Does the Antichrist Really Exist?


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    1. Thoughty2

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      1. Williamw Frazier

        @Anon Anon

      2. Chipinmich

        im the anti christ

      3. Williamw Frazier

        Dwayne the Crock Johnson is the Antichrist

      4. Williamw Frazier

        @Gruxxan Dwayne the Crock Johnson is the Antichrist:

      5. Williamw Frazier

        Dwayne the Crock Johnson is the Antichrist:

    2. Outcast

      If Antichrist is real, I would absolutely LOVE to be him! However, he is probably not real at all. But even if he was, I most certainly wouldn't be him, because that would be too god for me.

    3. Dovar

      From old catholic prophecies and other, near future seems to look like this: 1. great degeneracy in culture, general weakening of the faith, confusion, ideological chaos in the West (willing and/or unwilling) even in the very top of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, 2. globalists and banksters funding chaos, political unrest, civil wars all around the world (especially USA and western Europe), the Third World War (Islam in Europe, in Middle East and in Russia, China in middle Asia, probably in Africa and the Pacific, USA fighting chinese land invasion on the West Coast, certainly the Pacific, maybe landing in Europe for the third time, Russia being betrayed by China and losing most or all of Siberia, because China wants a massive asian land empire with siberian natural resources - beyond this general turmoil and some local wars - common war crimes, genocides, use of biological and/or chemical weapons, probable use of unknown superweapons (supposed weather-weapon HAARP, orbital, microwave, sonic, antigravity weapons and alike), almost certain use of nuclear weapons, especially in Spain, Sicily, Greece, Turkey) - about the end of the War will happen the Three Days of Darkness (probably blast of solar storm destroying all of electricity, sunlight fully blocked for 3 days, paranormal demonic terror on whole Earth) and worldwide Illumination of Conscience - all of this resulting in hundreds of millions or even few billions dead, collapse of world economy, frequent massive natural disasters, downfall of tyrannical dictatorships, communisms, democracies and republics, 3. final end of the freemasonic sects, illuminati, occult secret societies, destruction of their centuries-long conspiracy to enslave all humanity, massive conversions to purified Christianity counted in nations, return of christian, catholic monarchies - with its kings, its emperor and its "angelic pope" renewed true Church of Christ reigns supreme under the Sun - Novus Ordo Seculorum has been defeated. And concerning the Antichrist: there are few eschatological characteristics, that theologians hold the Antichrist will posses: great influence, jewish ethnic descend, male, will cause a historical peace deal (probably in the Middle East, important for the state of Israel), heavly demonically possesed from early childhood, paranormal abilities (flying, pyrokinesis, advanced healing for fake resurrection) and very charismatic. Last year or few years ago rabbis of orthodox jews declared that their "messiah" has already been born or made first public appearance, but still hasn't officially revealed himself. I honestly personally suspect Jared Kushner or his brother. Things are getting real. Events of the Book of Revelation, the Apocalypse, will SOON take place. So the 21st century may be the last one...

    4. Fwa Fwanson

      “Heyyyy, forty two here”

    5. Benny Sabau

      Antichrist is anyone that doubts Jesus and the Father. Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also. 1 John 2:22‭-‬23 KJV

    6. bdunk1970

      There's more than one of us and to point out Christianity is depraved lie. It has hurt more people than it has ever helped, millions more. I would consider being part of being an end to it privilege and if that makes me an antichrist call me what you will in sign me up

    7. Señor Confused

      - Talks about antichrist ending world- - Proceeds to help them by advising to use a VPN to hide their internet activity-

    8. Croncho

      One day I'm going to live in Babylon and have a child named Gog just to make everyone freak out

    9. Rose Garza

      Yes the bible describes the apostate church. It is the vatican lead by the Antichrist Francis (1st beast). Not the parishioners. The USA is the second beast. Yahweh uses the weather, earthquakes and volcanoes to get our attention. The end is near most of the prophecies have been fulfilled. Repent; accept Jesus as your Lord and savior. Fyi Yahweh knows everything and is everywhere.

    10. Sean Magner

      Ur idiots. We are all the Antichrist cus no one can be like christ

    11. Kaden Jenkins

      The subtitles are the fucking best lol

    12. Lucifer

      (just to clarify im not a cristian) i think it would be funny if the "anticrist" is not a single person a group or something like a couple of leders that leads but the entirety of humanity

    13. Spongy

      if anti Crist was "different in every way" so crist would be powerful and anti Crist would be powerless. *epicly dabs

    14. Adam Cole

      The Antichrist exists whenever anyone gets more power then they should. Say government for example. It's like when a kid gets everything they want in the end the one time they don't get what they wanted they kill everything until they get it. Government does this to people's freedom. To much power and your freedoms go away. You always should have a balance with everything especially government. To much power and everyone dies.

    15. Stoic Gerbil

      I'm pretty sure it's my mother

    16. B Stone

      Reckon aliens like steak to always see them sucking up cows in movies and games🐔🐔🐔 eat more beef

    17. Lazy Nyt

      Interesting question would be like: let's say that's a person, A. will he know he is such entity? B. just doooo whatever stuff popping up in his mind? If you think more likely to be (A), well.. there's quite a lot of implications there and you can guess some. If (B) is your preferred choice, everyone got potential to be one and only question would be how far to go before becoming fully fledged one. (For me, neither of two. Dunno. Doesn't concern me. So why tf should i choose anyway lmao) Only thing i can guess is that it took less than 3 years to grow that moustache. How i know is other day watched one of older clips without that black caterpillar from 3yrs ago duh

    18. Ash Caughtemlol

      I think it's the dude who's kept Crysis3 on the 360 online the last 6 year's

    19. Joanna Mazur

      Are we forgetting Y2K? 🤣

    20. Reynaldo Lazaro

      i think im it.... im not even fucking kidding... its messed up.

    21. 0nly This

      Does the Antichrist Really Exist? Does the Christ Really Exist? or Did He Ever?

    22. Sargon

      No, because Christ doesn't exist either.

    23. Nikola Milosevic

      Dont worry Darksiders will save us

    24. Williamw Frazier

      Dwayne the Crock Johnson is the Antichrist:

    25. Lil YungPeePee

      Obama is the Antchrist 🐜

    26. Edgar Morales

      The "antichrist" is not a man, the "antichrist" is the ego... or what christians would call... Satan.

    27. magicpyroninja

      You're right buddy your s***'s really trending down here in hell

    28. 9some

      it's rome's pope

    29. Stephanie Martin babey

      Trump is 👀 💯💯🤣

    30. The Funny One

      Thank you Thoughty, for the VPN tips, now I can hide my nefarious activities ;)

    31. robo

      UN peacekeepers

    32. Rados Turek Footbag

      no need to make videos about me, gl earth

    33. sløan

      Loved the "I just got laid" egg, brilliant

    34. Ric Mo

      YEP. His name is Ted Cruz.

    35. Space Cowboy

      The Old Testament prophet Daniel lived during the time of the Babylonian exile which preceded the rise of ancient Greece by over 1000 years. So, exactly how could Daniel have lived during time of the Greek Empire? And since you state that he supposedly lived in 162 BC, how, precisely, did he live under Greek rule nearly 1000 years after the fall of ancient Greece & nearly in the middle of the Roman Empire's timeline?

    36. Mercede

      Few things. Anti christ is not just present in Christianity but is clearly mentioned in Islam also. So may be one religion got it wrong but two together got it wrong is impossible. The time is the riddle that no one has solved yet. What he would do? Same things that christ did but with bad intensions. Can bring dead back to life for instance. What's the purpose? To misguide people, to take them to Satan's ways as christ takes people to God's ways. Is all this a joke? Yes for thoughty two and the likes of him, yes it is. The best attack of satan against humanity is to make them believe that he never existed.

    37. bart jeppesen

      Does the AntiChrist really exist? ( 8 billion people would not even know if Antichrist was standing next to them. ) I am not attacking anyone, just sharing my point of view from my point in view. ( The Riddle of Time needs to be solved. An yet the riddle is so easy, an entire planet just can not seem to solve the riddle.) Perhaps everyone should focus directions on things they can understand. Everyone seems to think they know- ( But GOD is all knowing, all seeing as well. ) So just how does so many claim to know so many things? When the level of intelligence between GOD and Mankind is just not enough for man to know nor understand. ( I am just saying- perhaps the riddle of time should be solved first? ) Who is coming? Who removes, takes, ends the time? Now- Who uses time, prepares for that time? Now- Time does not exist any where else but on this planet. Nope- no where else is there time. Who is coming? Who has already came here long ago? ( Time and all the formulas relating and such things can not solve anything! So how does all these whom - think they know---think they know anything at all? ) GOD is not here. Your Dragon is here. Been here a long time. An yet everyone thinks they know. But- It is clear and with clarity that Mankind does not and could not understand- When it is so simple the riddle of time. Who is coming and who is already here? Everyone thinks they know- but ---let me tell you about GOD. ( GOD and the Language of GOD- is NEVER a part of the barter system, subscriptions, donations, sales, sell, trade, promises, buy my book and the golden ticket is yours, standing in the lines, the neon signs, nor is there this one or that one better/worse ) --My question is? How did this happen? The very ONE which can never be any of those? An yet Mankind knows GOD? Mankind knows a god but not the GOD that I know. ( How does Mankind think they will be rewarded and gifted with Paradise? No one even knows what Paradise is? Paradise is what surrounds you. It is the EVERYTHING that surrounds you. ) So take a good look around at what Mankind knows- Mankind values nothing, not even each other! Mankind expects a reward of paradise? When that Paradise was already given and LOOK WHAT Paradise means to mankind. ( No- GOD is not here! Another self claimed god came here long ago. A god that all Mankind clearly and with clarity know! ) But- even now- you prepare to send punishment my way while reading these words. ( Solve the riddle of time---Who is here and who is coming here? ) To understand anything, perhaps all need to know who their Dragon is? An if dragons don't exist? Then your religious foundations also don't exist. ( If GOD were here- If the Language of GOD was also here? ) Well then - as you look around- Do you think ---can you think---or do you know which god/GOD is here? ( The words of GOD are the most MIS-USED, MISUNDERSTOOD words, that man has ever known! ) An all think they know? Perhaps some real thinking- without all the answers which others think they know? - Mankind can not solve the simple riddle of time. ( Even as I have given all whom read this- the Who is Who parts in the riddle?) I doubt anyone will be able to understand that! ( It is the DOG DAYS OF MAN ) An as you claim to think you know, --- The GOD that I know is coming. GOD is not here- I know with clarity of my own, I need not hear words that others claim they know---When the GOD that I know is not this god, your master, the dragon, and all that crap everyone thinks they know! ( The Antichrist - Knows the difference between GOD and god/dragon/master. ) Who will have foundations when the truth is known? ( GOD is never EVER a part of a barter system! The Language of GOD is SHARED, it is FREE and freely shared. ) All those using that barter system? ( Who do you think is marked? Does anyone even know what the Mark of the Beast actually means? No! When GOD lets loose his Beast- All those whom are marked, are those whom the Beast will hunt. ) It takes a monster to hunt another monster. A beast which GOD has chained. ( Just like all those whom think they know what that CUBE is about? Look at the videos! REALLY? A big square cube coming this way? ) Wow! An entire planet whom does not have any understanding and yet they know what GOD and his plans are? WOW----Intelligence is just not there! Sorry, hate to pop your bubbles--I not handing out a sticker for everyone either! ( SOLVE THE RIDDLE OF TIME--who coming? who is here? ) Time exists only here. It is no where else and there will be an end to this time. An - it amazes me how everyone can solve and solve and solve- when GOD coming and Mankind has not even solved the riddle of time. ( How can so many volumes filled with so many words, be written, claiming to know the words of GOD, when there were only a few words needed. ) Perhaps only those - in the present were the ones whom were involved in the understanding of such words. ( There for? Mankind thinks they know? ) GOD knows what he is doing- An not one any where here or out there beyond this shithole would even know what GOD knows. -The god all know here is not the GOD that I know. Only your god would value Paradise this way. Mankind-- looking and looking and can not see anything! ( Take care---solve the riddle---focus on the word " compassion" and hope will also help set the weight on the scales.) Ever wonder why nuclear energy is the safest form of energy? Why so many bombs are needed? Because the god here uses this to keep him safe. GOD would not blow this planet up. But your god would and knows that GOD values all lifes creations. -- This paradise is what Mankind was promised. Just look around- all should be ashamed for not knowing. ( Begin with the riddle of time. ) All that which relates solves nothing. When GOD is coming to remove, to take, to end TIME. ( Do not stand against GODs people when they come to save you! ) At least you can value yourself and stand with them. ( FREE- SHARED - FREE- when it is free it holds more value- the more will have and hold GODs language. ) The barter system is and those using it and claim to know---they do not know GOD. ( That is easy for you to see. ) The Language of GOD is a language that all know except here. Just observe- look around- think for yourself- To many can not even problem solve anymore. They ask a question and the question is quickly answered. No one knows anything-- Only the answers that they are given and all just stand there believing every bit and without any truth in knowing - just the knowing from anothers words. ( solve the riddle- know who is here ) That will be huge beginning point. Then the understanding can actually take place. ( Mankind has had so much stolen from them, you have been raped. Mankind is suppose to rise above and this should have happened long ago. ) Try to understand a language which is missing and all know this language and yet? Compassion is needed and all life is important, it is the everything that is part of the paradise which surrounds you. If these values do not change, then Mankind values nothing, not even each other. ( I felt compelled to add my words which I hold value for. Because of the title of this video. ) A defining moment - only comes once. It never ever comes again. Just happens once. There will not be another one. Mankind can step forward and each can define their own moment. ( That moment, which defines who mankind is, will make a difference. ) Do not let the master define the moment for you. ( How many donuts can the Baker man bake? How many donuts can the monster consume before he reaches the Baker man? ) Do not let the moment of defining be that moment of Mankind- shouting god wills it - as they know so well already, from both sides of a battle they have shouted over and over. ( GOD does not do that- GOD does not stand on two sides and have them kill each other and destroy each others culture and links to the past. ) Those links to the past, are the links all have to GOD- they are the links which are your future. ( If they are all erased- there will be a world peace. But it will be only Billions of trained killers shouting god wills it- as they set their targets on the next world. ( GOD is the Creator- the Baker man ---and all those whom are waiting for mankind to rise above ) Know that- how important a Defining Moment can be. ) Thank you for allowing me to tap these words. I wrote more then I should have. But the words do hold value that I know. -It was free. They are worthless, they hold only the value I hold. ( But truth comes free without fear.)

    38. Metal Gaming Warrior

      Satan of course. After all, he hates Christ more than anyone.

    39. M. Cousin

      I almost choked to death when he called that poor lady out for her forehead 🤣🤣

    40. Capt. Winky

      Best segue to an ad ever… lol

    41. Gilles van Zeebroeck

      The book of revelations isn’t that the preferred book of Catholic religious nutcases! Imho only the first 3 chapters are to be considered “sane”...

    42. Manuel Magalhaes

      What about Y2K

    43. Vex tract

      Read what Jesus said about the signs of the end of days, you need not look at revelations. Mostly I'd amplify "you will see tribulations as you have never seen before" which are preceded by the first birth pains many think are happening now. Wars, rumors of wars, earth quakes in diverse places. Keep in mind 70M deaths are attributed to WWII and yet that was not the end. 70 million! "Like you have never seen before". Also many will come in his name not a lot of that yet just false teaching scammers, yeah there are a few that think they are Jesus healing the sick so what? That's not it. He's talking about a full throated dedication of many coming in his name to deceive you until the false prophet emerges which could be the current Pope not my opinion though. They will allow what is not Godly. You do have to look at the new age cult churches and churches accepting what God does not according to scripture and I think people need to study the occult to know what the enemy of God is doing, it's all around you like a matrix. Morpheus dropped that hint! The A-Christ will be an American of Jewish decent but also with a Syrian parent either Father or mother that's what dispensation of the bible seems to point to. Decent history lesson on this video and normally I don't bloviate but the video is a bit short sighted and I detected more than a slight hint of mockery and that's also part of the persicution Jesus spoke of. Thoughty2 is going to have to own that.

    44. Captain Fangwolf

      Um I thought the white horses rider was death ? Least I checked that's what it says But idk I don't believe in that

    45. KeyofG

      lol teaching the antichrist how to not get caught...With Surfshark VPN! :'D

    46. Mr Ex


    47. Mike Mobbley

      Lions weren't stupid we're stupid form is translating what they meant what they meant by the end was the end of a thousand some odd time. We have things called the great year where we go through time periods that are a couple thousand some all year long 2012 removed from the time. Of Pisces to the time. Of Aquarius that's what the Mayan that by the end the end of a great month not the end of the world people are stupid

    48. Hugh Honey

      Danny divito de fuk

    49. Garettteh

      I was the 10% believing in 2012 or any doomsday, but not because of some shitty superstitions. There's always something not discovered in space.

    50. James Kahl

      The way it's come across to me is that there is an anti-christ for every age, and some come closer to succeeding than others. If true, than one of the world's cycles will have him winning all but Jerusalem or Israel soon after a great wave of Christian conversion. A generation or so, I think. Some people think that with modern communications this is done, or nearly so. And with Atheism, Agnosticism, and simply the Nons along with the popularity of goths and criminal types of music (rap where everyone is a player or a b*tch or something of the sort) we've all but arrived. Only time will tell. What will you do with it. Where will you place your bet and what are betting with? I'm no angel myself but I'd rather be on the right side of God's judgment. Just saying

    51. Shin Thant Htoo

      Yes, and he goes by the name of Technoblade, the blade himself

    52. NHMO OYTIS

      Hell no. Signed, The Antichrist.

    53. Every Single Average Day

      If the antichrist is the complete opposite, wouldn't that make it a female? 🤔

    54. Original Ghoul

      The Mayan calendar is correct its the Roman Catholic Calendar we use today that is off by 300 years, your a smart boy add all the missing days.

    55. Marc McKenzie

      Great piece! I always thought it was a misspelling of "Ante Christ", meaning the security officer who stood outside any room Jesus was in.

    56. General Shepherd

      Wow he couldn't of gotten more wrong in this video. Such a great response from the people too. It was received well. Goes to show how lost this world is.

      1. Georgia Ware

        How so? Please elaborate, he seems to have genuinely researched this.

    57. Van Man


    58. bobyboy191


    59. Dzonny Blue

      YES I AM Antichrist

    60. Adam Bishop

      Well.....terrible conclusion!....sorry...I guess we'll just have to wait to see what unfolds in the future, to find more meaningful understanding of this phenomenon. Honestly, look whats happening in this world right now (01/05/2021) and I think we can all agree, we're getting closer to something terrible on the horizon. It seems obvious to me now that we all need to start paying much closer attention to ancient tales of the end times and Revelations type scenarios. The world has changed drastically in the last's unrecognisable to the world we knew before ("The new normal") and if you believe in the battle between good and evil, God and the devil, then it does not take a genius to see that what we are witnessing now, is the beginning of mans oppression and enslavement, long since fortold in ancient scriptures!

    61. Alex Foster

      Maybe the Antichrist is coming to pull the veil of false hope that is religion off of the world, which would be the end of days as we know it especially for very religious folk. But in turn it would be the beginning of a new age where everyone is just woke to all the universe's peculiarities. *Yo pass that blunt back*

    62. Strangely Repulsive

      No, you can stop watching now


      The fourth horseman is actually on a sickly green horse. Pale was used because nobody could comprehend a green horse.

    64. Al Klein

      The reason existence didn't end in 2012 is that it was the end OF THE CURRENT CALENDRIC CYCLE, not the end of time. (We could as well say that time ends at midnight, 31 December - but it doesn't.) Nero Caesar, in Hebrew, is actually נרו קיסר, so ... The "mark of the beast" doesn't appear in the Bible, only the "number of the beast". There's also a number associated with Jesus, with the name God, with ... any letter or group of letters. So all the nonsense about barcodes or RFIDs being "the mark of the beast" is just what I call postphecy - "predicting" something that's already happened.

    65. Andersome

      Azazel probably knows as that is his or her father or mother 😈

    66. Michael Rosen

      "In a plot twist I certainly didnt see coming jesus christ himself" That was good hahahaha.

    67. Don Clayton

      The Anti-Christ was Paul who started with the help of Rome the church that has murder billions in the name of their god!!!

    68. Harvey Matthew Serrano

      i rerally love ur research Thoughty, as a theocratic student i can say that u got it correctly!

    69. Harvey Matthew Serrano

      funny how people just forget that the book of revelations actually consist of hope and promise to remove evil and death one of em i think is in Rev 21:4

    70. Harvey Matthew Serrano

      when will the world really end come on!

    71. Angel Martin del Campo

      Fun fact: that calendar is not maya. Also, its not a calendar either.

    72. Ivanka Leonie Fuchs

      Hmmm?...NO. Das conception of an anti-christ ist an invention by Monotheistic religion, und ist simply a human phobia disorder originating from humanity's first religions of Paganism who practiced duality of Light vs Dark, Good vs Evil, in their Personification of Pagan Archetypes.

    73. eau.c144

      You're mistaken. There are no virgins here in Oklahoma! 😆

    74. Joseph Hughen

      Here's another thought,Gog sound familiar, Google ,Magog a combination of a- mazon & Google Could take over if that isn't a consideration then our current state of reality is not being considered, it's something to evaluate the possibility of,this is just one possibility that the spiritual adepts have overlooked 🙃

    75. Julz!

      did he just sell a fraikin vpn service to the devil ?! thats hilarius love your vidios!

    76. Joseph Hughen

      Here's a thought,the concept that AI could fit all the prophecy, is a thought that hasn't really been looked at with a honest evaluation,if possible this concept should be considered,the idea that the an imitation of a spiritual ideal fits, consider the possibility!!!

    77. Bron Jo

      Forget the Book of Revelation, Just read the Old Testament, after that, just Wait and Watch!

    78. Thomas Goff

      In the future, raising the dead may eventually be attributed to Science rather than waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and...

    79. Vinashak -The Destroyer

      Mayans mistook 2021 to 2012.

    80. TloV EnnE

      AC is good for the poor, bad for the rich. So to the poor he is Jesus, to the rich he is their end game. So really "evil" and "good" is all a matter of perspective, depends on who you ask and ask about.

    81. Mario Gomez

      The plot twist killed me

    82. TloV EnnE

      Last Christ is the red one. (13) 13 is A and C (AC) Thirteen - neet ri(g)ht Li(g)ht "The red teen" - red is indian M-A(r)C ---- Not mark lol M is male. Male arch --- "It will begin in March"

    83. Ho Lee Phuk

      Advertising was smooth af.

    84. Hajime

      Christ is evil-Matthews 10:34 for do not think that I have come to bring peace but come wielding a sword.

    85. Ernest Pierce

      The least point non cross thing I can think of is a Black Hole. A Black Hole is the Anti-Christ. :3

    86. Herbert

      Washington DC is the military antichrist capital of the world. The presidents are the antichrists over, and over again since George Bush Sr. They are all the same rigged demonic Satanic criminal antichrist party, and so are the Windsors, and Rothschilds. Haven't you noticed? They are terrible people. The elections are rigged to keep the antichrists out of trouble. Some of the secretaries of state are as well such as Collin Powell, and Hillary Clinton. They are the enemy of all that is good.

    87. HERCULES !

      What the fuck is an anti comet pill

    88. Geon

      I like how one of the eggs just has "I just got laid" written on it

    89. Denise 55


    90. hlf_coder

      I still take my anti-comet pills everyday. And since I’m protected, the rest of you are protected too. You’re welcome Earth

    91. dante alighieri

      my guess on the anti christ? pope francis, every politician, xi jinping and all communist chinese, all communists in general, elon musk, jeff bezos, could be anyone really. or worse, everyone.

    92. dante alighieri

      if the world did end on 2012, it might still be better then the incoming future. people getting dumber, fewer clean resources, communists gaining power, corporations and governments selling out to communists, pandemics, etc.... Idiocracy was right.

    93. five two-one 4 five one

      Imagine being the antichrist and googling "how to be *the* antichrist", so he could stand out in today's insanely self-denying world and do his work in an adequate above (I mean below) level

    94. Axel Shark Space Scientist

      Bigger antichrist than me you won't find. Although I'm against all religions. So I destroyed them all.

      1. Axel Shark Space Scientist

        @First last As far as I remember, religion is about creation, not evolution. But whstever I destroyed them all. In the future there's no single religion left.

    95. Dev Central

      if the antichrist doesn't exist, then what was the UN created for, checkmate.

      1. Alex


    96. Max Alexander


    97. Max Alexander


    98. seven days a week

      You mean the bible might not actually be evidence of a god and that religion might just be a sham? I'm shocked.

    99. ColdMoonlight

      They wouldn't want you to google "how to end all of mankind" because they're trying to get there first. And the reason Jesus is considered to be the anti-christ is probably because of "The Great Deception"

    100. Malachi's Guides!

      I love how you're helping the Antichrist by giving VPN tips