do we keep seeing stupid shotguns?

    28. Big Al

      Not that he killed more but you gotta mention Hathcock in Vietnam. Dude was a badass

    29. Mhike Frances Marban

      He is a Righteous Soldier..

    30. Jim

      Why do you show the red Communist murder banner but not the Nazi Socialist copy?

    31. Anderson Family

      The Soviet Union soldiers on the kill cam probably thought he had aimbot

    32. Peanuts


    33. Yaady Thommo

      The TRUE Winter Soldier !!

    34. Jackson Jones

      Sniper Sniper Sniper Sniper Sniper Sniper go BOOM

    35. 1joshjosh1

      Fransis Pagahmagabow?? The one dude nobody's ever heard of not even on NLname it seems.

    36. Michael Brownstains

      Simo would be pissed that you didn't know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun.

    37. Jeffrey Napisa

      Most wont revel in how many people you've killed, unless your a psychopath.

    38. Jeffrey Napisa

      I cannot and would never say who is the greatest generation of soldiers, it what I can say is that anyone especially in those times that were very primitive with the weapons they had and used to di what they did is absolutely amazing in itself.....i met a man fro NC...who i called Mr Proctor, Mr Proctor was a WW2 veteran and at the time I bought his house from him who he lived literally next door to me would tell me certain stories it too many when it came to death which I completely understood....I had seen he had a purple heart so I ask what happened....he told me that when they were marching in Italy in the winter.....likes and miles a day his boots were pretty much worn through....he ended up getting frost bite on both feet so he was in compacitated for nearly 3months hoping for his feet to heal and not to be amputated....fortunately he healed .....afterwards they said he was going to get to go home and he said that as long as hes was able to walk he go go fight because he was in the hospital resting while others were dying that he would continue to go fight as well beings he was healthy again....hes was 96 yrs old when I met him and passed away 1 yr later due to old age...he was an amazing man to know and meet....a wealth of knowledge and stories he would tell when he was was just a farm boy in his words that wanted to go defend his country when he was old enough which was 17 yrs old.....we do live in the greatest country in the world.

    39. Vince Bella

      I'm the greatest sniper,but nobody knows who I am.

    40. bacons lime


    41. ItsJim

      11:23 - Nice, but generally snipers do not use shotguns...

    42. Shashaank KapaTube

      Winter solider

    43. Dan Gerard

      the only problem i have with this video is you keep showing snipers with shotguns.

    44. Sulpicio Loaiza

      So, he's better than Mr. Rogers?

    45. Andre Tibeingana

      I like your moustache

    46. Serious Andy

      I really enjoy Forty Two's videos....

    47. Shark !

      I long salute Simo. He is the Michael Jordan of war. I hope Thoughty2 will find his way to feature a hero from Philippines who killed 300+ soldiers during Spanish the way, the man doesn't have a gun but only a pair of jungle bolo.

    48. Ami

      Show this title to any English teacher and you'll get them really MAD!

    49. christiaan smulders

      This man was the wilt chamberlain of sniping😂

    50. SnappyJon

      Iron sights at 1km. O_O Iron F U C K I N G sights!

    51. 0000 sbs king

      I knew about him through light novel though in novel he is named simone lol

    52. Adam Maqavoy

      I had an assignment 3 years ago and me and a few others had the privilege of telling Finlands Story against Russia,as well Simo himself. Finland were outnumbered but somehow against all odds won, Simo himself was a big reason for this. The war between Finland & Russia went on for a really long time. Cheers for sharing info on this #Thoughty2 and I can attest (as I'm Scandinavian) that this is true.

    53. Jon Alarcon

      Over 504 kills with a Finnish Mosin Nagant 7.62x54 and a pu scope

    54. Dusty Rose

      The commercial is terribly boring.

    55. RJTimmerman

      12:30 Sniper Elite 4 players: "Yeah, we know"

    56. ylleba

      Ribbentrop is in some circle known as the synonym for diarhhea in finland. :D

    57. Syed Anis _u_ Rahman

      There was also an Iraqi sniper who had more than 600 confirmed kills. He killed Americans so he is not being talked about

    58. bennyd98

      What relevance does the guy aiming a shotgun at 11:25 have to this story?

    59. Charles Smart

      About 11:27, a shotgun is displayed. The barrel may be that of a Browning.

    60. Peter Švančárek

      Those flags... weren't used at that time.

    61. Xiarn

      how many 360 no scopes does he have tho

    62. Ninoslav Trifunovic

      Nice narration, but next time, check the facts. Most of the story is historically wrong. He never had such nickname among Soviets (just like White feather in 'Nam). His sniper kill list is impressive, but much smaller, it wasn't explosive round, but ordinary one that crippled him and so on.

    63. wael dbouk

      Yooo imagine no scoping ur way into the best sniper in the world

    64. Sorin Ichim

      "Did he regret taken the lives of the enemies ?" What an idiot question ! If someone wants to kill you and your family, what do you do? You protect them ! If this mean killing them, then fine ! But i don't feel pitty for my enemies ! That is logic and just !

    65. Righteous Fire

      Such a neat video. Thanks Thoughty2

    66. MNW Jar

      Who else thought it was them in black ops 3

    67. Just Jones

      Why the Thake Impediment? You can thay 'this' 'that' & 'they', and even 'things' in this episode, as well as 'fings', I guess you just forgot that one time. You spoil good content for. . . . I really don't know why?

    68. Darth Vader

      What about the black death?

    69. Keaton Girard

      short bois like us comin in clutch

    70. paul87buick

      Not putting the pictures of correct solders tanks guns planes ect has ruined this video . a lot of the winter scenes looked good though nice

    71. Eddy Martin

      As interesting as this story is, it is quite distracting that the visuals fail to complement the narration.

    72. 23Hamlet24

      Simo was shot, on the way to the hospital the bullet died.

    73. lin juan

      A True patriot his nation.

    74. Scp Foundation

      I’m a sniper normally at a Guard tower and this was good

    75. Butter Johnson

      Now do Jack Churchill

    76. Borger Borgersen

      The country borders shown in this video are from 2021 and not 1939. E.g.the shape of Poland is very different now compared to 1939. The shape of Finland shown was the one after the war and not the time period Simo Hayha fought the Soviets. The post 1991 Russian flag was shown and not the red Soviet flag. The modern day or Weimar republic German flag was shown and not the Nazi Germany flag.

    77. Sanjay Singh

      No disrespect intended at all towards the White Death, but as soon as I saw the picture at 0:19, for some reason I thought of Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit, where in a relatively harmless looking person is unbelievable strength and resolve. That he was said to be 5 feet tall further adds to the irony. Either way, he was an icon of war.

    78. michael allen

      It didn't help that Stalin eliminated everyone of command level status. The Soviets had no leadership.

    79. Plastic

      This dudes voice telling this story just doesn’t do this sniper justice.

    80. RkF

      And our country, the US, celebrates thugs that can put a ball through a hoop.

    81. Claude Poisson

      At 5:44, 5:50 and 7:25 you have the wrong flag for USSR. It's the Russian flag i'm sure you know that.

    82. Frank Carroll

      The B roll in this video is ridiculous. American soldiers representing Soviets. Wrong weapons. Wrong aircraft. Just very distracting. Guys with shotguns. Shotguns! Ridiculous. Good story.

    83. wisenber

      How many shotguns were these snipers using? I lost count of how many were in the video.

    84. hishighness420

      Wait, this video isn't about Vasily Zaitsev? False title...

    85. Young D N.S.R

      Germany & Russia never hated eachother before WW2 all Germany tank productions where in Russia because of treaty they couldn't have army, so they secretly built tanks planes till 1935 lol 😂 you can't speak history unless you know all the history

    86. Ivar Husa

      Distracting to see Russian soldiers walking over bare ground in the Winter War. Further, the presentation of a ventilated rib shotgun was completely out of place. Bummer continuity fails.

    87. deadly pickle

      I live in Latvia and my country got mentioned lol

    88. Mona Brown

      I like your videos. You have facts and details, combined with pictures and wittiness. All of those make for interesting watching. Subscribed!

    89. Aleksi Tervo

      Every gangsta until a farmer become’s sniper with iron sight and get’s 500+ kill’s in about 100 day’s.

    90. maftei m

      The flags and maps are not accurate for the period. Also, you forgot to mention Romania as a victim of Ribbentrop - Molotov pact not only Poland, Finland and the Baltic States. This is usual error though. Most of people have no clue that Romania lost almost one third of it's teritory. Regards from Romania.🕊

    91. HugoSternberg

      ämen vafaan

    92. bartek draszawk

      meet the sniper

    93. skyguy1230

      “We need more fire power, send in the bicycle unit” 😂

    94. Michael Kelley

      Greatest sniper is arguable. Carlos Hathcock (USMC Vietnam) or Lyudmila Pavluchencho (Russia WW2) or Cpl Nathal Place (USMC Iraq 2005)

    95. Paul Kenny

      Great story. Good historical pictures, but the graphics are silly. Why show the modern flags and modern boundaries, should the historic boundaries be shown to show the situation. And showing British, German, and US troops and planes in this conflict? Could have at least made graphics of the period equipment. There are several movies of the Winter War, even on You Tube.

    96. Michael Kelley


    97. HyGyLi


    98. johnolav holte

      Where is Norway on The first map ? 🤣

    99. willytiny7

      Sounds like my brother on cod

    100. Dr. A Clef

      Sïmo häyhä