How the Nazis Lost the War Because of a Single Corpse


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    1. Random Observer

      This caper certainly made a difference in how long the war lasted, but it was game over for Adolf on December 7, 1941. There was no way he could hope to beat the allies once the full productive capacity of the USA was brought to bear.

    2. Aditya AJ

      a very moving narration ♥

    3. Solomon Long

      Germany and Palestine were the losers of WW2. The Nazi's spread out and infiltrated the rest of the world. Now they control many other countries around the world including the US and Israel.

    4. Trill Cosby

      Back in the day when you could just ask the ladies around the office for saucy pics for... You know work stuff

    5. Night Ninja

      Hitler I know I failed you in Africa and Greece but I seriously think you should listen to me think about it Hitler: NIEN

    6. COVID Dyaus

      I feel bad for the families of all those who could not make it home. They protected all of us. Also, especially sad for the family of the person who was used in operation mincemeat, as he would not be able to be buried and have a funeral.

    7. Susan _W

      Nazis did not lose the war, they came to America via operation paperclip. Think about the CIA.

    8. Brazen Bard

      If I recall correctly, you neglected to mention a crucial detail in why Glyndwr's body was chosen - he had pneumonia at the time of his death. They specifically needed a body with water in its lungs, as a drowning victim with dry lungs would be immediately suspect.

    9. G

      I know that it makes for great video title but Germany lost 2 world war back in 1941. It just took time to get it over with.

    10. Chris_

      I just realized your name was thoughty2 And not 42

    11. Neville Clonebottom

      she sell sea shells on a sea shore

    12. Lone Druid98

      U-571 “Your just gonna throw his body out like garbage?” “His body is gonna save our lives”

    13. jim Parr

      What a great story. My name is James - ugh - James Parr, sorry.

    14. Shane Rhea

      what a weird title, the nazis lost because they couldn't keep giving their army methamphetamine. blitzkrieg was literally possible because they were ahead in the drug game..

    15. Xam deKiller

      "I'll be of no use to no-one to live, I'd rather die" After Death - British War Hero💥

    16. Beautiful SpyWolf

      yeah hitler died

    17. Joel Williams

      I feel offended that the body was weldh

    18. Eaton Kuntz

      Axis shouldn't have invaded Africa.

    19. No Sympathy

      Anyone know a good adblocker for shitty youtube ads

    20. Michael Anderson

      Made up shit

    21. Dylan

      Titles a bit of a blanket statement, hitlers dead body would have ended the war.

    22. Abhishek Kashyap

      Not Swastikary, but more like Hakenkreuzery. Hitler never called that symbol Swastika. Swastika is a sacred symbol for Hindus, Jains and Buddhist, which has existed since thousands of years before nazis and no relation to Hakenkreuz.

    23. a1647xxl47

      Well i mean the corpse that costed them the war would be hitler correct?

    24. Anthony O'Donnell

      Great video. Just out of curiosity, what is the ship used at 12:51?

    25. Lucas Hernandez

      The corpse that actually lost the war for them is Hitler’s

    26. Interviolet

      he's probably in his own afterlife continuously meming on the Nazi Regime lol

    27. Logan Symmes

      Operation Mince Meat was a genius yet overlooked plan.

    28. Nancy Maschio


    29. Howdy Pilgrim25

      I heard about this before but I never woulda figured this much about it

    30. RitualPlane290

      I thought you were just gonna say Hitler's corpse lol

    31. a cat on internet

      Good and informative. I got only one problem and that is with the title as nazis lost the war because of soviet union killing around 76% of the german army. Saying anything else is undermining the russian sacrifice (close to 30 million dead)

    32. Cookieninja2004

      The amount of things I’m told that caused Germany’s loss of the war I’m beginning to believe there wasn’t just one cause

    33. loosing interest

      imagine this guy's face watching from above how special he became: O_O

    34. A Fat Duck

      Next: how a meme fooled hitler and Stalin The meme was Kilroy was here an American meme found in German territory where hitler thought Kilroy was a spy and Stalin even asked “who is this Kilroy”

    35. Skittles

      Honestly learned more in 18minutes than 2 weeks in school. Thank you soo muchhh.

    36. Nxgy Mxrci

      Hi 42!

    37. whethyy

      how come he doesnt have an oscar wtf

    38. RyynerWicked

      Sorry thoughty2 but ur slipping mate, the first 1:30 seconds of the video kinda discredits how this one body won the war an the fact that ploys an gambits like this was used throughout the entire war one of the biggest an famous being the deception they used to storm the beaches of Normandy so I'm sorry but over all this video is more of a interesting tale of the war then the reason why they actually one it u cant narrow down something like that to just one or two events that's just impossible

    39. Vanessa

      i honestly sleep to this 🙂

    40. Mohammad Taufiq

      Moustache on point

    41. suffer 14

      Join the army they said itll be fun they said

    42. Nik Alonto

      this story is soooo poetic!

    43. James Slayson

      Well, I know what I’m doing when I get a time machine

    44. Jonathan Kiener

      yo make a podcast

    45. Clayton Araujo

      "hey, 42 here"

    46. destroyer12 gaming

      And school doesn't even teach that

    47. Disillusioned

      "he took his own life" Yeah, sure he did.

    48. Sartaz Aziz

      I am not convinced he committed suicide in the 1st place.

    49. Claire Roche

      Was it hitlers corpse?

    50. Jr Jr


    51. Joseph comment guy

      There NLname algorithm. I FINALLY WATCHED IT!

    52. Alec

      in the after lifer Hitler: du Mutter Ficker "punch his face" Glyndwr: TF did I do?

    53. Doop 1

      I don’t see the big deal with the dead guy, I could do that

    54. Wehrmacht Bear

      Canarus,a double agent,might have fallen for it,but Hitler said he wasn't buying it. Yet British propaganda still says it worked. Mincemeat didn't.

    55. lemon1980

      It was done by Johnny English right?

    56. Bananaab

      Spain was a pain to gain

    57. Ia sofie

      Ig the copse was hitlers

    58. Ethan Estes

      I did not know that the nazi solute will get you arrested🤯

    59. octupuslord 23

      Wow that was great and cool i subscribed!

    60. Chris Boyes

      Excellent as always! Really enjoy your channel.

    61. Jake Peacock

      Was the corpse’s name Hitler?

    62. Spoopy Weeaboo

      They also lost cause of hitler’s corpse

    63. Bart Cornelussen

      Rather sad to think that his created background most likely was more fulfulling than his real life.

    64. Nathoodle

      Shave the stach

    65. Flyer

      "See I pulled a sneaky on ya"

    66. P C

      I don't disbelieve that the SS read the documents, but I fail to see how the eyelash setup could verify it. I mean, how did they know that it didn't wash out in the ocean?

    67. Deco Bacolov

      Yeah hitler’s corpse

    68. Wesley Pereira

      "Sicily would give the allies a foothold on Italy" LOL nice one

    69. Meh

      *how the nazis lost because of a corpse* Fun fact: hitler died at the same time of his killer

      1. Xbear

        He did do that

    70. Homer Scott

      What the bleep happened at 7:30

    71. Lesley B

      There's a book called "Operation Mincemeat" by Ben McIntyre that tells the story in more detail. One interesting suggestion in the book is that the allies could have been helped by unknowingly having an inside man. This was Alexis von Roenne, a senior member of German Army intelligence who personally vouched for the authenticity of the documents found on "Major Martin." Von Roenne is now known to have been against what the Nazis stood for- in 1944 he was actually hanged by the 3rd Reich- and the book says it's possible von Roenne, who was apparently a gifted and experienced intelligence officer, may have realised the documents were fake but told Hitler they were genuine in the hope of hastening the defeat of the Nazis.

    72. Grey Warden Invasion

      If you ever feel insignificant... Well... Yes, you are. But at least your corpse might still play an important role.

    73. An Aussie Farming in the Philippines

      We all know this is not the real story behind the body, and the letter in his pocket from his girlfriend, who was fake and the theater ticket in his pocket.. this video is so fake to the story,, all rubbish this one

    74. John Cremins


    75. Selkie

      I mean it could have been a different corpse aswell ofcourse Hitler had a corpse

    76. Xpro

      finally us welsh people are recognised in the war lol

    77. James K

      Without this guy they still would have lost. Russian and American production was unbeatable by the end of the war

    78. reddrockingeezer

      This true story was a major motion picture made in 1956. "The Man Who Never Was" tells the story very well. Check out the Wikipedia listing:

    79. Danijela Mirkovic

      Bet he didn't see that coming

    80. Paul Isham

      Once again NLname manages to mess up a good documentary with too many commercials.

    81. IM Squiddly

      He... he literally made the world a better place by killing him self...

    82. Craig McKiernan

      Me: explains this video to my History teacher My history teacher: ??????

    83. Aussie_Red_Dog

      imagine his ghost watching them do that to him,

    84. DangerBoy

      Perfect example of the butterfly effect, how some things that happened in his life led him to suicide and ultimately changing the course of history. R.I.P

    85. Swiftz

      Yeah hitlers

    86. mark schnabel

      thank you Glyndor Michel, you are a true hero and patriot. Though, you will never know how so.

    87. Jairo A.H.

      I hear '42 here' every time

    88. The Alfredo Affect

      This is one reason, but really, Nazis lost the war because Hitler was a sleepyhead. He snoozed until noon.

    89. Otaku Sensei

      The courps was h*tlers

    90. Antyy

      Hitler has small brain... and one testicle

    91. LemonGraab the Forsaken

      “Hey Jean. I need you to put on this swim suit and let me take a picture of you... yeah, it’s for... the Germans...”

    92. Sure Lock

      12:20 I thought the next challenge would be the lack of wear on the bottom of the boots

    93. Masie & ItzAddiePlayz


    94. wooblydooblygod

      The corpse was Hitler's

    95. KLiNoTweet

      What a story!!

    96. Humongous420

      A lost soul finally found his place in the the afterlife. Epic

    97. Abbass Awdeh

      Tho someday were coming back to show everyone that earth is ours only

    98. Rob Newman

      Keep Calm and Carry on.

    99. Christian Allinson Fischer

      "Sharpest minds in the Nazi Party" Smartest kid in special education class, thinnest kid at fat camp, least murderous person in supermax.....

    100. Alan Fishell

      Almost 50 years ago in 6th grade, I faked a book report on The Man Who Never Was and got caught. It had a cool cover. So the teacher made me read it and submit a real book report and I'm grateful because it was one of the best stories I have ever read. But what is even funnier, the movie was on TV a few days after I had turned in the book report so I knew the whole story.