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  1. Faulk Gough

    they are absolutely harmless you meanie. let them be.

  2. Bradley Gunawan

    disney: Hmmm sounds like plot to me !

  3. Herbert Gearing

    Apes don't have voluntary breath control and therefore can not speak or swim under water. People who are 3 feet tall and weight less than 90lbs cannot kill a professional fighter while naked.

  4. John Peters

    We have Bruce Willis .

  5. WafflyFox Models!

    Easily one of the best thoughty2 videos ever

  6. Ian Tarry

    Yhea but Roman wine was nearly always watered down of had other things added to make it weaker. The most popular thing was also full of lead so...

  7. Ivan Angelov

    Well about WWE is too obvious that is a parade. It's a show, with scenario and gimmicks and whatever idea the come up with to make things interesting to watch.

  8. Carson Becker

    who else found out about D. B. Cooper from Loki?

  9. Gregory Marty

    I think it was jimmy page not Robert plant

  10. Sean Duffy

    I eat this fish pretty often, but i never tripped out so far. They are easy to hunt with a speargun.

  11. Ram Shankar

    The fact that the map of India you showed in the video is wrong makes me wonder about your research. However I dont blame you a bit as the dispute on the Indian Map can be a video in itself

  12. Riffer9

    Q: How did Napoleon get his last name? A: He dislocated his elbow

  13. ItsAK

    What if he was a time travler from the future?

  14. Sharon Freeman

    One of my favorites. Shared with all my friends. Thanks for the balance and far sighted perspective.

  15. Claire Wilson

    Imagine him watching this and just smirking

  16. trelard

    New plan: Fish Farms that make you trip balls.

  17. Paranuts 76

    I always say this planet is the planet of the stupid apes. Probably because most of the apes here believe in some ridiculous cult with some sky daddy and are responsible for billions of deaths over thousands of years.

  18. Justin Boom

    I'm amazed this fish isn't extinct yet😂

  19. The End

    God damn, don't let this go mainstream. They will start releasing far inferior honey on purpose now. They won't let us find more natural alternatives. We need to keep this low key

  20. Alexa Penn

    i’ve numerous stories about this time period or somewhat about this exact thing. many people languishing and dying. sometimes it’s blamed on the house itself and at others a vampire in the family. 🧛🏻‍♂️ 🩸


    Hey I have learned about Mansa musa

  22. Justin Boom

    Serves you right

  23. Trevor Smith

    MU-SUH-SHHHHHEEEE. Not MU-SUH-SEE. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

  24. David Easton

    Real Planet of the Apes? "Ape shall not kill ape." Seems this story doesn't quite fit the criteria!

  25. Balls Man

    I have three ancestors that died in the which trials.

  26. David Easton

    watch it

  27. The_Duck

    Sometimes it's just terrible communication, sure I can call them stupid for not understanding me, but shouldn't that also go for me since I don't understand how their communication works? So some just give up and get mad at them for being different which is a bit ironic

  28. travis Lastnámê

    The Olympics are one of most corrupt organization in existence. The stuff they force the people to do just to have Olympics in your country. The bribery is in another level. Look at all the old Olympic sites, and what it did to the host city.


    Does the 2 billion # include smart phones or just PCs? Desktop and laptop computers?

  30. Jonathan Anderson

    To be fair SeaWorld also treats their creatures like garbage, no wonder tilkay attacked

  31. Violet Sobieski

    I think we need to worry about many other things (the woke degradation of our culture and the loss of our family units comes to mind instantly as well as global overpopulation, pollution and global warming) before we worry about an Extinction Level Event from an asteroid hey!!

  32. shadow frost3167

    maybe we just muted with a resistance to the black death/bubonic plague. so it doesn't affect us as badly as it might have in the past.

  33. Paul V

    You can add that The Great Pyramid is harnessing the Electro Magnetic Field to the list. The spiritual community has known this since forever but it was finally recognized by mainstream media a year ago or so.

  34. torch1028

    'For the first time a species other than our own declared war" What about bees and ants?

  35. BMoney8600

    Good thing I don’t eat seafood

  36. fiiredark


  37. Tee Jay

    There is so much trash on NLname, you have guys posting videos like they are actual experts, and this guy knows very little, if anything about fighting. If you think martial arts is fake go and challenge one of those Karate guys and watch them roundhouse kick his head clean off his shoulders. Plus he says Mickey Rourke's boxing record cannot be found, this guy is a complete idiot. I was actually at his first professional fight in Ft Lauderdale in 1991, and if you want to check Mickey Rourke's boxing record it can be found on BoxRec along with all the other professional fighters to have ever entered a professional boxing ring. But this idiot doesn't know that or have the brains to check. The video has over 3 million views, God only knows how many people believe his nonsense and dont have the expertise or knowledge to know he is talking nonsense, or to verify it themselves. The video is garbage.

  38. Suzanne Davies

    Some apes grieve as a family too just like a lot of other animals! Yet we still think it’s ok to experiment on them when we wouldn’t put a human through it!? F##ked up thinking from us yet again! The damage we as humans do to other species all over the world both directly and indirectly is despicable ! We have caused the extinction of so many species and yet if we encroach on their turf and they react we think we have the right to kill them but they cannot do the same! Why can’t we all just live in harmony , but humans can’t even live together without war!? What does that say about us! Save the planet kill off the human race sadly!

  39. Valery Laurent

    Why couldn’t the two clans or tribes just live together peacefully or leave each other alone? Goodall doesn’t explain the psychotic behaviorism in her analysis And you failed to explain this as well? Leaving it up to their animals is insufficient from an evolutionary biological imperative. Planet of the apes.

  40. Steve W Rogan

    I didn't even comment on this video; that's how socially selective I am.

  41. Layth Safaa Al-Janabi ليث صفاء الجنابي

    War my ass This is more like street fight


    A man without a moustache. The great origin story ever.

  43. CrispyMuffin

    So the US is already breaking the laws of robotics? They are very good at being fucked up

  44. Sijtske van Lambalgen

    Well homoeopathy, by there own sayings, can "cure" autism, so their pills will maybe even cure cancer?

  45. lachlan edgecombe

    Hey 42 here

  46. Gadwin

    a Monkey an Ape are not the same thing.

  47. katzunjammer

    winning an argument means that the other person accepts that youre correct and you have convinced them of your point of view. If the other person doesnt accept this, then it might feel like you havent won the argument, even if all the points you made were right

  48. Sebastian D

    93% of drivers considering their driving abilities above average? Can be true. Consider a scenario, where the abilities a determined by how many people one has killed by own mistakes in driving the car. Most people never killed anyone and are therefore above average. 93% above median would not be possible. But that is something different that average, isn't it?

  49. Eoin O'Neill

    1:00 cutest dog ever <3 BORDER TERRIER .


    May God Bless This MAN.

  51. Rolando Avecilla

    Ajay Bhatt in Intel Company

  52. Rolando Avecilla

    Ajay Bhatt invented USB

  53. Dreikelvin Media & Sound

    TENET plot revealed

  54. Kshitija Sonawane

    No research paper shows that 5g causes harm in humans

  55. Legionaru Emanuel

    0:02 *we live in a period*

  56. chandrakant isi

    Knowing how BBC is run by pedophiles, it is not surprising to see a weirdo on their "greatest" list

  57. AruniusMaximus

    The "Woke" Culture is the true Pandemic today!

  58. Willie B. Hardigan

    If those are the results the researchers found, they either suck at their jobs or they were faced with huge budget cuts

  59. seth c

    If only

  60. Big Bad

    Our cousins demonstrating what lies below the veneer of civilization. When resources are scarce........Darwin's law comes into effect.

  61. K Don91

    Did Anybody have butterflies the whole time watching this?

  62. Oscar Orozco

    jst something to note. one man did publish a book about his experience through the devils triangle. jst something to keep in mind

  63. Lord Snark Grumpkin Slayer

    Those dolphins never ate any part of that puffer fish,every part of that story is true except for the eating and tripping part. P.S. bummer....

  64. Finn Stafford


  65. Teddy Vision

    Hey since when did we have 1 moon instead of 2.

  66. no-one

    The first bit reminded me of Steven He

  67. Xavier Breath

    We already live on a Planet of the Apes for one very simple reason: Humans ARE an ape. We are one of the 5 Great Apes. Which includes: Gorillas, Chipanzees, Orangutans, Bonobos and Humans.

  68. kjell159

    At first I thought he was just gonna say: "Humans are apes too." But no, I was pleasantly surprised!

  69. Dylan C

    i remember back when you used to make more videos than just clickbait thumbnails

  70. ゆい714

    Hallucinogenics suck but let's normalize opioids cuz that stuff is just enjoyable especially for the good chunk of the population (like myself) who live with some kind of physical pain. Well, alright, so maybe its a tad too addicting. But, you know, having single-dose allotments throughout the year would be very nice. It's odd that we live so far in the future and yet we can't enjoy the luxuries from the distant past because Daddy government says "nah we need you at work every day to keep the economy running so no time for happiness. Also, screw you if you have chronic pain your life is now just suffering until you die. See you at 8am sharp and don't forget to clock-in".

  71. Josie

    Actually their clothing was proven to be adequate. They tested the oxygen systems out many times before actually taking it on Everest. Mallory and Irvine had faster climbing time's than the modern climber. Now that being said the only disadvantage they had was one not climbing at night, two: the rope was Shit. They had at least 7 layers of clothing that was very thin but added up to keep them warm. They had a advantage on the modern climber due to the weight difference. The old climber went with the lightest shoe's and carried very little. Norton even took off a few metal cocks to lighten up. I believe given better ropes and crampon Mallory just might have made it back without falling. I've been obsessed with Mallory since I was little and read anything and everything about him. He was the best climber of his day!!!!!

  72. Neil Maguire

    There is absolutely no scientific evidence that you can either halt or reduce hair loss, sadly.It's genetic.

  73. Miki Cerise

    Still not as crazy as the Abrahamic desert cults that ultimately gained sway. :p Incidentally, the word "sibarita" is also still in use in Spanish. Those crazy ancients and their stereotypical city states. ;)

  74. Titijijo

    Hate to be that douche but is there no profit in a Dyson sphere

  75. Foxfire0002

    Fun fact! You can find the Golden book of elements on Google by simple search in pdf form! Tbh, it looks really interesting, but I would makes sure you know enough science before attempting anything in it…..

  76. joycelyn lactao

    None of our business

  77. D-S-L L

    Nothing but a memory machine. The human knowledge is huge that any memory machine will not load all his life.

  78. Jonny Watts

    They're just painted after a night of shrooming.