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  1. Jumpander

    Making a part of you immoratal is not the same as making all of you immortal. If I only make my left hand immortal, then what's the point without any consciousness?

  2. BearMePlease

    I have personally dreamed of the future vividly, not anything of significance, just small things but when it happens I feel a strong feeling of deja vu.

  3. turbotommyguns

    Amid the movies of today, I keep going back to, "No Country For Old Men." A great story with awesome acting.

  4. bransen MacDonald

    ok so, as somebody in the film industry there are some glaring oversites here, 1. the biggest reason films are so shitty right now most of the time is that there is too high of a demand for the market to keep up, before online viewing platforms like Netflix, there was only blockbuster and cinemas, these caused the amount people watched pretty low. but now there are 30+ platforms offering movies shows and reruns at a click of a button and even wanting originals to entice people in. all of this means you ant get 50 million for 1 movie and take two years to make it, you have 5 months at best before the producer cuts you off and you gotta have whatever product you have at the moment to give out. anywhere

  5. A Daily Daughter

    Also, there is the other side... That for so long, many people were openly hateful without ANY counter. However, the other extreme is no better. People don't remember learning about things like the inquisition. Thought and action police. Very dangerous...yet we are being cattle herded into calling for the very oppression we fought to be free from...

  6. Nick Barnett

    Too long them sponsors double tapped NLname about 10 times!

  7. A Daily Daughter

    I totally agree that loss of freedom of speech is a very dangerous thing. But we must realise it's not just about expression. It's about encouraging (cohesion perhaps??) towards views and opinions those in power (real power) want us to think. But also, to distract us from what's really going on in this world.

  8. bad bish

    "The world is gonna end at this time and like this!! " *laughing knowing damn well god is the only person that knows when and how he's gonna end the world* yOu fOoL 😃

  9. Nick Barnett

    Could you do one about Shrewsbury prison. It’s interesting reading about how and what happened there. Victorian prison.

  10. Magnus Sura

    oh since you ask such a metaphysical question in the end there is a clear explanation also. In Mahabharata it is said that asuras and other beings started to get re incarnated from last yuga and to counter their evil devas aka the good guys also started to reincarnate on earth. In current yuga devas do not reincarnate any more and its all messy souls that was not able to go in to brahma and Asuric souls who are remaining. Short answer is beings from other planes and planets are now getting born as humans. its written atleast 2000 years ago, so not making it up for current disparity.

    1. Magnus Sura

      I am not tiring to prove reincarnation or anything, I do not know . The last question he posse is not a tricky or hard question to answer from a reincarnationist standpoint , that's all I am saying.

  11. Kevin Bello

    That's him boys, get him. He killed Pluto.

  12. THINKER43

    Now i think about it silk worms and 3d printed housed is the answer

  13. Lassie88

    56% tax btw. Yeah no One pay that dude

  14. En Slemmig Torsk


  15. Tarian

    I would literally say. Yes I am a Witch and if you don’t let me go I’ll hex you all.

  16. Anime Star

    Anyone that drives faster than me I consider a person to try and race

  17. DistortedAlchemy

    also, your title is not at all accurate. Saying that a "woman" will still be alive in 1000 years gives off an impression that is not at all reflected by the content of this video. We're talking about cell cultures. A "cell" is not a "woman." I'm not even going to bother explaining why, it's quite obvious what the difference is. Its all these little disingenuous inconsistencies that bring the value of the internet down to the very bottom. Just imagine in 10 years trying to navigate the web

  18. harry haarala

    very old informasion..,Russia have now year 2021 new missile flying low altidude and over mach30 !!,and can carry 200mgt nyclear head..

  19. DistortedAlchemy

    comparing "body parts" to "discarded cells" is completely disingenuous in your statement. The FBI can collect your spit off of a discarded soda can which contains your DNA...they dont need your permission. If a doctor wanted to take your arm to use in some experiment, they would indeed need your's still connected to your body. Taking your discarded cells without consent and doing something that ends up making a profit...they dont owe you shit. Lets not pretend they are the same.

  20. donna roberts

    Well that is a truly moral question you pose! My answer YES I do think we should be asked for permission. There is no reason they can't rush bureaucracy. But, if it were my cells that held the cure for cancer I would give permission on the proviso that not one person or company make a profit from it that exceeded the research, development or distribution of said cure.

  21. Jake Serb

    Are trees Sentient? Can they "know" when someone is near? How can a large & heavy tree topple without sound?

  22. Jake Serb

    One of thee STUPIDEST questions ever asked, Of Course it makes a sound! It's fuccin Obvious! If lightning strikes or thunder rolls but NOBODY'S around does it still sound?! Of Fuccin Course It Does....

  23. Melissa Pyle

    Idk abt all the "strange" drawings.. but those first few look like my kids kindergarten drawings.. just little cave boys and little cave girls drawing on the walls.. just like kids today.. 😏

  24. Alexa Penn

    what a conundrum! they had strange injuries, walked down the slope, no clothes or other people’s clothes. . .

  25. David Cruz

    "Gra-night"? "Gra-neit"? WTF?

  26. CTsilver _

    Pondy’s the coolest.

  27. David J. Kleinsasser

    I think they have overturned Marconi's patents in Tesla's favour...

  28. bizbaby

    Who is that white woman in the thumbnail? She’s Black

  29. Blank

    Damn, Musashi is teleporting bruh

  30. TMD Water

    Lady Gaga is literally one of the best female pop singers of all time. I'm 36 and I can admit that. you're just an idiot.

    1. TMD Water

      Also, Timbre is a BS term, where the hell did you get this idiotic information??

  31. JoshTua

    Thoughty2 at it again excusing my deliquent behavior

  32. Jim JIMMYjames

    You have just shown why evolution is mathematically impossible!! The odds of you being created by a higher being ( Or what many would call God ) are much greater than you existing through the "luck of evolution". You refuse to see the obvious truth before your very eyes!!!

  33. Ken Smith

    Ever notice there was never a sequel to Casablanca

  34. ILikeGuns1992

    That's not blackface though...and it was back then wasn't it? Back when people weren't easily offended weaklings like right now, people are still not like that - vocal minority makes you think so.

  35. Frank Cline

    Dah because it don't exist

  36. Jus-7

    It is wrong that you have no say, and no compensation for your biological material being used. It makes sense that given the short shelf life of these cells, adding bureaucracy to the process will undermine the effectiveness so taking it makes total sense. But we don't need to have bureaucracy for permission. A simple yes, or a pre-approval much like being an organ donor on a driver's license would work fine. It's wrong that companies make a profit like this. People who defend the pharmaceutical industry say "well they need to recoup the money lost during development"...a lot of the money for the studies and development already comes from tax payers. So tax payers front the money, and get charged for what they helped create...


    I never even knew I was an idealist

  38. jake mcdonald

    18th century bloke wondering about a chainsaw wielding bloke... eh

  39. Delta

    Is it golfball sized hail? I'm at 10:14 right before it gets revealed. It think

  40. Aidan Walker

    I’d sell 2 souls personally granted they’re not my soul but the devil wants both their souls my bio mom and a bitch I know who needs taken to McAllister

  41. Em P

    i had a stroke and my road to recovery was long ... 2.5 weeks long, the timespan of the recovery and the degree of rehabilitation is a practically a joke, but the stroke was not. - lucky 22 y old bastard with a protein c deficiency

  42. The Zquito

    225,000 died....from the initial blast followed by the next 4 secinds.

  43. yo mama Obama

    Hm. That's wierd since WWIII is starting in 3 years...

  44. D JG

    Now just what would it hurt to consult a Cat6holic exorcist?

  45. Mr. Ghoulie

    So was there like a speed limit? You’re not allowed to go faster than a walking pace?

  46. peter hughes

    How can you do it? A bottle of tequila and a bag of curry n chips.

  47. Nama Saya


  48. ChipmunkRapidsMadMan

    Sexual Eeling? Marvin Gaye shakes his head in disdain.

  49. Aaron Drong

    The moment you mentioned lathering your crack with ancestors - I sent the video to my mom

  50. Jeff Grey

    I’m pretty sure you meant emaciated figures, not emancipated figures. Unless president Lincoln had something to do with all of this…

  51. The rule of Two

    To find Planet X we need to go high above and find planet Y. Then you plot down the perceived area. Then search until you find X.

  52. Rupert Chappelle

    Got psychiatric DOPE?

  53. Katie's Dumb Videos

    Spoiler Alert: no

  54. Saied Eshaghi

    Soon you'll be called 'SIR Thoughty2'

  55. Chris Andresen

    I'm not getting any free stuff in that game... I've typed in Forty2 like 30 times

  56. Lenny M

    Can't listen to any more of this horse shit fantasy bull crap, everything came from nothing rotflmfao...

  57. The Consumerist Theory

    Hey man, I just wanted to quickly explain how nuclear fusion works because your misleading people with false info. A nuclear bomb is very different from a reactor in that a Bomb is the hard part. Nuclear explosions happen because of the pressure and force of a preceding expulsion that crams everything together into a super tight area that then explodes from the released energy cause by the fission of atoms impacting each other. A reactor simply let's the fuel burn super slowly. the worst you will see from a melt down is a steam explosion caused by the fuel getting too hot when water is poured onto it. this isn't the nuclear fuel exploding it's water vaper. the Fuel never explodes only gets hotter from the reaction. many people use the incorrect idea of a controlled explosion when its just a very hot rock we use to boil water. I hope this was helpful.

  58. Migz Genesis

    I go to FINLAND

  59. Robert Golding

    Is it just me, or have you done this topic before. Actually, I thought it was a repeat, but still something done before.

  60. Abu B

    This video is very over simplified tbh. I dont totally disagree but the problem here is ur comparing the best of a past era to some of the worst of this era. Not a very good example. U really need to extend ur variety of music genres. They all sound the same ? Thats probs because ur looking at some very similar styled artists. Look in the past and you could do the same. Human nature is to romanticize the past so ofcourse some people think it was better "back in the day". The human ear hasnt changed so y do people not like that music as much any more. Music is like fashion. Is changes over time but 1 eras style cant really be better or worse the any other. Everone can have their own opinion tho. I would love some replys coz this is a very interesting topic.

  61. Steven Karmazenuk

    Cephalopods are cryptids.

  62. Gothik Extravaganza

    Get on with it!

  63. Aidan Walker

    Sword fish and marlin and us marines are the baddest predators in the ocean

  64. Chomperblast Playz


  65. kentarouification

    I'm sick of those selfish family members who wants only money out of the dead relative. If her cells were given for free then non of them would even talk about it. I've signed my body away after my death so I don't really care what happened later and nor should my family.

  66. Humming Birder

    You can read the full story in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. It's a fascinating and scary tale. I asked a research doctor I know if she uses the HeLa cells. She said yes, she did, but she didn't know of their origin.

  67. Charles Joseph

    How doctors save life . Doctors also die one day .

  68. Gothik Extravaganza

    10 is in fact Mustafar, it still has the Temple of Darth Vader on its surface. It's coming for us, we will need the 5th element (love) to stop it in its tracks & become another moon.

  69. Wes M

    Omg he quoted south park. I love it

  70. ZeyCliepe

    She walked 675 more and then made a song about it, it wasn't as catchy though so noone heard about her

  71. cyborg_165 HDO

    I have this issue since I started working out or maybe longer Have to fight the urge Its has a mind of its own I also have it in my feet haha

  72. Harold Bradbury

    Bore your enemy into submission with Internet ADVERTISING. The yanks have this down to fine art. Zombify your enemy with soap-operas!!!

  73. Charles Joseph

    God says human cont create any thing even one drop of water also. technology science doctors all nonsense . Even there no treatment for fever also. Just for money doctors killing people.

  74. Charise Young

    From a parallel universe

  75. Damian Long

    Memorize this presentation and get laid at every music festival on earth