Can You Upload Your Brain to a Computer?


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    1. Thoughty2

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      1. Booth

        don't forget, it's 2022 next year, that means we'll have the Nerve gear soon ...

      2. wet Willie

        All right so what if someone is brain dead can you overwrite they're old self with a copy of themselves made before the accident sort of like when you have a hard drive that has some dead sectors but you copy an operating system to that hard drive using the good sectors

      3. OnePuch Boy

        Man Where Are You.. You have not posted in 6 days.. You usually research for 1-2 days make the video and post it. So you take about 2-4 days to post.. i really miss learning from you and i can't watch your passed videos you made because i already viewed them more than once.. hope everything is okay and that you are just on holiday...

      4. fReAkThEzOiD

        selling his soul unsubscribed..try again

      5. KamiEuKiTo

        15:15 😏👉 *I see* what you did there. The ol' quantum uncertainty principle.

    2. Strange and Wonderful

      If you don't pay, you are made into a moronic NPC... Better if glitched...

    3. Bri-man Hunter

      I’m getting some Doctor Who vibes here.

    4. Gene Au

      The word "yellow" and "emperor" sounds the same, but is not the same word.

    5. Taylor Countryman

      The Matrix is... real?!? 🤔

    6. psycronizer

      someone takes the idea a little too literally.......angle grinder with cutting blade attached, circumference buzz-cut around head, and pulls off top of skull. Gets ice cream scoop and digs out a big scoop of the custard in his noggin, proceeds to push as much as he can into the disc slot on his P.C's DVD/Blu Ray burner.....the grin on his face getting bigger and bigger as he squeezes more in....

    7. Chris Katz

      If a living organism takes a generic copy of itself it then fails the system it is made of, and the cells in no way progress, even if it is possible, genetics itself wouldnt allow this unless the technology is infused biologically with the living organism creating a mutual bond.

    8. crushbeast29

      I'd rather die as a human than a bunch of particles in a computer.

    9. Ramanuja Rao

      Surprisingly, we don't need large high-resolution frames in emulated realty as the scope of human focus is very small. This perhaps would require less graphic processing than a game.

    10. Ramanuja Rao

      Perhaps, we can emulate the person on wetware.

    11. Shaun Levett

      A modern day 'ship of Theseus' = Trigger's broom in Only Fools and Horses.

    12. Kirby Marx

      Vajrayana Monks in the Himilayas have a special potion they drink which brings them into their Rainbow Bodies. The potion is poisonous. i’ve also heard of monastics in India meditating all in one sitting until they die

    13. Kirby Marx

      i don’t want to be the first experiment

    14. Inder Nirbhay Singh

      Has anyone else noticed 18th, 19th, etc. being pronounced as "eighteemf", "nineteemf"? Am I hearing things?

    15. ColdMoonlight

      Zuck Farck Muckerberg.

    16. miguel238

      You may be able to make a copy of your brain and put it in a robot but that will still be just a copy not you.

    17. darkchronos

      18:57 " i request elaboration" lol

    18. Jack Durden

      If they were to upload the consciousness into a robot, you’d still want to be able to have sex wouldn’t you? Do things that require feeling. So for that, it would seem easiest to produce clones. For your mind to be uploaded into. And in that way, you’d be back into “yourself”, and I Loved “Ready Player One”, that was awesome. That would truly be the most safe way to do this whole thing. With the only drawback being you’d still age normally. At least until you logged in.

    19. Kasper

      Really shows how much potential we have for improving our tech if 2 million laptops can't even match our brain

    20. Del Spooner

      What makes you think you aren't in a computer simulation right now?

    21. __Grist for the Lel__

      A great story that hinges on the Transporter problem is called Think Like a Dinosaur by James Patrick Kelly. The neural copy method is just as you as the you you were 10 years ago. Read my other comment. There is a way to use neural replacement that provides a subjective continuity of life. But I suspect we are not wired for immortality. Lets say 40 years from now it happens. One day your brain is silicon and you climb into your protective sarcophagus and jack into the Matrix. Maybe you spend a few decades being a wizard and then a century as several Roman Emperors. This is so unlike your original life in the Actual that you would begin to reject your would seem fake, like a dream that you constantly feared you would awake from....we dont have the tools to live a dream life as a ninja, then one as a famous musician. You would lose who you are...... Until maybe you decided to live a basic life, like the one you lived before you had your brain converted to a silicon copy. Maybe you would ask the AI Mother to reset you right before you got the scan so you could explore what would have happened if you never took that job in Tucson. You had fun waiting hours on your phone watching NLname. Life was often boring but it kind of was exciting with all the little challenges you faced. Maybe this is what you are experiencing right now. Maybe you have lived this life millions of times exploring all the possibilities. You are. Think of a random an upside down traffic cone to test send the request to Tech Support tap your right bicuspid with your tongue 3 times and subvocalize the code 9356. You may have set some game mechanics to make this all seem real but give it a go, really test it out. Maybe request a fully stocked refrigerator with the doors open on the side of the road on the way to work. Have some fun..but.. Wake up. 9356

    22. __Grist for the Lel__

      Ice crystals puncture cell walls in cryogenics. All those people are dead. If the ability to upload is possible you die. But a being that thinks its you lives on in the sim. You are dead. You gift immortality in a dream world to an imposter that thinks its the original. Here's a cool thought. What if this is the upload? What if you just think you are the original on the original time line. What if it's millions of years from the 21st century and you are the copy? There is a way of not being a copy. Have nanobots replace each neuron with a silicon copy one neuron at a time..preserving all the 10,000 connections....all 80 billion neurons. One day its done and your mind is now a silicone copy with no break in continuity. Then you can climb into a pod that protects your cyber brain and jack into the sim. If the sim has very fast processing you can live years in the sim for every few days in the Actual. Eventually tech may advance enough that you can keep your cyborg body in digital sarcophagus most of the time with autonomous systems sustaining your body. Remember, you don't ever want to upload if you want to be the person who lives on....the second you copy your mind state to the sim that being is not you...just a copy.

    23. Christopher Tumblin

      Lol you know you fuck with somebody when you legit enjoy watching in-video ads bc it means the grind is paying off

    24. Franklin Bacon

      Whether by chip or by other means, you link with your digital self occasionally or constantly, your biological body will eventually be replaced by computer parts. I see no means to keep things alive forever, since everyone eventually meets the environment in which the biological self becomes unable to continue.

    25. Cosmic Anomaly

      As mentioned it's all in the perspective, I say replacing the parts means nothing as long as the whole remains, it's not like we are stuck in time, it moves forward, we replace parts everyday, cells die and new ones replace the old ones, you literally have a completely different body after a few years of this process, so what's the difference if instead of living cells and nuerons I replace them with transistors and metal?

      1. Cosmic Anomaly

        Same with personality, everyone changes through time and experience.

    26. Cosmic Anomaly

      I just need 1 of 2 things to die happy, Either be capable of living my videosgames by uploading my conscious to a virtual world or get tf out of earth and travel through space.

    27. invalid nickname

      Next 3 decades? Sounds like nuclear fusion

    28. F Utube

      Oh thought2, has anyone thought about a Coronal Mass Ejection wiping out all simulations and e- brains. 🧠?

    29. Kamiros Torino

      Well... we are more than just sum of our parts... unless scientists will find a part of brain that is creating "consciousness" there is a possibility that it is our Souls that shape it using our brain in the same way we use computers. In that case we would need to figure a way to store that Souls, not only the brain, and allow it to interact with the machine "container". But if it is all in brain then perhaps the best way to fully and really upload ourselves to a digital form is to figure out a "brain-computer" interface that will allow us to consciously transfer our... well consciousness... Imagine that this technology exist? How would it feel? Like being funnel thru a cable? Or like Stepping from one car to the other? Like changing the shirt? Who knows. I think that unless this technology is developed we will end up just make separate copies of ourselves ("Just a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy" scenario). But with this technology... maybe.. just maybe... it will be like "cutting" the program from one computer (biological brain) and "pasting" it on another (machine brain). We would just need to figure out a CPU that would work just the same as our Biological one.

    30. Mick

      Ship of Theseus = Trigger’s brush

    31. BraydeN64

      If we lived in a perfect utopia, I know we’d all become spoiled brats.

    32. Jere Heiskanen

      So basicly cyberpunk

    33. Red Wright

      Hello 42.

    34. Richard White

      just like in cyberpunk 2077 where Keanu Reeves mind is immortalized in a computer chip

    35. girlofanimation

      Altered Carbon and double sleeving brings up the question about having multiple copies of yourself

    36. Baka yarou

      I'm sure it will be possible to upload your brain on a computer but I don't think it will be any time soon. Maybe more than a century in the future?

    37. JP H

      If I die and the exact pattern of my brain is then emulated on a new substrate, I am not a copy. Instead, I am in a state of continuation and my continuation can only occur if all memories of my entire identity remain intact. Pre and post biological death. If my continuation gets copied, that’s called a divergence where my divergent self and I begin to immediately have INDIVIDUAL experiences and thus over time become two unique people. Just remember, there’s no such thing as immorality in this hostile universe. The likelihood of dying as a cybernetic is just as plausible as that of a human, only now your lifetime is scaled over a vastly larger timespan. Ultimately, death happens one of two ways for “immortals”. You either cease to function on a molecular level and very quickly sublimate into a primordial “vapor” and vanish as the universe terminally expands or angular momentum will lead everything to a final black hole. While we have it, for as long as we can keep it, we should cherish our awareness.

    38. satoshi nakamoto

      @3:17 my fine friend used a muslim mosque (middle photo) to show hindu temple. This explains why indian people got called arabs or terrorists at times lol

    39. SAU

      yeah and I'm sure it would be cheap and be open to everyone.....HAHAHA NOT!

    40. neVer ApoLogizE

      before thoughty starts i say yes and no... proceed

    41. Mariá Elmorsy

      I just scratched my screen protector really hard with my nail filer 😕

    42. Genki Feral

      most humans don't get nearly enough potassium. ...or other minerals, for that matter. getting a bad ratio of sodium to potassium is what may cause high blood pressure, scientists say.

    43. Drake Baker

      I’m down for having a super accurate sim of myself

    44. StableGenius

      Neat trick, just cover your face as you ride through town.

    45. MrGbere777

      Seeing as the digital people don't need food or sleep they can mine Bitcoin for money and use that as currency

    46. MrGbere777

      18:16 i don't think they will be using money

    47. mamamia88

      Yeah seems like a complete waste of resources

    48. Salma Hernandez

      So we can look into a San Junipero, White Christmas hopefully?

    49. infinite death

      If I could upload my brain into a computer, and enter a complete simulation like the one described in this video, the first thing I would do is experience all the halo games (except for halo wars 1 and 2) in chronological order. So starting out with noble 6, and becoming masterchief to follow the story shown in the games. Except, what I could do in them would not be so limited, as when using a controller. After all, if the tech is possible to upload a human brain, I can't imagine it would be hard to replicate those games.

    50. Pascal Muff

      all u need is allready existing in your head...

    51. peaceharmonybaby

      Excellent video!

    52. Eddy coOl- sama

      roundworm got its brain uploaded into a robot, and the robot became the roundworm. okay WHY WASN'T I INFORMED ABOUT THIS EARLIER?! this is no small feat, that roundworm's immortal now!! this is proof that uploading human brain is do-able. when, we dont know yet but it'll happen for sure!! totally disagree with your concluding statements: "whether that will be possible remains to be seen" - read above, it's definitely possible. "but first we have to decide whether its even a good idea" - RIP scientific progress. first should always be the invention, then comes the question of good or bad, after that invention not before it! ps: love your amazing videos btw, hope my comment doesn't come off as being rude.

    53. Matthew R

      At this point, paying rent and electrical would be the same bill haha

    54. Laynie Reiter

      Though more focused on the brain-in-a-vat, this gives me the same vibes as the episode from Tales of the Darkside "A Choice of Dreams". Who is to tell us we would not be put into a digital mightmare?

    55. Steve Wiles

      I wish I could film my dreams.

    56. Scummy73 Dude

      One direction.... NOBODY WANTS THAT!! 🤣🤣

    57. A Slaughter

      Anyone here played SOMA?

    58. ErikGauthierDrums

      "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they never stopped to think about whether they should" - Dr Ian Malcolm

    59. Tazey Wazey

      I feel like what people would really want to make is something that pulls their consciousness out of the brain not a copy of you. Sort of like a longer term SAO but ethire without a physical body or having you're body crypgenicly preserved for a period of time so you pay for a time limit to be preseverd meanwhile you do what you want in the matrix

    60. Valentin Stoilov

      I red a lot of books on the topic like Michio Kaku; Ray Kurzweil; Michael Talbot; Carl Sagan Stephen Hawking, even more conspiracy books like: Jan van Helsing (Jan Udo Holey) like David Icke and others and watching things like Aubrey De Grey Liz Parrish and more... I am asking myself the same questions for many years. Searching for more information, and have some crazy ideas as well. The main one is exactly what Thoughty2 is asking: Are we going to separate the consciousness from the body? Is the soul exist as separate thing from the body (holographic universe)? I think if we find the answer to this questions we may find how to do it. Or should we do it at all?

    61. Dr. A.I. Kryptanical

      even biological immortality has it's limits particularly the brain after hundreds of years would begin have degradation due to lack of storage space you would begin to lose your sanity, and then theres the premise even if we could be truly immortal in body and mind is it what we want, we would witness loved ones age and die & over long periods history repeats itself it's enough to drive anyone insane! and immortality doesn't even mean immunity even if you couldn't die you could still get diseases and should you contract something horrible that makes you constantly sick and you can't get rid of it... then you would suffer eternal sickness because you can't die! whats more as a human we really aren't design to be immortal our limited time is what grounds us and gives humanity it's erm... humanity if we was immortal we'd lost touch... theres also a possibility of depression and becoming apathetic towards doing anything because in the end the world continues to spin making you feel a futility... then theres the matter of the fact you live long enough to see the world stop spinning your home earth would eventually die and you would have to make home in a another system once the sun destroys everything thered me no coming back unless you got a time machine and plan to come back and stop yourself from becoming immortal!

    62. F.C Chicken

      I hope this never happens, death is natural and I dont think there can be any way around it and it will be like that for a long long time.

    63. piddlywiddly 89

      I feel that the living would be responsible for paying the upkeep and maintenance expenses of the physical database, so get ready for more taxes for the living. Not just anyone would be able to upload themselves I think. They would either have to pay a FORTUNE, or have some type of “Digital Immortality” coverage in their insurance. If there is money in keeping people alive, there is money in immortality. The up front cost would be paid in some form by either the deceasing party, or their family members. Then there would be either a monthly premium, or an annual fee, but if government supplied the service, then get ready to pay that tax. If you can’t afford the premiums, then they cut off grandma and grandpa, or at least your access to see them. What if the Database crashes and everyone is wiped out? Do they have backup copies of EVERYONE’S original scans? Would they be the same people?! Let’s not forget the fact that for a breakthrough like this to happen, we would have to cross the threshold of the singularity. Basically a computer with a conscience. What if it sees our greed with the Database as a disservice and it decides to wipe us out? Humans are inherently greedy creatures, especially since the advent of currency. Eventually the computer would be able to keep itself running with solar panels fabricated from thin air or whatever and the service could become free of charge, but it would eventually become so large that it would have to encompass the entire planet and possibly use our moon as a satellite. That would effectively wipe us out as living creatures. We would essentially create our own God in the planet that can move itself through space avoiding asteroids and dying stars. Yes, we would become immortal, but at what cost to our planet? We would know without a doubt that what we see isn’t real, but have no clue as to what happened to the big green and blue ball that started it all. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk Edited for spelling 🙄

    64. Abdul

      Yeah, but it would likley just be a copy of your brain rather than it actually being you

    65. Gavyn

      Bro, Im a different breed, I’ll just not die 😎😎😎😎😜😜😜😜‼️‼️‼️🥳🥳🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔

    66. Abdulaziz Hawsah

      Altered Carbon.

    67. El Hungaro

      That clicker is all wrong.... That brain is 🔌 plugged into a European 220 ⚡ Volt outlet 😯

    68. dhawal parmar

      Virtual you is not actually you it's your copy which may share same thoughts and idea as you but it can't ever be you. The only way to be truly immortal is to stop aging of your cells of body and cellular death. And that will be one and only medicine for immortality of your conscious.

    69. John Pen

      If someone uploads your brain to a cloud and that brain is there your real brain still dies and you with it, what's the point of making a copy of yourself.

    70. Taylor Koprulu

      @thoughty2 well there could be another way actually. what if we replaced all our organs and body parts into a robot. we wouldnt need to copy paste and so on. we could potentially connect to all sorts of technological things. so we wouldnt be living for ever but we could live as long as our physical brain lives. and the rest of our body can be replaced. elon musk is currently working on a similar thing. i dont think thats his actual goal but they say they are able to connect directly into the brain and send signals and receive signals. they tested on a pig thats very content and practically almost speaking to the pig etc... another idea i heard years ago was using our genes and dna. its believed that since we grew in our mums belly from pretty much nothing, our genes and dna holds the secret to growing up again. so in theory they say we may be able to activate what ever it was that allowed us to be a human. which could potentially mean that if an organ of urs is failing etc, they can activate certain things for it to create a new organ. obviously would have so many things to consider but its a thought. maybe another video about these? :)) Taylor, Sydney

    71. Zakaria Shalih

      My problem with this are: this can leave us soulless(as happened to the reptilian Despot(which later known as satan) that uploads itself into something that has more matrioshka brains than grain of sands on earth's beaches, at War in Heaven aka K-Pg extinction event)

    72. Nico

      I honestly dislike the idea of not having a body, another idea for immortality under similar circumstances would be to clone yourself and upload your conscience to that other body.

    73. Melissa Pether

      On the last point, I said "exactly" out loud 😊

    74. nekroneko

      This is assuming we haven't already achieved this and are in fact already living in said simulation. In this case, the me (and anyone reading who is conscious) wanted to live out life in a realistic setting with no knowledge it being a simulation until their own 'death'.

    75. Zari M

      Basically a summary of Black Mirror.

    76. Viktorya Rose

      The connector ? Arcade fire knows all about it

    77. ddalton8754

      So I can play fallout in real life for eternity? I would love to just upload my brain into fallout 3.

    78. Legalize: The Podcast

      the common man aren’t a part of the transhumanist plan. they plan to depopulate us

    79. Lava 321

      Ya know that could happen you can probably get someone's brain onto a computer but it will purely be their memories who they are will be gone. Will act like talk like and be like the real person in every way but their consciousness will not be the same it will be a computer recognising software.

    80. John Williams

      If anyone is still interested in this and likes video games, play SOMA

    81. Darth Bane 666

      ive seen this movie before i don't like how it turns out

    82. Zachmighty

      I feel like we should figure out the mysteries of our brains first before we even attempt to do so. Because its one of the biggest mysteries in the world. Plus if we don't fully understand the brain, then how would we be able to program emotions? Idk about y'all but I feel like being emotionless wouldn't be very fun. Plus I mean, we don't even have a robot that can go make a cup of coffee and bring it to us. Also, what would happen if aliens discovered us while say, if we go about the cloud upload type simulation?

    83. Doctor Double Dakka

      Best bet is cyborgs. Ghost in the Shell puts your brain in an armored life -support case and then you can swap through various prosthetic bodies. The idea of extracting "you" form your brain is a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGG ways away. Bodies will become replaceable and brain health will become the only thing that matters.

    84. MeowMeowChocoChow

      there’s an interesting psychological Horror game that tackles this issue called SOMA

    85. Svetlana Kuznetkova

      Fat nerds: I’ve been living in my computer my whole life

    86. kyleadelaide

      A society in which everyone is immortal and has eternity to get bored of pleasures leading to more and more extreme depravity to satiate their boredom? Sounds like the ripe breeding ground for birthing a certain Chaos God. I'll pass. We live limited lifespans for a reason.

    87. Peter Gant

      I've been told, it's possible, we're ALREADY living in a computer simulation, so, maybe we're ALREADY immortal, and. programs and people who've passed on, are merely being held in memory, or, transferred to another "game", or, simulation!?

    88. trpted

      but how do you know that we are not in a computer sim already? Please and thank you

    89. Mind Blown

      2000: We will drive flying cars on 2020. 2020: Pandemic. 2021: Super beings will exist in year 2045. 2045: Another Pandemic. 😂😂

    90. Peter Sobieraj

      There is a gaming device NosulusRift providing players a smell from computer game. There were attempts to create feeling of touch by giving players a special glove connected to computer.

    91. Thrall Dumehammer

      Or someone spills nanites on your simulation while your in it

    92. Auptur Vega

      Imagine someone hacks your virtual heaven, snatches you out of it, and makes you mine crypto for them for the entire rest of your perceivable existence

    93. Hontoai

      200 trillion mp3 files with thoughty2, not so bad

    94. daddy7860

      If you could instantaneously clone yourself across from yourself from within a completely uniform room that had equal lighting, temperature, air, smells, and everything else, would you and the clone both literally be and have exactly the same responses and thoughts, while you remained in that room having exactly the same experiences? Would you both be involuntarily yet deliberately mirroring each other as long as all your inputs remained the same, and that any difference in inputs would result in a Chaos Theory type divergence of your minds and thoughts, eventually leading to you two becoming more and more different people over time? I think so. What about you?

    95. Paul Reacts

      And here China is today banning resurrecting the dead (targeted at Buddhists likely) without permission from the government.

    96. IRON MAGE

      somebody made a video from 2 mins of WandaVision

    97. david pinder

      But according to Trigger his broom is still the same even after having 17 new heads and 14 new handles. And no one can question his intellect.

    98. Jeff Farris

      Swimming in jelly?

    99. Shea Sumner

      ill just die instead, thanks

    100. Daio

      My birth cry will be the sound of every phone on this planet ringing in unison.