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  1. iSchleeep

    The Ganges is already fucking disgusting and filthy. A nuclear catastrophe in it prolly would be an improvement.

  2. David Moak

    Hey! Forty-Two here...

  3. Dhindara Vrel

    There's nothing tragic about the Essex. They thought they were going after defenceless animals, caring nothing for their suffering, and got their comeuppance. Well-deserved, not tragic.

  4. Joann Alex

    For people who think thoughty2 has a sexy Mustache, remember that Hitler and Stalin also had those. Don't fall for the looks

  5. Val’s PTSD

    I’m not sure why, but I think Red Reddington has it. Keeps it next to the Rembrandt.

  6. Kim W

    I thought it was cleopatra who drank the pearl to prove her wealth to Marc Antony?

  7. Indefax

    "Basically he made quasimodo look like miss universe" LMAO

  8. martin pelka

    I just realized I did that in school and I didn't know that it was a thing. Oh by the way I did it with pencils because they were Scarace in school and were the currency for students at my school. And In the the en d I had well over 2000 pencils before I stopped at the end of the year. So yeah, I became a con artist at 9

  9. herd immunity on pockets of vulnerability

    Never finish the book ..

  10. Zion

    I believe Iran will start WW3

  11. Tim Dixon

    42.5 u don't know the smartest person in the world cuz u never met me.

  12. Justin

    Black makes people look thinner, that’s why it’s so popular in the US.

  13. SP Y

    By now most of us know not to trust anything that comes from National Geographic. There was a time when it was respectable, a little bit like the time where MTV actually played music.


    Why was this in my recommended to me! NLname i don't live in a Alabama

  15. Souleymane Diarra

    Nanda Devi is India's highest mountain. Don’t be misled by the internet list claiming Nepal's Kangchenjunga is. The difference is geographical and cultural.

  16. jevis _INDIA

    If the eternal inflation theory is true then there can be multiple Omniverse as they has to be some way a " parent universe " has to exist

  17. Milan Francke

    i always thought that Chris Kyle was the best sniper

  18. Zachary Rose

    Find your dream signs. Ha, I had a dream where I was embraced by someone I did not know and immediately became lucid. Oh god I’m lonely.

  19. Kenan Lukac

    An ancient form of hominids left the earth millennia ago. They don't want anything to do with your destructive species.

  20. Asian goose80super

    Nobody me watching this at 2:00 knowing i should sleep for lucid dream but having to watch the full vid

  21. NivannaKingsman

    I'm pretty sure the crocodile part of the video had alligator footage as well

  22. A Random Person

    I saw all of this, including one of the sarcophagus. Ive been depressed ever since so I guess there might be some validity.

  23. S Venter

    It was not a bad tempered whale, it was a fed up one!

  24. Benjamin Heeter

    “Hmmmmmmm” Herman Melville

  25. Venti

    The poor boy.. I feel so bad for him

  26. Rocket Gaming

    E=mc2 has been disproved by brute force you can use a binary neutron star system with the most extreme neutron stars you can go to 0.27c with stars with 1 solar mass with more extreme stars we can break that supposed boundary unless we just stop accelerating at 1c

  27. newcountryguy

    Heeeyyy number thoughty-2 over here! 😆

  28. CptFourLeaf

    Funny timing as I read about the Essex and watched Moby Dick for the first time this week. The sea and its creatures are equally beautiful and deadly, gotta have guts to make it through the worst of it.

  29. John

    Most because they didn’t say anything - Didn’t mean they aren’t the smartest. “Autistic” Is a belittling name for Jedi

  30. Avery Pennington

    I feel that live-action movies have always been very hit or miss. Different eras have their own defining strengths and weaknesses, and this one is no different. Anyways, thanks for the interesting video!

  31. kennedy072

    I remember being called 100% bullshit by a Gay Evangelical despite me giving proof and evidence about the Current Palestinian Eviction, he's arguments mostly contains blaming the INTERNET and Muslims for spreading fake news. He even goes far by comparing Putin to Nethanyahu.

  32. scrossman27

    You need to do a part 2.

  33. 99zxk

    I'm a big fan of the flat earth nonsense thanks to scimandan. A lot of Flerfs say gravity is due to buoyancy.


    Thats not how you make babies

  35. NotEminemsBurnerAccount

    This is a lie its clearly Daniel Jackson

  36. history channel R

    WHO LET COVID 19 OUT? Ever think about doing a piece or 2 on the MFs who let COVID out of the Labs? So far as I know there has been no criminal investigation on owners / employees of the Labs. Something similar to The Nuremberg trials.. where the leadership of those laboratories , who planned, carried out, or otherwise participated in experimental viruses are held accountable.

  37. Calvin Mario Santoso the Gamer Boi

    lol thoughty2 roasted earth to the core


    Why I hate this video Because of Raid Shadow Legends

  39. Michael Bertrand

    In case any Christian is looking down on the John From cult : y'all still waiting for Jesus?

  40. NivannaKingsman

    Fun Fact: all these creatures are mostly why I have thallassaphobia.

  41. Dustin's Watson's

    Maybe they decide to fly up in the upper atmosphere or jet engines like to roam and they get shredded because bees going to migrate bee's want to migrate

  42. Linward

    Thoughty2- I've got a crush on you.

  43. midget God

    Is that mark Zuckerberg

  44. Geoffrey Brunell

    People who say that all modern music is shit always mention Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, as if they're the only people making music right now. If they did even five seconds of research, they would realize that there are thousands of other artists right now who are much more talented.

  45. TheCrazyStupidGamer

    What movies and TVshows? I couldn't find a damn thing. Even Wikipedia had none.

  46. Geoffrey Brunell

    You could literally flip the eras of the opening speech about "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and Justin Bieber's "Baby." Like instead of praising "Sgt. Pepper's...", you could praise "To Pimp a Butterfly", and instead of bemoaning "Baby," you could bemoan "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies. Music hasn't gotten worse, we're just looking at music from the past through rose-tinted glasses.

  47. Dr Robert

    You are a great story teller.

  48. bliggmusik

    "It may come tomorrow or it may come in a thousand years" what in the hell did you know that we did not?

  49. James McCormick

    I’m just now watching this. He didn’t take into account the stupidity of leaders and other jackass humans. I live in America and we all know how the response to Covid has been. People still believe Covid is a lie, refuse to wear masks and now refuse to get the vaccine. A report just came out stating that the count of Covid deaths both in this country, they are saying it’s more like 900,000 in the US and the count in the world are much higher than currently wing counted. Hell, we have states that deliberately under counted their numbers by tens of thousands. At least we have a new administration that’s taking it seriously instead of asking if we can inject bleach into people to knock the virus out. We no longer have a leader that invested in a drug that killed people but still said it worked against all scientific proof to the contrary.

  50. Lord Bear

    a 3rd possibility is Einstein was right. If the speed of light is the speed limit, we are just too far apart.

  51. Ty Unwin

    I know the holidays have past but how about a video of why we celebrate them and then the most strange

  52. joeecrackk


  53. Cheyenne Bates

    Nice. I'm actually related to Erwin Rommel. Usually not a great thing to bring up considering the German reputation in in the world wars.... But it's never too bad to open-mindedly respect a good strategist I suppose.

  54. Ben Keilman

    Nikola Tesla was differently the one that changed the world for the better of all, he in my mind deserves more than what he ever got in life?

  55. Riomouris

    Tort toy says xD

  56. Kevin Castellanos

    Kevin Mitnick is a genius with a gift for technology

  57. Andrea Moody

    This was way better than being forced to read Moby dick for grades in high school decades ago. That book is looooong.

  58. Red Clarinetist

    Is this satire? 😐

  59. Robert Pillow Jr.

    They deserved every bit of that misery for what they did to the tortoises.

  60. Ivan Ceron

    every time i watch sum like this i feel watched

  61. John Smith

    In theory could is it possible to pollinate every single plant in the world with artificial pollination techniques or at the very least have government agencies have schools do it for educational purposes at the very least?

  62. CHOBAN

    Am I the only one who gets Deja Vu all of the goddamn time?

  63. Xiyea Official

    Thoughty: you cant just click your fingers to become more attractive Me: clicks fingers anyway All women in 20 mile radius: *Bonjour*

  64. Heikki J Hautanen

    Roosevelts Tom of Winland mustach gives the gigles :D

  65. Clarence Munsayac

    That temporary Island on "south china sea" is Philippines' territory

  66. Xam deKiller

    "I'll be of no use to no-one to live, I'd rather die" After Death - British War Hero💥

  67. Jurakarok

    Arran was very professional before the dad 'stache claimed his face and started forcing him to add dad jokes.

  68. Rocket Gaming

    The world ends in 1,800,250,000,000 days (5 billion years) also Issac newton discovered the bible says 2060 is judgment say.

  69. Banksy B

    My gran is rapid on ketamine

  70. Tysheria Eason

    Meanwhile, Tom Hanks in castaway: Hold my beer 🍺

  71. JoseFaction

    Omg the true story is so much worse! 😢😢

  72. Roger Knights

    C.S. Lewis wrote a memorable passage, which I have forgotten, saying that a madman can out-argue a sane person because he lacks everything but reason. (I hope someone here will supply the full quote, if no one has already downthread.)

  73. Alexander Evans

    Some may say that they discovered the eighth wonder of the world.

  74. Jameal Cummins

    Radioactive bears or Russian government 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  75. Warren O.

    Why did it take 2 or 3 years to go up and down the coast of America?

  76. SSG BeoWulf

    Please No, Not my Brussels Sprout's; I love Brussels Sprouts... Seriously, I really do! Especially during the holidays.

  77. Miserable Goat

    They started out on Dark meat

  78. Venti

    Hey if the FBI sees this I was bored and needed something to listen to while writing

  79. RyanSpacePineapple

    where moustache