Meet the Deadliest Creature in the Ocean


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    1. grimeyIRF

      I used to live with lorainas cousin...

    2. grimeyIRF

      I see Aku

    3. Gierahim von Nightshade

      Where are his sources? 😳

    4. Emil Ingvertsen

      I like to play with balls at the Ocean too

    5. Nicholas Jackson

      Man you say so much random stuff in Ur video to make it longer, can you please get to the point of the video sooner in the future 😂

    6. Servant Of The Lord

      Jesus Christ is coming soon

    7. Tobi Calitz

      probably can't turn invisible, probably. have you seen an invisible sarcastic fringehead? didn't think so, you can't.

    8. Pillar Delaney

      Hallo, thoughty2. If it kills is hear, from the Gold Coast, Australia. Be good, be safe , love.Pilàr...

    9. NotEminemsBurnerAccount

      Thats not Cthulu all hail

    10. carbon1479

      7:00 - Idiocracy comes to mind here ('Get your hands off my junk!').

    11. James yue

      I would rather meet a shark than meeting Beyonce.

    12. Just Jones

      Where's this Thrilled Shark then? (That's why I can't sub to this)

    13. Jan Grzelakowski

      "Playing with their balls" Thoughty2 Mar 17, 2021 Note: go to 0:10

    14. MissFriscoWin

      I have met Beyoncé 😳

    15. R4c00n

      6:52-7:02 🤣☠️👏👏👏 BRILLIANT!! BRAVO!!!

    16. The Plaguebringer

      If you swim with the still beating carcass of a fish, then you deserve what comes for you

    17. Kevin

      Just don’t swim to the ocean floor lol

    18. PowerLifting 101

      Somali pirates didn't make the list?!?

    19. DEL TACO

      The ugliest creature is Taco Bell. 🙄

    20. ᛚᛁテレパシーMirrorᛃᚨ Personalityᚨᛃ以心伝心ᚨ

      in the ocean... but what happens when they run out of food in the ocean... will they hunt your ballsack when you crack a fart on the toilet... ohh yea they will let your guard down 4 one minute.. and its gone...

    21. salty

      0.21 beta fish can’t live in the ocean.

    22. Im Sudas Suda?

      Bru the backbone joke😂

    23. Frank Tee

      This days humanity spends billions and trillions of dollars flying into space when we hardly know our own planet.!!...Wouldn't make sense to search and research our own "backyard ".first..???...

    24. Kenneth Coogler

      I wonder if FB is regretting the decisions made..seems like all the YT ads are FB

    25. Joseph Crowe

      So you're saying there's a CHANCE I will meet Beyonce

    26. MountianSandHaulers 379

      I'd rather be struck by lightning than to meet Beyonce

    27. KeyofG

      just fyi, the flesh eating bacteria image was a virus not bacteria

    28. kingpin outlow

      A shark bite off a fisherman's harm yesterday while he was pulling his net out the water

    29. John Pomeroy music

      Petition to stop using the tip of the iceberg analogy and start using the tip of the weird sea worm analogy

    30. Mino Arno

      "I wonder if it has balls" I got that reference... from another one of your vidoes lol

    31. Celes.Proxy

      I get the feeling the Reaper Leviathan from Subnautica was based on this guy. Worm with giant mandibles, yep

    32. Camilo Garcia

      Those two words “DISMEMBERED PENIS” are words that graystillplays would say and I love those words too

    33. Lukas Fanninger

      0:11 Wait, what!!?😅

    34. I-Sha-Vii

      What?! How do you pronounce 'tzatziki'?! :D

    35. AugmentedGravity

      The bobbit worm ait it.

    36. NHMO OYTIS

      Fat chick in bikini?

    37. Gary Evans

      Poor Darrel, we had high hopes for him at one time! 😂 How did a vid on the most dangerous sea creatures dive into one about such weird critters?

    38. Peter Parker

      Xenomorph can't turn invisible, Predator can.

    39. Da Vo

      Very mysterious animal. I wonder if it has predators. Couldn't find anything googling.

    40. Guillermo Dominguez-Huerta

      very funny!!

    41. JamaicaMe Happy

      Fresh Water tank had a small #catfish named Marley* “Didn’t worry about a thing” 🎶 🐟 I was a kid, parents didn’t know better, had a good variety of fish he didn’t eat thanks to the Fishers* at Petco, some he ate anyway 😂 Got some Mollies, they got the ick* every fish in the tank died except most of them & Marley* Meds & Maintenance became too much..He was 15 years old & the length of a cucumber by then when I took him back crying couldn’t keep him anymore..😞 low & behold a older lady #fishenthusiast behind me heard the story, said she had a big empty tank & said he was perfect for it (& her of course)👌 All I could do was hug her 🫂 *Will Always remember both of em’ with #NothingbutLove * 💭❤️ 🐟🕊

    42. Skaven85

      Just another good video keeping me convinced to never enter any sea.

    43. ratman0199

      The Hobbit worm reminded me of a Graboid from tremors

    44. archerer98

      Kutyacockoff X'D!!!

    45. The Dragon Of Canada

      "The surgeon who had sewn John's penis back together, was well experienced in *micro-surgery* " Ouch

    46. A Boy and his Dog

      Sea Cucumbers look like the Shmegma Covered, Uncircumcised Penis of man who let a Syphilis Infection go untended for way too long.

    47. A Boy and his Dog

      I'm speaking only for myself, and no judgement to anyone else, but personally... I receive NO Gratification from watching Tourists play with their Balls. No matter How Much $$ they offer me to watch. Though, like I said... No judgement to anyone else.

    48. Vladimir Lenin

      you make the best calm content ever

    49. Julius Raben

      "Flesh eating bacteria" @3:34 Got some news for you... looks like T4 Bacteriophage

    50. Drab O lit

      Mushrooms are way cooler than Darylod

    51. Wolf

      Another strangely Interesting video. Though I always enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work 👍

    52. Garrett 369

      Worst vid to be eating sausage

    53. hammy0w0

      "The surgeon in question had experience in microsurgery" 💀💀💀

    54. P Heresy

      Dude... you didn't do it! Comparing the chances of a shark attack to lightning strike ... oh please. That is just an example of "how statistics can be used to manipulate people". If you don't ever go in the ocean, your chances of a shark attack ... are ZERO. If you frolic in the ocean WHERE SHARKS ARE, your chances go up considerably for every second you are frolicking in the water. If you are surfing in a place patrolled by sharks, your chances of getting attacked go up even more... for every microsecond you are in the water.... Kayakers in the open ocean get attacked too. There are many places and situations where anyone can get struck by lightning. Running for cover in a storm, golfing, shopping, walking, jogging etc. You just can't compare the 2, and derive anything useful from it.

    55. Mr Az

      fuck it im off this planet

    56. X X


    57. Tat2dGothic

      He's being awful punny isn't he lol

    58. aurel wink

      Lol forgot to finish it dont ladt long after amputated

    59. Gabriel Tempongko

      ...Kutyercockov!! 😄😄😄

    60. TheAnanaki

      He had the opportunity to name it a Sarlacc and he didn't. This keep me awake at night

    61. Benson Russell

      Didnt we find out the deadliest from you already in another video..... 7 months ago lol

    62. Lil Donkey

      You turned a 5 minute video into a 15 minute video

    63. BetelGeuse

      Zefrank: and that's how the bobbit worm do.

    64. 2005RavenR6

      Only thing im afraid to get as a hitchhiker in my reef tank

    65. Andrew Lagasa

      anyone else immediately look to see if Coyote Peterson has let one of those things bite him?

    66. Shadow

      You ruined swimming for me :(

    67. Ruby Inferno

      "The phallus-minded marine researcher.." XDDDDDD

    68. justin mcneil

      It's a graboid I tell you

    69. Stefani Madison

      D’you know what Jeffrey Dahmer said to Lorena Bobbit? “You gonna eat that?” 🤭

    70. DevRemake

      Title: Meet the Deadliest Creature in the Ocean. Me: yea.. no one wanna meet that.

    71. J.D. Vision

      Can you imagine a human eating monster sized Bobbit worm?.

    72. Ultimate Powa

      Had my foot reattached before so I can relate to Bobbit

    73. Nicolas perez

      You're gorgeous

    74. Brett Wilson

      Is he supposed to sound like he says 42 and not thoughty2?

    75. Jeffrey Baker

      "Re-member" 😂🤣😭

    76. Jay Bee

      “The hardly ever fossilize; they’re much too squishy.”😂🤣 Legendary.

    77. Scott Campbell

      On land we are at the top of the food chain. Swimming in the ocean we are in the middle of the food chain.

    78. Skrallizar

      Another reason I prefer man-made pools over the ocean. There is wonderous beauty to behold under the water, but I prefer to see it through a screen, a glass window in a boat/submarine is the closest I'd want.

    79. Zakary Tackett

      I wonder if the "aphroditois" in it's scientific name comes from Aphrodite's origin story? Wasn't she born from a severed *eh-hem* being thrown in the ocean?

    80. SNoWfLaKe_Da_BoSS

      Irakunji tiny box jellyfish

    81. Illuminus 4

      I love the stash bro. It fits perfectly. Also I love your work and am not certain that you are not an alien. Like me.😊

    82. Larry

      "Microsurgery" 😂😂😂😂

    83. Larry

      But I don't want to meet Beyoncé...

    84. Brent Spellmeyer

      "Whose maiden name was kutyacackoff....jk i made that up." 🤣🤣💀😂🤣😣😣

    85. Connie Coates

      Shark Week already fucked up swimming in the ocean for me during the first year it was on t.v., however, this video has made scuba diving (something I had wanted to try, im-fucking-possible thanks 42.

      1. Connie Coates

        I realize some may not see that walking in the sand out to go swimming (stated as swimming above) and going out in a boat around a coral reef with multiple people and scuba gear (scuba diving) are two COMPLETELY different things and I realize that sharks are possible in both areas. So before you say something stupid I figure I would stop you with relevant info. Now, if you want to be an ass and talk shit be prepared for me to rip you up withore pertinent information if you do so. Thaaannks again to you 42

    86. Connie Coates

      That wasn't the image of bacteria, it was a virus.

    87. Ichigo90

      Barry was the Imposter!

    88. SirPanz Alott

      1 in roughly 3.5 million?. Yea you still wont see me in the ocean. That's just too good of a chance to be eaten by a shark. Now if it were 0.00001 in 9,000,000,000,000 chances I might think about going for a dip.

    89. Hollyn Richter

      I actually have a neighbor named Daryl and you just roasted the piss out of him lol

    90. M Lady

      I still can’t believe she got away with this.

    91. Sarah Duropan

      John Bobbit was my next door neighbor about 20 years ago. Lol. They named a fish after him??? Made my day to hear!


      I'm not part of the "primate" - I was good with everything up until there. You're welcome to believe that you are related to apes.... it doesnt make it true.

      1. Espen Stabforsmo

        @EVERYTHING WILL BE REVEALED "𝘚𝘰 𝘎𝘰𝘥 𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘮𝘢𝘯 𝘪𝘯 𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘰𝘸𝘯 𝘪𝘮𝘢𝘨𝘦" Ahh, yes - you're talking about Enki...

      2. eZBoZz

        @EVERYTHING WILL BE REVEALED Why cant God create humans through evolution?

      3. eZBoZz

        @EVERYTHING WILL BE REVEALED Do you really think this happened 6000 years ago?


        @eZBoZz So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Again... your welcome to *believe* you are descendant of apes.... it wont make it true.


        @eZBoZz not from apes

    93. Jamison Maguire

      Strangely enough it has been found that sharks including great white's will vacate the vicinity of killer whales with extreme rapidity. Its not known how they (sharks) sense killer whales but in my estimation whatever it is and I'm assuming it is probably urine or some other excretion of whales that sharks detect. Whatever it is I would think that scientists would have been trying to find out exactly what it is for shark repellant in areas that swimmers frequent. Or even the military for pilots that have been downed in the ocean.

    94. The Benj

      Been watching your channel in your content since before you had your moustache. Keep up the Great work and hopefully one day I get to meet you in person so I could hear more of those funny puns lol

    95. df71091

      Damn campers

    96. Logan Harris

      7:06 at this point all im thinking is some poor bloke got his dick bit in half by one of these bastards...

    97. Charles Perez

      The only thing that I know about Bobbitt worms (family Tabloididae) is that they literally have no brain. I know someone who went diving in the Caribbean, saw one, surfaced, vomited, and never went diving again. That’s how horrible they are. Seriously!

    98. Nxgy Mxrci

      Yo wassup 42

    99. Da PigMasta

      Some sea cucumbers have teeth in their anus to keep pearl fish away.