Is There a Lost Continent Beneath Japan?


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    1. Envious Gaming

      Actually the hanging gardens of Babylon did exist!! And they quickly appeared over Europe around 2005 by semiramis and her master

    2. Zach Robledo

      The only thing I will say about Hancock is he does have a few outlandish ideas, but a there are a few of his claims and ideas that are starting to be proven true with current technology like LIDAR and now that they’re destroying the rainforest they’re finding evidence of chute cities lost to the jungle over centuries.

    3. Oxyuran

      Why not jumping in the water looking for sharks? Beautiful creatures and I loved seeing a number of reef sharks on a dive.

    4. Daniel Jara

      Those "pseudoscientists" have made some extremely compelling points. For starters, they have claimed there was a much more advanced civilization before 12500 years ago and have been saying for years on end that they were wiped out by catastrophic flooding events caused by some sort of meteor impact. Turns out, scientists have recently found a crater under Greenland from a meteor that hit earth around 12 thousand years ago meaning modern day humans were around, and the crater was exponentially larger than the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. The humans supposedly came out of the stone age 12,500 years ago to enter the Neolithic age, but why would cavemen all of a sudden become smarter after a catastrophic event and start creating crude technology like the bow and arrow, or all of a sudden figure out agricultural techniques to invent farming for the first time, right after nearly being wiped out... Its because humans were already advanced but got sent back thousands of years in progression due to the meteor impact in Greenland causing widespread flooding and a global nuclear winter. We don't see much evidence of these past civilization because it only takes 10,000 years for all forms of concrete or manmade creations to dwindle away. Mysteries such as the pyramids make me think that these monoliths are not from the ancient Egyptians we all know about but from an earlier civilization. We were all taught that the pyramids were tombs for the Pharaohs but no mummy has ever been found in a pyramid, nor do the pyramids have any hieroglyphic writings inside of them. The ancient Egyptians wrote about everything they constructed, but not one scripture was found that spoke of the pyramids creation or included them what so ever. The only connection they have is a scripture detailing the transportation of limestone down the Nile river on a boat, but most Egyptian monuments were created by limestone, meaning the scripture holds no connection. I believe these pyramids were created in order to withstand the catastrophic events taking place on earth, and that whoever created them had knowledge of the meteor about to hit earth. Triangles have the strongest structural integrity of any shape when it comes to physics, which is why they chose to build pyramids and to add to this, the first Neolithic civilization was started in a fertile forest right near Egypt, which makes me think all the survivors left the pyramids once everything was cleared up, realized they have lost everything and went on to the next best location to live. As for other things said by these same pseudoscientists to be true, I'm not sure how much truth is held in some of their other outlandish discoveries, but for the hypothesis they created stating early advanced civilizations existed but were wiped out, I sort of see where they're coming from, especially since recent evidence has come out to support their hypothesis that a meteor hit earth 12k years ago to start off a series catastrophic events. There is much more evidence to back up these claims yet I do not feel as if its my job to continue writing on this subject but let me know about any questions you have on what I was trying to say. I have links and shit if u need em.

    5. Gary Stump Sr

      Buttes (byoots) not (butts)

    6. Austin Ballard

      The dismissive attitude towards hancock carlson and schock honestly tees me off pretty bad. This is the first time I've heard thoughty sound this ignorant

    7. carlo vincetti

      Thoughty, you shouldnt be so easy to dismiss Shock. His theories explain how things like the pyramids which could not have been built by the Egyptians but a very advanced civilization using them for power back when water flowed from the Nile almost 10,000 years before the Egyptians. Anyone coming up with different theories that the establishment, it time to question your establishments.

    8. Loke 666

      To be fair is the dating of the sphinx a bit iffy, there isn't really anything that proves it was made by a specific Pharaoh. It was indeed likely made by one of the 3 that put a pyramid near it, but it could be slightly older. The 5000 years old seems a bit too much though, it is almost certain it was made during the 3rd dynasty but there is the odd chance it was made in the first or second dynasty. I think the most famous person who thought it was older then the pyramids were Howard Carter. There is zero chance it is 10 000 years old though, one would think we would find at least a single smaller statuette from the 5500 years before the third dynasty if that was the case. There have never been found another sphinx in any size from pre dynastic Egypt or older then that. I could still accept 500 years with no sphinx found, there could be a couple lying around in the sand after all but I bet there would have been one found at a pre dynastic site if sphinxes were around at the time. There is also another possibility which is that the dating of the sphinx is accurate but that it rained more in Egypt at the time then we thought, if the erosion really was made by water and not sand. The sphinx dating problem comes from that it originally were carved out of a single block of stone and there is just no way to date that. We base the exact date we use today on a carving made hundreds of years and put between the sphinx legs which is why I say the exact dating is a bit iffy. We assume it was made by Khufu's son to honor him but that is not something most Egyptian rulers would have done. Hancock's theories is along the lines of 19th century authors like Sir Conan Doyle and his "evidence" are always wild. I mean, if you really are looking for Atlantis you probably should dive around the Dogger banks but you wouldn't find any modern super cities down there. You could possibly find something similar to early Jericho but that seems unlikely as well. Hancock prefer to think there was a modern civilization spanning the entire world and that archaeologists are hiding that for some reason, or at least he say that and sells books. As for this large piece of rock, it seems natural to me. When people invest so much time and money into this kind of project they just don't want to accept the truth.

    9. GodEmperor PHATTY

      Yes, lost Continents are nonsense, but we do almost nothing to investigate the places that would have been shorelines, when we know the first human civilizations we have evidence of were not started quite yet. At that time, ALL the shore lines on earth were ten miles further out to sea than in today's world. Early peoples did most of their developing on Shore lines. but we do not look for anything where those shore lines would be. Atlantis or Mu are not far out to sea, and massive, they are barely off the shore and decent sized city and temple complexes most likely.

    10. Chizuru Mizuhara

      asia's atlantis

    11. Zethren Beltran

      Scary how the elements (granted its the sea) can easily erode signs of civilization thousands of years old. Imagine when humans gets eradicated, all our technology, history, memes, any trace of human civ, can be lost as if we never existed. I hope we have enough markers in the moon or outer space or on earth that atleast proves we existed or better yet tells our story. That to me is a fate worse than death, not just you being forgetten you have existed, but your entire race. Or even our earths entire biological signature could be eaten up by time.

    12. Steve Compton

      This is the first of your videos that I have been disappointed in, obviously, you had already made your conclusion about this monument before airing it on your site. It is clear you did not do your homework:(

    13. Marc Gillen

      I believe grahams opinion on anything....more than my own mother's

    14. Hugo hudson


    15. Galileo 2812

      I think it's an themepark about the medieval age build by the ancient greece and visited by Darth Vader

    16. Jeroy Lenkins

      1:00 could you not put trypophobia triggers in your videos please?

    17. ValiantsFelines McCarty

      The ancient butts of Monument Valley had me laughing. I love is pronunciations but this time it really got me Butte such as in Beauty LOL great video again!

    18. ZebbTTV at Twitch

      The theory about the sphinx actually have a lot of scientific backing. Feels pretty awkward to keep watching after you basically threw out a theory without any real knowledge about it.

    19. Malcolm X John Lennon

      Sandstone butts?

    20. Vents Babris

      a yeah thats atlantis but it wasnt very lucky in this universe

    21. Sagida Syed

      i don't truly agree on Mayas being evolved prior to Greece, maybe Greece not Egypt though

    22. Nick Slade

      Schoch doesnt believe in alien stuff. He has also shown proof of the water erosion and his timeline is based off actual science on when massive rainfall last happened

    23. Spykerhond

      Most probably one large ancient quarry . To think that humans would not have stopped at this thing when it was above water is crazy if they used blocks almost as large in other places in the world , why would they have avoided the easiest place to cut a massive block ?

    24. naufal naufal hazza nabila

      sunda empire debunked

    25. Kerta Drake

      The problem with Yonaguni is that if it was a monument, it had to be a monument to a god of alcohol and construction because it looks like someone tried to make a ziggurat while blind drunk.

    26. vincevecchio

      We are a species of amnesiacs-Grahm Hancock I Mu has was gonna say that btw

    27. HypnoticChronic1

      My hypothesis on this is humans saw a natural geological feature that looked habitable and proceeded to further shape cracks and crevasses to support that habitation. Its not as if humans are strangers to that concept I mean just look at Cappadocia, Mont Saint Micheal or the Puebloan structures across the south western US. Furthermore the hypothesis that the structure sank due to becoming detached from its parent surface isn't that much of a far out concept either we have examples of partial or whole submergence of cities due to earthquakes/erosion/soil liquefaction Alexandria and Heracleion being some such cases. As for the lack of evidence of clear human made structures my guess is its twofold first being the violent waters of that area (which have been the cause of a lot of shipwrecks in the past) washing away the remains which was mentioned in the video, secondly that historically most structures in that area had typically been built out of wood due to its flexibility and resistance to earthquakes which would leave very little evidence due to both the currents sweeping/breaking it apart, becoming covered in sediment/organic matter or simply eroding away. To sum it up I don't believe ruling out human habitation merely due to nothing being found yet is a bit shortsighted, probing the surrounding area should be carried out first before that happens however that is more than likely going to take some time the sea is a tricky place to do any sort of archeological work.

    28. Garettteh

      I am not Pro either countries. But that so-called underwater ruins, is closer to Taiwan and China which has a far longer ancient history than Japan. If those are not natural and man made, shouldn't any controversies of an ancient civilization goes to the closer ancient civilizations first, than some unproven continent called MU, or even Yamatai from Japan? Its like, if underwater ruins is found near Cairo, we would be jumping that it is more likely a lost island from ancient Egypt, and not Greek which is further.

    29. Will Kingsley

      it's probably not fair to call Shoch a pseudoscientist

    30. Lou Sensei

      Ngl the intro had me like "uhh, no?😳"

    31. Sylacs

      it hurts my ears everytime you mispronounce Maya!

    32. TheStruggle IsReal

      The pronunciation of "Maya" and "Ouija" really surprises me... This is just a basic reading using English rules and as an American, it bothers me. Where the hell did we get the idea Ouija is Weegee and Mayan is Myuhn... I realize he didn't say Ouija in this video... its just still on my mind.

    33. NYCest2010

      Oh god your pronunciation of Mayan hurts my ears. It’s sounds like you’re calling them MAYO 😂

    34. Jonathan Mottern

      I gave up ziggurats a long time ago. Sorry, I'm working on my dad jokes 😁

    35. dan quazar

      really people believe that civilization started only about 6k years ago? when we have multiple sites like globecli tempi. a megalithic city/site that is 13 thousand years old

    36. derek flegg

      What if Pangea was Atlantis and the whole story has been extremely messed with and all the megalithic sites around the globe are what's left of Atlantis, the traces. From about 280-230 million years ago (Late Paleozoic Era until the Late Triassic), the continent we now know as North America was continuous with Africa, South America, and Europe. They all existed as a single continent called Pangea. In geologic time 280 millions years is basically overnight..

    37. Fail Sonnen

      Is it me or does Gonwandaland sound like an amusement park

    38. RedNeckGaming

      one minor point. sand and mud stone fracture in flat *horizontal* planes, (unless they've been upheaved by land movement such as tectonic plate action below them)...but it's always a single plane, not right angles.

    39. m lee

      You rip schoch as basically a fake scientist, then quote him extensively to prove this underwater phenomenon to be natural. Hypocrite. Really

    40. m lee

      Thoughty2' i like your videos but you are a judgemental arrogant fool. You simply repeat what you read with absolutely no deep research into anything. If you knew the evidence that the so called experts used in some of their theories you would see that they themselves are clueless at times. They swore as you do in this video that civilization couldn't possibly be older than 5000 years. Then goblekli tepi was discovered which proved to be at least 4000 years older. Just like the pyramids and sphinx. There is absolutely no proof at all who built them. No writings or hieroglyphs. No carvings at all even inside the pyramids as to who built them. Even the ancient Egyptians that you so easily give credit for building them never wrote about them. It's funny don't you think that Pharaoh's put their names on monuments around the country and write about their achievements constantly yet none ever claimed the largest monuments of all. The pyramids. Local legends from 3000 BC told Greek historians that the pyramids where there before Egyptians arrived. Hmmm. Learn

    41. m lee

      I can't stand idiots like this that dismiss people because they have no advanced educaron in a certain field. And then when they do like schoch he still dismisses them. Much of Hancock's theory about an older advanced civilization is gaining approval slowly along with schoch. The problem is the same old one. These arrogant scientists swear they are correct because, well that's what they've been told in school. They have been proven wrong on many occasions over the centuries. Yet fools like thoughtytwo continue to dismiss them simply because he read differently. Just like his video on this vaccine and mask debate which the media is finally admitting they where wrong. People like thoughtytwo belive they are right not because they actually researched it themselves but because they where told so. Never an original thought.

    42. Ultimate Powa

      Egyptians actually claimed Egypt to be a colony of Atlantis, before Atlantis fell. Mu was probably a thing _(to some degree, like Troy was a thing),_ but it was probably one of the nations that was at war with Atlantis, because we know there was a war before their civilizations was buried and definitely not nearly as big as what people think it to be. Depends on where the story comes from in history really. Atlantis and Troy have alot of presence as a story throughout history, so if Mu is the sameway, it probably was a thing. John Anthony West and Graham Hancock have both spent more time in the field than 99% of the people of criticize them. Robert Shoch is also not a "pseudoscientist" in the way you use the word.

    43. Parker Coyle

      Hancock needs to stop being regarded as an unreliable source

    44. Kurt Dela Cruz

      I didnt know a radish was a lost continent

    45. Rivionna Delaney

      I love how people still havent heard that they FOUND Atlantis. If you Triangulate in between Crete, Athens, and Izmir. There is a Sunken Island (they say may have been part of the island of Thira) that they have proven to be it, Even the Volcano that Sank it.

    46. Edward Banda

      Those continents were probably existent. For example during the Banda Eke earthquake, a sunami pulled all the oceans back in India revealing lost structures off the coast. Nobody had seen those structures before ever, but ancient Sanskrit writing says there was once such a structure...the it shows its sea worn entity. So much for science revealing all...there is still so much we do not know of this earth.

    47. Mr_ cy

      when I heard your pronunciation of the word dynasty made my ears bleed

    48. Colby William

      Why is there a dead cat in the thumbnail?

    49. Ayden Eklund

      honestly if you think about it... how hard would it be to believe perhaps mu has its own tectonic plate which slid entirely beneath another?

    50. Esther Cheng

      It's pronounced KEE-HA-CHI-RO.

    51. teppolundgren

      It's a spaceship. Possibly even a mothership, given its size. Find those symbols again, interpret them and they will reveal how to open the damned thing.

    52. j h

      1:52 looks like a manual on how to breed camels, giraffes and horses from one main breed.

    53. Gab3licious

      I _wanted_ to believe Yonaguni was real but Mu in my heart it was just myth.

    54. Customfurball28

      well the sphinx is in the desert which has sandstorms. Sand erodes too

    55. Matpo

      To a whole mu level... MUUUUUUUUU


      8:02 for somebody as knowledgably and smart as you, you sure are stupid some times. But I can't blame you, you still having woken up from your own matrix.

    57. jack s.

      So stalactites makes sense to you but rain erosion is a crack pot theory

    58. Mr Nobody

      The dating oföbekli_Tepe appears to back up R. Shock on the dating of the Sphinx.

      1. Pixel Guy

        @Mr Nobody All that does is showing that something like the sphinx hypothetically could have been constructed 12000 years ago. But it’s an enormous leap of logic to suggest that the possibility alone ”backs up” the dating. There is a lot of evidence pointing towards the 4500 year old dating; and no evidence that points to a 12000 year old dating. All you really have are the two assumptions that the erosion and climate make a 4500 year old sphinx impossible; both of which are false assumptions to make. It has been shown how rain fall isn’t the only way for the erosion to form, and it has been shown that the area has gone through multiple wet periods during the last 12000 years. So not only have people like Schoch failed at proving his supposed dating, he has also failed to disprove the established dating. And where do you get the idea that the two civilizations overlapped? The youngest findings at Göbekli Tepe are 9500 years old VS the oldest archaeological findings in Egypt being 7500 years old.

      2. Mr Nobody

        @Pixel Guy Except the range of both civilizations overlap. That puts a Sphinx dated earlier geologically, within range of a civilization that made massive stoneworks from that earlier period.

      3. Pixel Guy

        That’s not...that’s not how dating works? ”We can finally prove that Big Ben is actually 400 years old! Turns out there’s a clock in China that’s 400 years old!”

    59. A K

      Khafre never had the sphinx build. Khafre said himself that it was build well before his time. All he did was remove some sand and reshape the head of the statue.

    60. creed22solar123

      Such an awesome channel, but his name pronunciations are horrendous :D

    61. lolopeeps

      7:05 The Pirate King himself Mugiwara West

    62. Stitches

      "Up up up the ziggurat lickedysplit" makes marginally more sense now. Thank you.

    63. Chrisley Lewis

      Graham makes more sense than the so called experts in Egypt more like con men

    64. Dianna rhain Cabucos

      A didn't go in recommendations i search this by my own

    65. Azan

      I honestly think there were much much much much more advanced human civilisations before us, which wiped themselves out by acts of stupidity like World wars, or bombing or releasing some deadly predator type thingy. What's even more scary is that I think we are, whether intentionally or unintentionally, heading down the same path.

    66. Fanni Latos

      It looks like a dinosaur

    67. MRMEMER

      Large continent, very old, lost, had an advanced civilization? HYRULE!!!!!!

    68. AussieGriffin

      10:54 There's also a series of impressions on the side of the Yonaguni Monument that look a lot like a face. This isn't consistent with the wearing on the rest of the structure. A.G.

    69. Napoleon Bonaparte

      Imagine going to deep space and finding the remains of human fleets of star ships

      1. Haru Yanto

        Maybe we'll find catgirls in sapce

      2. Napoleon Bonaparte

        Wishful thinking

    70. Ian Harris


    71. M Fritz

      They used to think the city of troy was a myth and ridiculed the ppl who believed in it soooo im honestly open to all mythical cities having some basis in fact

    72. Chance4202

      The lost city of Yorgerfrnd

    73. Fluffy Seal

      short answer: no;long answer: noooope

    74. Vibe Guy

      People be disappointed about Hancock while the whole video about an completely different matter

    75. Stephane Dorion

      There are more than 300 ancient cities at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea so...

    76. OxProxxy


      1. Haru Yanto

        That's a diver

    77. chakowe

      They’re gonna be REALLY disappointed when they go to Sunderland

    78. AtrixPlayz- Brawlstars

      The reason that his name is Thoughty2 is because V auce is Thoughty1

    79. Rudyard Kipling

      There is an 8th continent around new zeland n shit

    80. Carson Pearce

      1:37 I don’t think those draining channels worked too well...

    81. inbetween 1-0

      Land of Mu. I am waiting for any author for fanfiction to make this as the headcanon land for the Hidden Continent in Naruto. Basically the best headcanon for any possible crossover😂😂

      1. Haru Yanto

        Probably based on it, the mythical story of Mu is quite well known in East Asia

    82. Young Krush

      Is it just me or does mu look like fat Godzilla

      1. Young Krush


    83. Brian T

      and they found the metor grater to were Hancock and his geologist buddy said it would be it's all about ice quakes wiping out ancient civilizations sais joe Rogan hahaha

    84. Brian T

      dont be talking that smack about gram lol

    85. Welvarend

      Informative. However, we must be careful. Yes, some cases are clearer than others, but every field of study (pick one at random) has, through its development and history, been transformed by claims and propositions that were summarily dismissed by smug scientists and arrogant institutions... claims and propositions that later proved to be true and altered the course of that field. Yes, on one side there are charlatans. But on the other, there are intellectually stagnant fools.

    86. Cubic

      8:10 it's only 'controversial' because the ignorant 'mainstream' scientists ignoring certain pieces of evidence to suit their theories

    87. Dave Boonen

      I wonder since earthplates move and all. Cant it be under the ground? Like fully gone? Like 1 plate rubs the other1 destroying everything? Srry bad english lol

    88. Gernot Schrader

      Good plot for a series of novels but else? We should better ask where this naive longing for either a ancient super civilization or alien race, or hidden super civilization roots in. And as we know that it is the longing for an utopia we shouldn't wait for help because there is no one who can help us but us. We should start to build it instead to work on our own downfall. Else i build me a submarine and...

    89. MrWalker

      It's pronounced a THousand not a Fousand. Please stop swapping Th's for F's sake!

    90. butt stuff

      Its obvious the sphinx has been exposed to rain for extended periods of time....Do some more research on Hancock please before portraying him the way you did.

    91. Maria

      I like your red braces, where can i buy them.. Love your programmes by the way.

    92. Harry Ohwodo

      Mr. Thoughty has probably not heard of Gobekli Tepi. Undeniable evidence that the history books are all wrong about human history on Earth. Sticking to the story that Kafre built the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx is rigid as it is well known that not one mummy or burial remains was ever found to suggest that the Great Pyramid was Kafre burial site.

    93. Jonathan Machado

      Roflmao!! A whole mu level.. I love it

    94. James

      I always respected this guy until now.

    95. Mikey C.

      With the amount of earthquakes and tsunamis around there, it would not be a surprise

    96. ronan mc885

      I live not far away from giants causeway in North of Ireland

    97. Jodoublen

      Land of Mu? Or Land of Ooo from Adventure Time? Hmm

    98. Cody Darnell

      I hate looking at the ocean it’s just such a death trap it’s not a place for humans🤣

    99. Ragnar Lothbrok

      I like you, but this is your worst video yet. You have to do proper research before you throw out a video.

    100. Randy Compton

      I think its safer to say people will not believe what they don't want to believe, or not see what they don't want to see.