Does the Kraken Really Exist?


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    1. Thoughty2

      So, do you think a real Kraken lurks beneath the waves? Don't forget to support the channel by trying Fabulous at and get 25% off!

      1. bdunk1970

        I only wish. Giant squid at most.

      2. Judson Dash

        @Callen Austin yup, I have been using Flixzone for since november myself :D

      3. Callen Austin

        a trick : you can watch movies at flixzone. I've been using them for watching all kinds of movies recently.

      4. The Plaguebringer

        I mean, I can hope

      5. Alex Travis

        No i know that its no real but i believe it 50% But the largest squid is the Callosul squad (Sorry i dont know how to spell callosul)

    2. Andrew Muñoz

      Phil Mccraken!! 🤣🤣🤣 Kingpin is one of my all time faves!

    3. Wei Dong

      don't worry the kraken doesn't exist. I killed it with the ultimate sword and the cloud pet.

    4. Kuradon

      " I jizz cant handle" OKAYYY

    5. Aaron Head

      If a woman braids her pubes into 8 seperate braids.. is that a Kraken?

    6. Douglas Kramer

      If you play Rust you know 😂

    7. CNC 81

      Thoughty2- You might come because of the voice but you will stay because of the mustache.

    8. Blae Blae

      It means kings shadow breatch

    9. Eduardo Robledo

      9:48 wait a minute. I thought that circumference was like the outside distance. Isn't that diameter? Or did I just lose the last of my brain cells?

    10. Hayden Sametts

      There is literally a hockey team named the craken

    11. Louis

      Please lose the moustache

    12. Louis

      Nearly 4 minutes of a shitty ad lol

    13. Dougie Fuoco

      that image in the thumb looked like cthulhu not the kraken lmfao

    14. Kevin Yeandel

      Kraken exists as a key ingredient to a "dark and stormy" - best consumed in a hot sauna after a cold and frosty winter journey. It is also a growing crypto currency exchange plaform, so yes it does exist!

    15. crypticlawyer8

      " we're all adults here" *Me a bored 16 year old with a messed up sense of humor* " well seems like one too young to be watching the this"

    16. Karl-Erik Mumler

      It's actually not "Kraken" actually means "the Krake". "The Karaken" is redundant.

    17. jirka jenicek

      what is this then ? :D,-60.95729419,-0.1884463a,1465.29469209d,35y,0.00000121h,0t,0r

    18. Kaiwen Lin

      we're all adults here: me, a 12 year old. Nice

    19. Muhammad Fakhri

      Nah, Colossal squid is just fat lazy giant squid

    20. Medic

      Ark players: hey guys its a tuso get the black pearls!

    21. Greg Merritt

      You are one cheeky basted, and I love you for it.

    22. Lavender-Rose Fox

      you got the wrong creature with mermades it was sirens that did that which had the head of women and the body and talons of birds

    23. Jordan Schlansky

      Yes Karen's are real!!!!


      We might not be able to discover the 90% of marine life in 50yrs the Oceans might be polluted then

    25. Neubaufahrzeug

      Philippines: we have shokoy

    26. 76LunasLion2 Smith

      I had a dream, that once i was diving with my father, i started sinking for some reason, but no matter how far i went down, it never got darker, it was all illuminated by all the "light fish" that it had no effect in the water, it was weird, i went it weird caves, it was all light up though, no sign of darkness, i seen many cool creatures, and then my dad somehow pulled me out of the water from that deep

    27. Randonium TJ

      My man Linnaeus just wanted to be a bit humoureous . People could get the joke ... 😭

    28. crosbys psychedelics


    29. John Stinson


    30. Slapstick Genius

      Before they’re even discovered, Colossal squids might have inspired the Kraken myth.

    31. Jay Brennan

      Phil mckraken 😂😂

    32. DanDantheFireman

      Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman! Hi, I'm Al Harrington, President and CEO of Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse! Thanks to a shipping error I am now currently overstocked on wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men, and I am passing the savings on to you! Attract customers to your business, Make a splash at your next presentation, Keep grandma company, Protect your crops. Confuse your neighbors, African American? Hail a cab! Testify in church, Or just raise the roof! Whatever your wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man needs are! So come on down to Al Harrington's Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium and Warehouse! Route 2 in Weekapaug.

    33. Sagida Syed

      I read does the KAREN really exist?

    34. K F

      I went to high school with a kid everyone called choad... he had no idea what it meant for years! Kids are savage.

    35. Vallejo PNW

      “... before killing the sea freak.” Lol

    36. Tooploop

      you forgot to mention that the colossal squid has swiveling claws instead of suckers

    37. bdunk1970

      Release the kraken

    38. Sean Stewart

      I’m sure that deep in the ocean there are enormous squid! We have had whales sent deep that become snacks so something scary is down there.

      1. Daan Mika

        Maybe your dad is there too! (Sorry had to be done;) )

    39. levi

      i drink water constantly

    40. JCMohr

      "Others paint it with huge tentacles and dragon wings that grow when angered, kinda sounds like on of my exs" Did you by any chance happen to date *Cthulhu..?*

    41. Marty Boy

      you good bro? talk to me

    42. Vitor Loki

      Aaarrr mateys , me dropping a Kraken down the shittáá right now :))

    43. Damon Lam

      Those colossal squids saw through Zuckerberg's BS centuries ago and boycott instagram altogether - and now look how well protected their privacy is! Maybe we'd have better luck asking Apple to make a clone version of iOS so we can hack into and track their iPhones.

    44. NthWrsDmnd

      Nice videos, as always

    45. Hijack the Ripper

      Sidney Powell for the win

    46. Brendan Pittman

      Boy, he really butchered St. Augustine lmao

    47. Evil Dashboard


    48. AudieCODM

      There is Kraken And We Have The Karen.

    49. Snivy lord

      8:40 don’t you mean a siren, idk maybe they are the same

    50. michael jenner

      Who else thought This said does Karen really exist

    51. Wulfhere Cyning

      Sea monsters: the UFOs of the 1800s, in both the technical definition and the form of crazy theory.

    52. Harvey Matthew Serrano

      8:39 yep this made me laugh haha

    53. motu moht

      14:43 microspocy

    54. Rob Boi

      Hey 42 he- wait it’s not 42??

    55. Emir Latinović

      So he's evolution cult member too. Can't find good scientific channel here without fallacies and junk science. Gd.

    56. Theo Lykos

      You know i love watching this channel its so well edited

    57. F.O.N.

      I have a decent fear of deep water. So how about we all pretend, even if it is possible, that it doesn't exist?

    58. Z-D4WG

      Me as a pre teen here 😳

    59. luke van de Venis

      To add on the rivalry between the whale and the squid, not using specific names. Was there not a research thing that placed trackers in or on a whale and they got sucked down to immense depts and sometimes they wouldn’t come up again. And others that did come up again and were found by researchers had huge battle scars like you also said, but on living whales. The researchers came to the conclusion there were or are bigger squids than the ones depicted in this video and they only live at those depts and never can come up to the water service because they would die due to pressure differential?

    60. B Wright


    61. C P

      ... who else laughed

    62. fickmii daddy

      16:10 did you call Newfoundland ne w-fund-lind

    63. Poky Novakovic

      I know that there R Mani sceptics out there but my father told me that he saw a peculiar creature when he was sailing about 20 years ago and 2 this day he maintains that he sad the truth however it was a humanoid creature an my father doesn't lie and I for one do believe him and he is not the only one that saw that thing but 2 more people along side him...

    64. Pasarin, Carl Joevin A. Student - AU Jose Rizal

      "colossal squid" "these titans" i see what you did there

    65. Kevin

      No it’s a myth but giant squids are real

    66. Zax557

      *Homer:* ... but she had 12 tentacles for legs! *Some Greek dude:* That's wild. Alrig- *Homer:* And a cat's tail! *Some Greek dude:* Uhh... sure? So anyway, what did she- *Homer:* I'm not done yet! She had 6 dogs heads around her waist and 6 loooong necks with human heads... *Some Greek dude:* I'm kinda losing the mental image here... *Homer:* WITH SHARK TEETH!

      1. Barry Sharkey

        Then moe said "barney caught 1 yesterday homer"

    67. Tdawg

      Me who lives in South Africa oh shite

    68. The Plaguebringer

      I mean, technically, there is no information on the ecosystem of places like the Mariana Trench. Hell, some people theorize that the megalodon may still exist down there in one form or another. And if we're looking for a real sea monster, that's a pretty good candidate

    69. Donovan Gibbons

      The Ocean is soo mysterious that if it were to dry up in a matter of days, what we'd find would certainly shock every on to the core. just by the shear size of our oceans alone and considering the fact we discovered a whale just last year. it's entirely possible that Whales may have a gargantuan predictor, also just remember that off the coast of South Africa is a literal living fossil the Coelacanth. Which begs the question what other ancient creatures completely escaped their extinction. We may even find entire unknown human/pre-human civilizations just sitting on the ocean floor.

    70. John Doe


    71. PNTM Mun

      10:21, it's pronounced konungs skuggsja, your welcome

    72. Carlos Loff

      If you fear it, you behave as if it exists so, for all purposes, it exists !!!

    73. A Boy and his Dog

      Do some research into Specimen 42b, discovered in an under the glacier lake in Antarctica. That thing is about as Terrifying of a Creature I can imagine. I hope it never ends up getting into the greater ocean.

    74. Narwhals intheocean

      "the chodes of the squid world" God damn it I love this channel

    75. Denny Regrade

      Yes, of course it does.

    76. Nick Sothep

      As a Cthulhu cultists I guarantee there's worse than the kraken to worry about in the depths of our oceans..

    77. H

      Just go ask Davy Jones

    78. Big Cock 888

      I read it as "karen" at the beginning. Equally as frightening.

    79. Thomas Watt

      You obviously dont know if there are seaserpents i have seen 5 different types, one attacked our boat and left giant scales on the deck, it had a giant snakehead long needle teeth fanlike fins that spread. It was blue and purple, also i have seen a giant tentacle rise up and smash down, the water all around the boat vibrated anstopped the 5 metre wind slop. Across an are as big as three football feilds, giant squid lay eggs in port davey tasmania

    80. V M

      Video took a weird turn :)

    81. Omri

      6:12 Hi Thoughty FYI Levaithen literally means Whale in Hebrew nothing else nothing more

    82. headless cat

      no. -a tired norwegian

    83. Bird Brain

      I wasn't thinking anything about a pocket rocket until YOU mentioned it 😆

    84. donny akaDonzo

      your name . your making me crazy

    85. Ezrafer Starlight

      I'm not a mature adult but i like learning things that corious me.

    86. MindBrand Abbadon

      scared of saying japanese monster name: ❌ scared of saying old norwegian text: ⭕

    87. Guy Guy

      5:17 rob o' Neill the guy that killed bin laden is in that photo lol

    88. Dale Shelden

      It's pronounced st aw gust teen

    89. Aaron Calinao

      Are u german

    90. corey moore

      newfoondlund?...its pronounced newfindlaand... lard tunderin, newfoundland was a British colony b'y, should know how to pronounce it lol


      you forgot to mention the humboldt squid.

    92. FinDUNE

      “Sea serpenty vibe”

    93. Brian Edwards

      Can't find any reference to that scientist you mentioned: Electra Microspiky.

    94. Brian Edwards

      "We're all adults here..." Speak for yourself.

    95. paul schlacter


    96. Petyr Gechev

      5 min commercial bullsh*** man u r better before u r selling yourself...

    97. Sailx

      Kraken deniers NOPERS

    98. martynas pulokas

      Giant squid has actualy veen seen only two times

    99. Tony Rock

      Ridiculous, you are reaching.

    100. Wei Loong Cheng

      Dyslexic here. I read it as, "Does the Karen Actually Exist"?